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10 Best Summer Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens You Haven't Thought of Before

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June 25, 2023

Summertime can be quite an exciting time for many teens, but it can also be a time filled with endless boredom. Unless you were to find a way to get paid for doing fun things.

Working a summer job has its challenges, but the reward of further enriching your career and your wallet may just be worth the work. From retail jobs to nannying and even being a lifeguard, the list of what teens can do for work is endless, so here are a few to get your creative juices flowing:

1. American Eagle, Sales Associates

The legal age limit for working at American Eagle is 16 or older, plus you'd also get an employee discount on all purchases. Just go to the link above and once you put in your zip code you will be given a list of different store locations in your area that are hiring.

2. Aeropostale, Sales Associates

Imagine what it would be like being able to work around other young people while also being able to get your wardrobe for the new school year ready all at the same location. Well, that is exactly what you would get from working at Aeropostale. When you click the link you will be sent to a site where you will be able to select your location and all the job listings available in your area.

3. Nannying

If you are someone who enjoys hanging out with kids, then this job may be the perfect fit for you. Nannying gives teens the opportunity to connect with children that are younger or close to the same age as them and helps them build connections while also learning about how to handle responsibilities. Websites and apps like care.com, Bambino Sitters, Sitters, and Bubble Childcare all offer free accounts where you can get hired based on any experience level.

4. Lifeguard

Lounging by the pool, and also being able to make a big contribution to someone's life are two of the many benefits that come with being a lifeguard. The legal age limit in most states to be a lifeguard is 15 and up and the pay can range from $12-20 dollars per hour. There are many organizations like the Red Cross and the YMCA that offer training and certification classes for lifeguards.

5. Dog Walker/Sitter

If you are someone who loves animals, getting paid for hanging out with a furry friend may just be your dream job. You could watch your friends and neighbor's dogs and your job would mainly be feeding dogs, walking them, and providing them with companionship.

6. Playing Video Games

Yes, you heard that right. You're not just dreaming.

You can get paid for testing new games or for training people on how to play video games that you're well experienced in. If you have advanced skills in a certain video game, you can also become a professional gamer and stream on Twitch. Websites that can help you get started are sites like MistPlay and Skillz Games.

7. Tutoring

If you are excelling in a certain skill, then you may want to consider teaching someone else. There are many subjects out there like Math, Science, and English that students have difficulty with and you'd be able to help them with no experience required. Sites that hire teenage tutors are SameSpeak and TutorMe.

8. Freelance Writer

If you love writing and love the idea of being your own boss, then writing freelance might just be the job for you. You would be able to create your own schedule and set your own pay rate. On a website called Fivver, teens 13 and up are allowed to use the site where they can make money designing flyers, writing articles for blogs, and doing voiceovers.

9. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is a kind of clerical work that involves many things like typing and voice recording for entering data into computers. Data entry clerks can work in many industries, like health care, finance, retail, and transportation. These types of jobs tend to require fast typing skills and age requirements for this job tend to range from 16 to 18 years old.

10. Virtual Assistants

Imagine what it's like to work from the comfort of your home while also doing administrative tasks, like responding to emails, scheduling meetings, booking travel accommodations, and organizing client calendars. Because that is exactly what virtual assistants do, virtual assistants do the same admin-type work that an administrative assistant would do just online and are paid higher salaries than in-person assistants. You can find these kinds of jobs on sites like Upwork or by Google searching for virtual assistant jobs.

As teens get older, the need to be independent is one instilled in many, and the jobs offered here and many others out there give teens the opportunity to hone their skills and put their resources to good use in the real world. While also doing something they enjoy and something that can give them life-long memories.

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