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10 Trendy Black Hairstyles for Back to School

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August 21, 2023

Summer is coming to an end (sadly), which means school is slowly approaching. With such a busy year ahead, teen girls shouldn't need to worry about their hair. Black hair doesn't need to be a burden or stressful to think about. This article will share 10 cute, trendy hairstyles for black teen girls so you can rock your fro and look amazing when you go back to school!

1. French Curl Braids

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French curls are one of the most popular hairstyles for black teens. It's a protective hairstyle, meaning it will retain moisture within your curls and prevent breakage. This hairstyle has been trending since Beyonce, Brandy and Nollywood stars have been slaying the look. The luscious curled ends are gorgeous, giving your hair that voluminous and "it girl" look.

Make sure to order French Curl Synthetic Braiding Hair, so your stylist can achieve the hairstyle. There are so many different colors to choose from, such as black, brown or even golden highlights to bring out your inner glow. This look is a must for back to school!

2. Goddess Box Braids

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You will look like a Goddess at school with this hairstyle! Goddess box braids are box braids that have mixed with loose curls. It aims for a more "messy" look.

The loose curls add glam. They are very versatile and can be styled any way you'd like. Whether you want it more casual for an exam, or more elegant for a sports banquet, goddess braids can do the job.

This is best done using crochet, so its easy for the stylist to weave the curls onto your head. Goddess Box braids have a more sophisticated look, and perfect if you want something a little different than traditional box braids.

3. Afro Puff

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You can never go wrong with the classic afro puff. This style is easy to do and keeps your hair out of the way as you crush the school year.

Simply grab a large adjustable hair tie, and tighten it around your hair. Begin to pull the hair tie, until your puff begins to form. Make sure the hair tie is tight so your puff can stay fresh all day long!

If you want to make the look even cuter, you can even do your edges. Using an edge gel keeps your edges in place, especially with the high humidity in August. Use an edge control brush to swoop your edges and give it a sleek,wavy look. Click here for a tutorial on how to do your edges flawlessly.

This style is suitable for everyday wear and a style you can always count on.

4. Tribal Braids

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Tribal Braids originate from different tribes in West Africa. This protective style uses many different type of African braiding styles from Fulani to Ghana. This popular style consists of middle- parted cornrows that then go straight behind the scalp.

There are so many options, whether you want to add color, have a heart design, or curls on the end. There is such a large range, and you have the opportunity to embrace so many African cultures. It's low patience, which allows you to wake up and go.

If you want to take this style to next level, you can add gold or silver cuffs into your hair. It gives a little bling to your cornrows.

Due to its convenience, cornrows are a perfect option to get done for school.

5. Butterfly Locs

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Butterfly locs use extensions to create curly loops within dreads. This cute style not only protects your hair but it brings out your facial features. You will look beautiful all day long, as butterfly locs last 6-8 weeks.

Shake it up by changing the length and adding color! You can rock this hairstyle even more by adding charms. There are so many choices to choose from, such as butterflies and flowers.

6. Traditional Box Braids

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How could we forget the most popular hairstyle for teen girls? Box braids! This minimalistic look is perfect for everyday tasks and makes sure you look good while doing it.

Box braids have so much variability in length and color. You can really make it your own. Box braids is the OG and what truly inspired so many hairstyles that black teen girls use today.

If you aren't really sure what style to choose for back to school, box braids is a great option, that looks amazing every single time. This is my favorite!

7. Senegalese Twists


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Senegalese twists give a fuller and more glam look compared to traditional twists. Senegalese twists have a small knot to secure each of the two strands of extensions that wrap into a twist. This look will boost your confidence and it lasts 6-8 weeks.

It can be worn in a variety of ways, such as a high bun, a side braid, or a tight ponytail. It is perfect for everyday wear. If you like longer hair, this style is for you, because long lengths are what Senegalese twists are made for.

8. Cornrow Poinytail

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This style is gorgeous and will definitely receive compliments during the school year! A conrow ponytail is neat tight braids that are weaved onto your scalp.

A common pattern for this style is a big cornrow, then a small cornrow, big cornrow, etc. Once this is finished, your stylist will then add a clip in/sew in ponytail of choice to attach to your head. It is important to already bring in the pointytail you want added to your hair ahead of time.

A great place to find some are from your local beauty supply or Amazon. You can mix it up by adding some highlights to your cornrows or within the pointytail. Make sure to have edge gel on hand, so you can touch up your hair as needed and look cute for school all day long.

9. Crown Braid

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If you want to show off your elegance at school, then this style is for you. The crown braid is a cornrow that wraps around the edge of your head. You can even have yours create a lower bun in the back. You can add more pizzazz to your crown braid by adding some clips, flowers or highlights.

This style is perfect if you want a style that's quick to do and doesn't require a lot of time out of your day. It takes an hour tops. If you want to be reminded of the true QUEEN that you are, I definitely recommend this style.

10. Sew In Weave

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Sew in weaves give you infinite options for your hair from straight to curly, long to short, and pink to blue. The possibilities are endless. Unlike wigs, sew in weaves are more realize because you will never have to worry about it falling out.

Sew in weaves are used after your hair is braided into cornrows. Your stylists then sew ins the weave into your cornrow to make it secure. You will have to buy your weave ahead of time for your stylist to use.

I recommend buying human hair rather than synthetic. Although it is more expensive it will last a lot longer, not get as tangled and will look more natural. Sew in weave comes in bundles. I highly recommend buying 3-4 bundles so you can ensure you have enough hair and have a voluminous look some great places to buy sew ins is from your local beauty parlor or Amazon.

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