How You Can Become an Avid Reader This Summer


During the school year, the thought of reading after a long day is unappealing to a large handful of students. Having spent hours completing homework that requires a great deal of reading, very few students are willing to spend additional time picking up a book. The overwhelming amount of homework students have to complete on a daily basis discourages them from reading for enjoyment. In other words, students start associating reading with boredom and an activity they are often forced to do. But, this summer is the perfect opportunity to change your attitudes towards reading.

Read Books That Interest You

Students are often uninterested in the books they are required to read during the school year. But, with extra time on your hands this summer, search for books that truly interest you and grab your attention. You can only understand which types of books you enjoy reading by trying many different types of genres. Graphic novels, action and adventure, mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction, and science fiction are only some of the most popular genres. The process of discovering what genres you enjoy the most will unquestionably take some time. You may already have a genre in mind. On the other hand, if you feel a bit lost, exploring several genres will guide you to finding the types of books you absolutely love to read.

Set Aside Time To Read

A crucial step to becoming an avid reader this summer is finding time in your day to read, whether it be for ten minutes or for an hour. Regardless of the amount of free time you have, dedicate gaps in your schedule to making progress on the book you are currently reading. Don't know what to do before bed? Have time to spare in the morning? Encourage yourself to pick up your book rather than scrolling on social media.

Start With Small Goals

For those who don't consider themselves big readers, starting small is key. Holding yourself accountable for reading ten pages in the morning and another ten pages in the afternoon is a realistic goal that will incentivize you to start. Starting is the most difficult part. By setting attainable goals, you will not only be motivated to begin reading, but you will also be more likely to exceed your initial expectations.

Establishing realistic goals requires trial and error. If reading fifty pages a day is too overwhelming, it may be wise to rethink your daily goals. Or, if ten pages a day seems too little, feel free to raise the bar for yourself. You have the freedom to adjust your goals.

Make Reading Exciting

It is common to lack the determination to begin reading if it is an activity you are not used to. But, there are several ways to make reading an activity that you look forward to and truly want to take part in. For example, having a close friend or family member read the same book as you may encourage you to stay on track with your reading goals. Together, you can hold conversations surrounding the book. When you find something that inspires you to read, utilize it and take advantage of it.

I have never considered myself an avid reader, but I have found that recognizing that you want to begin reading more is the first and most important step to establishing good reading habits. By taking small steps and taking note of which books you enjoy reading the most, you can gradually begin implementing reading into your everyday life.

Sophene Avedissian
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Sophene Avedissian is a sophomore at Westridge School for Girls. She writes for her school newspaper, Spyglass, and the Los Angeles Times High School Insider. During her free time, Sophene enjoys reading, playing soccer, and spending time with family and friends.