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15 of the Best and Worst Halloween Candy, Ranked


October 16, 2023

As Halloween approaches and you start to buy candy for those tricker-treaters (or even for yourself), you may want to know which ones are widely appreciated and which ones...aren't. Here are some top and bottom picks.

Candy Corn (Worst by popular opinion)

This is a personal favorite of mine but I often find that opinion is very controversial as many find it too sweet. It is definitely too much sugar if you eat a lot of it at one time, but if you only have a few it should be fine. No matter whether you think it's too sweet or great in small amounts, I would recommend not including it in your candy bowl because most people don't enjoy it.

Mary Jane Duford from Unsplash

Mary Jane Duford from Unsplash

3 Musketeers (Best)

One of the best chocolate candies by far as it includes a fluffy nougat inside and solid chocolate outside. The nougat provides a great flavor and the outside chocolate balances that sweet flavor out.

Reese's Peanut butter cups (Best)

A definite favorite and probably the most loved Halloween candy. If you haven't had one yet, you should definitely try one (if possible) as the peanut butter and chocolate are a perfect combination and complement each other very well to make a delicious flavor.

Twizzlers (Best/Worst)

Your ranking of Twizzlers is entirely based on personal preference and you either love them or hate them. Nonetheless, they are extremely popular and are often given out during the Halloween season.

Filip Mroz from Unsplash

Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Sour Patch Kids (Best)

"Sour then sweet" is not only their slogan, but it perfectly describes why so many view them as a favorite. Their sour and sweet flavors complement each other and satisfy sour and sweet lovers alike.

Necco Wafers (Worst)

While they are America's oldest candy, their popularity has long since been plummeting and many find them extremely chalky. If you have never seen these before (especially on Halloween), now you know why.

Hershey's Bars (Best)

This is a classic favorite not just among chocolate lovers. I would definitely recommend including some of these in your candy bowl (they may run out fast though).

Jennie Clavel from Unsplash

Jennie Clavel from Unsplash

Almond Joys (Worst)

Some may like this chocolate nut treat, but most would avoid picking them out of a Halloween candy bowl, especially if they are allergic. So this year, maybe try to steer clear of grabbing these for the candy you give out.

Smarties (Worst)

After eating these sweet tablet candies, you often find yourself desperately needing some water, especially on Halloween after eating many other candies that might make your throat dry. Considering this, it makes sense why most people don't like Smarties for Halloween.

Alexander Grey

Alexander Grey from Unsplash

Twix (Best)

With a milk chocolate covering and a cookie inside, these bars are a favorite, especially on Halloween.

Snickers (Best)

Unless you can't have (or don't like) nuts, these candy bars filled with nougat, caramel, and nuts and covered in chocolate, make the perfect Halloween treat. They are always a favorite and are seen very often in the candy bowl.

Denny Muller

Denny Muller on Unsplash

Jawbreakers (Worst)

While some people may like these, most don't like how hard they are to eat. And I cannot recall a single time I have seen them being given out on Halloween.

Skittles (Best)

These sweet, but not sweet candies have been an all-time favorite for who knows how long and are especially do on Halloween. These candies come in many colors and flavors and are without fail some of the best and most popular Halloween candy.

Nik from Unsplash

Nik from Unsplash

Whoppers (Worst)

These malted milk balls covered in chocolate have a very grainy texture and yeast-like taste that make them unpopular on Halloween night.

Kit Kats (Best)

These layered wafers covered in chocolate have always been a favorite on any day, but especially on Halloween night, and always make their way into candy bowls and treat bags.

Sebbi Strauch

Sebbi Strauch from Unsplash

Whether it be a sour, sweet, or chocolate candy, many of the best (and worst) candies can always be found on Halloween night. Regardless of popularity, these treats are always loved by someone and it makes their Halloween more special when they find them in a candy bowl. I hope these rankings help you to know what you should and shouldn't put into your candy bowl and what you might want to look out for or avoid this Halloween.

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