13 Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together in 5 Minutes

13 Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together in 5 Minutes

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October 02, 2021

The spooky season has finally arrived! However, with going back to school, you might find it hard to find the time to buy a Halloween costume. Often, Halloween costumes from the store are over-priced and get thrown out after wearing them for a couple of years.

Why not put together your costume in less than 5 minutes, that will be original and put you in the Halloween mood? If you are stuck on what to wear on Halloween this year.... don't worry, we have got you covered! Here are 13 easy DIY Halloween costumes :

1. Instagram / Tik Tok / Snapchat Filter

We guarantee that you can make this look for under two dollars. It might take a little more time than some of the others, but it looks unique and will definitely be a crowd pleaser! Buy a giant white bristol border from your local dollar store.

Then cut the inside of the bristol board out so that it looks like an instagram post. Finally, draw on the icons of your favorite filters and a ‘take picture’ button at the bottom!

2. Men in Black

Ok...this must be the easiest Halloween costume I have ever seen! Seriously, all you need are some black sunglasses and an all-black outfit. It could be a black dress, suit or t-shirt. Tie your hair back into a sleek bun or put gel on it. Bonus points if you bring a walkie talkie, fake gun or handcuffs…

3. Tourist

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Find your cheesiest, most naive looking clothing in your closet and put it all together.Carry a camera around your neck and wear sunglasses to complete the laid back look! Even if people can’t figure out who you are supposed to be...at least you aren’t wearing one of those itchy pre-bought costumes!

4. Rosie the Riveter

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Even if you don’t immediately know who Rosie the Riveter is, you have definitely seen illustrations of her. She was a cartoon feminist character, created by the United States government during Word War 2 to convince women to get jobs in the workforce. Many people see her as an important contribution to feminism and gradually straying away from gender stereotypes. To get this look, wear blue clothing (I suggest overalls, or jeans) and tie your hair back using a red bandana.

5. Bulletin Board

I love this one because it is unique, extremely easy to put together, requires no skill to make and can be personalized! Wear a brown shirt or dress and stick colorful post-it notes all over your outfit. As the night goes on, people can write messages or ‘to-do lists’ on your back. Make sure to bring extra post-it notes because they can fall off easily!

6. She Sells Seashells

This one is for all the cheesy-pun lovers! If you want to really sell the costume, stick seashells and prices onto a trench coat and wear an all-black outfit. I love this one because I am from Canada, where it is always cold and we have to put jackets under our Halloween costumes.

This results in bulky, odd-looking costumes. However, this look is guaranteed to keep you looking warm and classy all night long!

7. Pop Art

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To create this out of the world costume, draw large white dots all over your face and neck. Then use black eyeliner to accentuate your features such as your collarbones, cheekbones, nose, and chin. To make the makeup pop, add a splash of bright red lipstick or draw on a bright blue tear drop!

8. Where's Waldo?

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Waldo is a timeless cartoon character who has been featured in many children’s books. There would often be a busy picture with lots of color and illustrations and you would have to find Waldo hidden in the picture. Fear not though, you definitely won’t blend into the crowd with this outfit! All you need to create this look is a striped red and white shirt, glasses and a red hat.

9. Chip on Your Shoulder

This is really a low-maintenance costume. You can put this together in thirty seconds, with something I am also sure you have… a chip bag! All you need to do to create this pun-inspired costume is to tape a bag of chips onto your shoulder. Who said Halloween was too much work?!

10. Dancing Girl Emoji

This is perfect for all of the BFF’S who want matching costumes… but don’t want to spend a gazillion hours planning their outfits. Simply go as the twins (otherwise known as friendship goals) emoji! All you need to do is wear your hair down, put on a black tank top.

To finalize the look, cut out black bunny rabbit ears and glue them onto a headband! What a cute outfit idea!

11. Formal Apology

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Okay, I know puns can feel a bit cheesy … but they are so fun to dress up as! For this one, all you need is a formal dress or outfit and a sash that says ‘apology’. To make the sash, cut a strip of fabric out of an old tshirt and draw the word ‘apology’ using a black permanent marker. Plus, you get to show off a fancy dress or outfit!

12. Artist

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Bring out your inner artist to create this wonderful and cute costume! Take an old white shirt and splatter paint on it. Next, cut out a paint palette shape on cardboard and draw on a bunch of colorful circles using markers!

To add a little special touch, draw on a mustache using eyeliner or wear a beret. So chic and cute!

13. Queen of Hearts

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Off with your head! This one requires a little bit more work than the others...but is worth it for the final product! There are so many ways you can accessorize this costume and so many different unique ideas available on the internet!

Start by wearing an all-red outfit and drawing a heart on your lips using lipstick. You can then accessorize by creating a crown, wand, necklace, or collar out of cards!

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