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10 Tips on How to Read More Often

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September 02, 2022

Do you love reading but lack the time to do so? Or maybe you want to start reading, but don't know where to make time to start? Nowadays, it's hard to find the time to do the things we enjoy, especially with school having started.

We're constantly stressing over our assignments or procrastinating them until we have no more time for anything. We also spend too much time on our phones. All of this doesn't allow for any time for our hobbies. So here are 10 tips on how you can read for fun more often, while also enjoying it.


1. Read in the Morning

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Waking up early in the morning might be hard for some, especially those who aren't morning people. However, if you set up your alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier, then you can make some time in the morning to read a few pages. You can even read as you are eating your breakfast or while you are on the bus on the way to school.

If you do it regularly, even just for a few minutes, you'll quickly develop a habit of reading in the morning. But adding the task of reading to a morning routine might not be convenient for everyone, especially for those who already have numerous tasks in their routine. However, try reading for just a few minutes, even if it's only a page. It will add up quickly if you continue to do it every morning.

Furthermore, it is also scientifically proven that the best time to read is in the morning! Most people are usually more alert and attentive in the morning, which is why reading is perfect during that time of day. It will help you retain the information you've read much better, which is especially useful when you are reading a textbook in order to study for a test.

2. Always Have a Book with You


If you wish to read more, then you should carry a book around with you. Whether it is a paperback in your backpack or an ebook on your phone, it's useful to have one with you at all times. That's because you don't know when you will have free time to read during the day.

For instance, as you are waiting for your bus to arrive, you can read a few pages. Another example would include a small break in between classes, when you can take a peek at your novel before class starts. Who knows, you might even be that kind of person that reads as they walk (be careful)!


3. Create Reading Goals

Reading becomes easier when you make time for it. You can schedule the time to read in your calendar. Whether it is for 20 minutes or an hour, any amount of time can be useful.

You can even set a timer, so you don't forget. If you are into journaling, you can write down your weekly or monthly reading goals and check them off one by one. However, make sure you are setting realistic goals because you will only discourage yourself if you aim for a goal outside of reality.

Additionally, remember that goals take time and effort to accomplish. For instance, if you wish to read an entire book in 30 days, then you should decide how many pages or chapters you need to read per setting in order to finish the novel. You can try reading a chapter per day, and increase it as you get closer to your goal.

4. Limit Your Time on the Internet


It can be hard to read more often, when, every chance you get, you scroll on your phone. You complain that you have no time to read, but then spend the day on the internet. Therefore, you should limit the time you spend on the internet and swap it for some reading time.

Not only will that improve your overall health and sleep, but it allows you to read more often. However, we all know how addictive the internet can be. So, to make sure that you are limiting your time on your phone, you can download an application to set a limit on the amount of time you spend online or set a timer to remind you when to shut off your phone.

For instance, instead of watching your comfort show on Netflix before going to sleep, exchange it for a book. You will most likely sleep much better and feel well rested the next morning. If you really have your heart set on watching a movie before going to sleep, try to alternate days when you watch a movie and when you read a book. This way, you accomplish both things!

5. Stop Procrastinating Your Other Tasks


Procrastinating is very common nowadays; we do it every day for everything. Whether it is because we don't want to do our homework or because we don't want to clean our room, we always procrastinate rather than doing the task itself. This means we are wasting our time doing nothing, which is why we should stop. When we stop procrastinating all of our tasks, then we will have more than enough time to read.

It will also allow you to be more efficient in your other tasks. You will spend less time doing them because you will be focused on what is in front of you. Try to get rid of all the distractions around you, so that you can actually focus.

Then, make a list of everything you have to do during the day, and start doing it as soon as you wake up. This way you will have at least 30 minutes of free time, which you can use to read.

6. Try Ebooks and Audiobooks

Ebooks and Audiobooks are extremely useful. You can have a ton of books downloaded on a device as small as your phone. If you have time to read, but just don't have the space to carry a physical novel around with you everywhere, then you can read eBooks.

You can listen to audiobooks when you are busy, whether that means taking a run, cleaning your room, or doing laundry. In addition, you can even speed up the audiobooks, so that you can read quicker and save more time for your other tasks.

7. Read What You Enjoy


Reading becomes way easier and more fun when you are reading something that interests you. Ignore all the popular book recommendations that you find all over the internet and look only for what seems like fun to read for you. If you have a particular genre that you enjoy, then read more of those kinds of books. You will make time for them because you will look forward to what happens next in the novel.

However, if you aren't sure what genre you enjoy most, then spend some time experimenting and reading all kinds of books. You will soon realize which book you enjoy and which you don't, since it will be far easier and faster to read those you find interesting.

8. Read Before Going to Bed


If you really hate waking up in the morning and consider yourself a night owl, then you can read before going to bed. Shut down all your electronics and do your bedtime routine before starting to read a few chapters. Make sure you don't read a book that you find too fascinating or else you might end up spending the whole night reading, which will only leave you tired in the morning.

Reading before going to sleep will not only give you a good night's sleep, but it also reduces stress. This is especially useful during the school year, since we are faced with stress from all of our classes, sports, and extracurriculars. It might even boost your mood because you will have had a good night's rest.

9. Make Reading a Habit


After having included reading in your daily life for a few weeks, it will become a habit. You won't need to worry too much about making time to read, since your mind will already know when to do it. You don't even have to read for an hour, but only a few minutes every day for it to become a habit. You only have to be willing to commit to reading every day.

Don't worry about finishing your whole TBR in a certain amount of time, the important thing is to remember to read a small amount every day. While it might be slow at first, you will eventually learn to read faster in a shorter amount of time, which will lead to finishing an entire book quicker.

10. Join a Book Club or Community

Reading becomes so much easier when you have someone to remind you to read. By joining a book club at your school or a book community, you will not only make the time for it, but you will also have people to enjoy and share your books with. It will encourage you to read more often so that you can tell others about what you've read and why they should read it too. You might also get many more recommendations that you will end up loving by joining a group of people that love reading as much as you do.

If you don't have a book club at your school or a book community in your neighborhood, then you can consider creating one yourself! It might be a lot of work, but you will end up reading more often for fun and making friends for life! However, you can always find communities online, such as Book Tok and Book Instagram. You can end up making friends and sharing your journey as you are reading a certain book to people all over the world.


In conclusion, reading is a fun hobby, but it can be hard to make time for it, especially in our busy world. However, it's important to make time for the things we enjoy doing, largely because it makes us happy, but also because we learn things by reading. So, by trying out these 10 tips, you will definitely find the time to read more often in your daily life, while also loving doing so. Who knows, you might become an avid reader in just a few days!

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