22 Practical and Creative Skills to Learn in 2022


The new year, 2022, is finally upon us! The calendars are reset, and you have so much time to accomplish something incredible this year. You can pick up the violin, sew your own dress, or even start investing money. It’s all up to you.

Don’t know what to do? Here are 22 useful skills that you could learn in 2022.

#1 Camping

As a lifelong girl scout, I’ve been on my fair share of camping trips. One thing I’ve learned while staying in the great outdoors is to always get prepared. Bring the right materials, and know how to survive. You can learn how to put up a tent, start a fire, identify dangerous plants or animals, first aid, and so much more!

#2 Play An Instrument

It is never too late to learn how to play an instrument! Picking up an instrument at any age will be tough, but its benefits are unmatched. Not only can you show off your music to friends and family, but you’ll get to learn how to read music notes. On top of that, playing an instrument can help relieve you of stress, and keep you creative!

#3 Solve A Rubix Cube

There’s nothing that impresses me more than being able to solve a rubix cube, especially if you can do it quickly. It may take you a bit to figure out, but after you get rolling, you’ll only get better. Playing with rubix cubes can improve your memory and problem solving skills!

#4 Embroidery

Embroidery is genuinely one of the most gorgeous types of art. The precision put into it always leaves me in awe. Luckily for all of you, it’s pretty easy to get started. YouTube has some really helpful tutorials and you don’t need that many materials. Embroidery can be extremely relaxing, and you can do some stunning art.

#5 Poetry

Poetry is something you really have to get to know, to like. Some of it may make you cringe at first, but as you develop your poetic writing, it feels a lot more majestic. With an extremely large community of poets, you may even get to meet some more people as you work on your writing!

#6 Graphic Design

In this new age, where social media and digital marketing are dominating, knowing how to create graphics is incredibly valuable. Companies are hiring more and more graphic designers as the years go by, so getting started now would be great. Canva is a great platform for beginners, but as you get more advanced, I would suggest moving your talent over to the Adobe platforms, like Adobe Photoshop.

#7 Swimming

Being a strong swimmer, or just knowing how to swim could save your life one day. You’ll never know what situation you’ll be in, so it’s best to be prepared. If you don’t know how to swim, check with your city to see if they have any inexpensive or free swim lessons. If you can already swim, find a local pool and strengthen your endurance, stroke form, and speed. You might even find a passion while doing so!

#8 First Aid

Life can be unpredictable, but knowing some simple first aid skills can save someone. From knowing CPR to being able to do the Heimlich maneuver, you can be a hero. With some simple research on the internet, you can find some classes that can get you certified. The American Red Cross is a great resource for finding training and information.

#9 Investing

One of the best ways to make money from a young age is by getting involved in the stock market and investing your money. With the right investments, you can transform small amounts of money into much larger sums. Before you start, though, make sure you have a strong understanding of the market and your goals. There are extremely informative videos and books that you should look into before investing.

#10 Sewing

It seems that as the years progress, fewer and fewer people know how to sew even though the skill is so important. Want to make a dress? Sew it! Have ripped pants? Sew them! Stuck in the middle of the ocean without sails? Sew them! Learning to sew is quite simple. You could even teach yourself! Grab a needle, some thread, and old fabric and go at it! If you need some assistance, YouTube has some helpful tutorials.

#11 Selling a Product

Whether it’s by opening a lemonade stand or selling crafts on Etsy, knowing how to make a product is crucial. In the future, if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to sell something, your earlier experience will be key. Work on properly marketing products and convincing customers to make purchases. It’ll improve your people skills and could boost your confidence. Good luck, business superstar!

#12 Working with Children

From a young age, you’ll discover you’re either someone who likes children, or can’t stand them. It’ll be pretty clear. Either way, it’s vital to know how to interact with children; they are everywhere. You can start babysitting or volunteering at a local elementary school. Try to notice what makes kids happy, sad, and productive. The better you know how kids live and act, the more prepared you are for the future.

#13 Journalism

Journalism has captured my heart, and it can capture yours too. From investigating stories to jaw-dropping interviews, there’s nothing not to love. Grab your laptop, or pick up a pen and brainstorm some article ideas. Then, go see if your school has a newspaper you can write for. If not, consider starting your own! Additionally, there are so many online publications like The Teen Magazine that are accepting young writers. You’ll get to further develop your writing skills, boost your résumé, and meet some fascinating people.

#14 Cooking

Food is delicious, and when you know how to make it right, it can be life-changing. Eventually, you’ll need to be able to cook for yourself, so the sooner you can pick up a spatula, the better. Grab your grandmother’s recipe book, or check out Allrecipes, and get to that kitchen. Make your family a delicious pasta or whip up a nice sorbet; there’s so much creativity when it comes to cooking.

#15 Cycling

Don’t own a car and need exercise? I have the perfect solution for you: cycling. Pull out your dusty childhood bike or head to a local Target to find an inexpensive bike. Biking will get you to places a lot quicker than walking, give yourself a good workout, and is great for the environment. Put on that helmet and start pedaling!

#16 Debate

As someone who is used to be on a speech and debate team, I cannot say enough good things about knowing how to debate someone. There are going to be countless situations in your life where you are going to find yourself arguing with someone. When you know how to properly debate, you’ll almost always win. I recommend joining a local speech and debate team if you are interested in bettering your debate.

#17 Songwriting

There are plenty of famous singers out there that do not write their own songs. There are other people, songwriters, behind the scenes. Those “other people” could be you. Start by jotting down some lyrics and rhymes. Record some melodies that you come up with that you think are catchy. If you have the talent to sing, sing the songs you create. If not, find a skilled friend and have them sing it for you. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be writing Ariana Grande’s next big hit.

#18 Computer Programming

The programming industry has been booming, and is the future. Millions of new jobs are going to be based around computer programming, so getting a head start would be excellent. You can start with “block coding” and work your way up. Most high schools offer computer science courses, so if you can, take one of those. Once you’ve developed your skills, you can try to make an app with!

#19 Juggling

Juggling can be unbelievably frustrating, but, like everything, with enough practice, you can become really talented. Take two bean bags, tennis balls, or any other pair of objects that can be thrown up in the air and try to throw them up about a foot in the air simultaneously. Turn on a YouTube tutorial and just keep practicing. On top of being a cool party trick, juggling improves reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

#20 Scheduling and Time Management

It is never too early to know how to manage your calendar, time, and events. Having strong time management skills will change your life. For one, you need to use a calendar if you don’t already. Additionally, try to plan out your upcoming day the night before. Know which times you work best too, you don’t want to be having a meeting when you’re dead tired.

#21 Public Speaking

Did you know that public speaking is one of the most popular fears? Despite being so prominent in everyday life, speaking in front of a crowd can be incredibly challenging. Joining theater programs, model United Nations, speech and debate, and mock trial can all be helpful. Going out of your comfort zone will be strenuous, but soon you’ll be a public speaking rockstar.

#22 Budgeting

Unfortunately, not all schools teach how to properly budget your money. Budgeting will allow you to get a better understanding of your financial status, and allow you to see what you can spend on non-necessities. If you don’t have money yet, take an amount like $1000 imaginary dollars and try to budget it for two weeks. Let’s say your rent costs $500 a month, so you know $250 of your allowance goes to that. Account for gas prices, groceries, bills, and more. Doing this will allow you to practice your skills, and will have no real life consequences if you mess up.

There you have it! 22 fantastic and practical skills that you should consider taking up this year. Please keep in mind that you will not be a natural at all of these, so have patience with yourself. What’s truly amazing is that you are taking the time to learn these skills.

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