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10 Movies to Get You in the Fall Spirit

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September 13, 2022

Fall is just around the corner, which means cozy weather and changing leaves. And most importantly, the best atmosphere for watching fall-themed movies! These are the 10 best movies to start off the season!


One of the best parts about fall is Halloween. Spending October going to haunted houses and Halloween night trick or treating are common activities among teens today. What better way to get into the Halloween mood than watch a couple of scary movies?


This classic slasher film debuts the infamous Ghostface. Set in the days before Halloween, this movie makes for a perfect watch for October. Scream combines elements of drama, comedy, and, of course, horror.

The thrill of Scream is an experience first timers will never forget, and it's an excellent choice for those unable to pick a genre to watch! Scream is currently streaming on HBO Max and Paramount Plus.

The Craft

Witchcraft, rituals, and spells are the recipe for this thrilling supernatural horror movie. Four girls use ancient methods to attempt to gain control over their lives, something teenagers rarely have. As they realize the power they hold, they slowly begin to use it for evil.

Rifts begin to form in their lives, and their wrongdoings come back to haunt them. This film is great for those who prefer the supernatural over slashers! The Craft is available on HBO Max and for purchase.


The fall season makes for gorgeous scenery in films, which is amazing for tearjerkers and heart-wrenchers. Romance movies set in autumn are an ideal escape.

The Half of It

The Half of It portrays a genius multifaceted story. Viewers follow Ellie Chu, a hardworking girl in a small town who takes care of her father by writing essays for money. She's approached by a young man, begging for her to help him charm the most popular girl in school.

She's not the classic popular movie girl. Rather, she's pretty mysterious. Thus, the boy pays Ellie to write love letters to attempt to help his relationship.

Obviously, she finds out and finds herself falling for someone she didn't expect. This is epic love story is available on Netflix.

When Harry Met Sally

With picturesque fall stills like this one, When Harry Met Sally shows how important a friendship is, but also how a friendship can blossom into something more. Harry and Sally go through hardships but seem to always stick together. As they grow older, their feelings complicate their friendship. This movie explores the foundation of relationships and is available on Netflix and HBO Max.


Arguably the most famous vampire movie ever, Twilight is a tale of forbidden romance accompanied by love triangles, and of course, vampire-werewolf feuds. The atmosphere of Forks, Washington is akin to dreary, rainy fall days. Thus, Twilight is the perfect watch for days when it's too rainy to go out, or even when you long for rainy days. It's only available for purchase or rent on certain sites.


Everyone loves a good drama movie. The genre encapsulates a myriad of sub-genres, so it isn't hard for someone to find the perfect movie for them. With twists and turns similar to autumn weather, an engaging drama can transform a gloomy day into a fantastic one.

Edward Scissorhands

With charming stills, Edward Scissorhands is a delightful mix of romance and melancholy. Both of which are accompanied by drama. We follow a young man - Johnny Depp's Edward - on his journey into a pastel town full of curious people.

He adjusts to this new setting silently, while slowly falling in love with Winona Ryder's Kim. This stunning exploration of opposites attracts and alienation is available on Disney Plus.

Good Will Hunting

A heart-wrenching film about a mathematically gifted janitor at M.I.T learning his worth with help from a psychologist. Full of beautiful fall scenery, Good Will Hunting questions the fragility of classic "bad-boy" characters. It is a slice-of-life film, that explores the importance of self-value.

Also, the performances of the main actors - Matt Damon and Robin Williams - are phenomenal. Good Will Hunting is currently on HBO Max.

Knives Out

Knives Out begins with the suspicious death of an old man. His family comes together, not to mourn, but to argue about the will. They hire a detective to figure out what truly happened to him, and the dark secrets of the family are dramatically revealed.

This film includes an ensemble cast (Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joseph-Gordan Levitt, Toni Collette, Lakieth Stanfield, and more). Knives Out is available for rent on various streaming applications.


The intricate art of animated films captures viewers in ways other films cannot. With vastly different styles of art and cinematography, fall-themed animation is graced with many great movies.


Based on Niel Gaiman's book of the same name, this film has an ever-unique art style, Coraline enraptures viewers with colorful settings and a dark plotline. We follow Coraline, as she moves into a new house, and encounters unsettling people who try to put buttons on her eyes. A true classic for Halloween, Coraline is available on Roku for free and other services.

Corpse Bride

This stop-motion film takes place in Victorian-era England, where Victor is getting ready to marry a woman. As he runs away from this arranged marriage, he meets Emily - The Corpse Bride. She is captivated by him, and he is dragged into her world.

A world full of skeletons and the bugs that roam their bones. He realizes he would rather go back to his family, and drama ensues. Corpse Bride is available on HBO Max.

Curl up with one of these movies to prepare or to enhance the fall feeling! Remember to look up content warnings as well!

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