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5 Fave Duos You Can Be with Your Bestie for Halloween

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October 26, 2022

Halloween is just around the corner, and I bet almost everyone is ready with their Mjolnir and Elder wand. However, if you and your best friend are still in search of the perfect costume to rock the day, here are some inspirations for pulling off the look.

From iconic cartoon-character duos to Sun and Moon ladies, we have got you all covered. Read on!

1. Velma and Daphne

We can all agree that Scooby Doo raised us through the thick and thin of our childhood. The characters are so iconic and the costumes are equally easy to put together. Shifting our focus to the power duo now, Velma and Daphne are definitely the definition of beauty with brain, and there simply can be no better character to be than them.

Velma's look comes off clean with a maroon, plated skirt, and if you pair Mary Jane with them, you know you have successfully stolen the night. On the other hand, Daphne's bandana gives another opportunity to pop off like the star of the show.

Seal the look with cool accessories and you are all set for the day.

2. Moon and Sun Ladies

This look is unique and iconic (and definitely underrated in my opinion). The colors are bold and you get a tincture of Greek goddess vibes, which is what everyone strives for these days (at least Gen-Z if not everyone). There's a lot of space to explore with hairstyle and accessories in this look.

Braided-hairstyles would do equal justice as Dr. Martens, and you can blend in gothic accessories to make a statement about the spooky season.

3. Cher and Dionne

The Clueless girls Cher and Dionne are bestfriend goals, and this is your sign to be this duo on Halloween. You could reimagine the outfits to spice up the look a little bit, and most definitely play around with the footwear. Make sure to wear complimentary jewelry that's both elegant and bold, and goes along with the whole vibe.

4. Kim Possible and Shego

Name me a better cartoon character duo that screams baddies like Shego and Kim from the show Kim Possible. As is visible, there are a lot of elemental details that are important to complete this look. The makeup should be given priority to make sure you achieve the set standards of these ladies.

From the precision of their hair color, to the detailing on the dresses, everything makes them one of the favourite picks. As for the costumes, Kim's look is pretty doable with the regular clothes you may already own. For Shego, there are plenty of online stores like Amazon and Esty that are selling the costume at affordable prices.

5. Black Swan & White swan

If you want to live your cosplay girl dreams this Halloween, this is your chance to include your bestie and be the black or white swan. Both looks are equally amazing and pretty dynamic on their own. Seal the look with feathers and glance-stealing makeup to bring your vision to reality. To top it all off, wear a diamond crown. There are so many amazing makeup artists on social platforms to gain inspiration from for this look, like the ones linked down below:

With these costume ideas, you are set to have a blast with your bestfriend this Halloween. Make sure to have fun, and get into the spirit of the characters you pick!

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