Why You Should Not Lie on Your College Application

Student Life

A student’s life is already stressful, then, it is faced with the wrath of the ultimate showdown- college applications. But is it really? A rigorous academic schedule, engagement in extracurricular activities with a possible national or international reach, and an ardent social work record seem the ingredients for a perfect application. Emphasizing such unrealistic expectations often dissolves the ones reachable for students and makes them choose the wrong path.

Ditching the propensity for hard work, students choose to falsely decorate applications without realizing the consequences in the future. While lying often gets what one wants, it is riskier than writing the truth and ensuring a safe future. Getting essays written and achieving inauthentic certificates by others may seem the right way of achieving a definite spot in prestigious colleges, but the expectations always mirror the reality.

While you may achieve a spot in a forged manner, never forget the deserving person who could have achieved the position. Many students work their whole life to get into college, which is enough for us to obliterate the option of lying. Thus, empathizing with others is the best policy during these stressful times. Colleges know how to spot inconsistencies in applications and do not hesitate to verify the information. Their powerful database can easily spot the misfit.

Once the college application is completed, you sign a formal document stating that all the information is true to your best knowledge. Thus, authorizing this knowledge puts you at the center stage and there is no way out by apologizing. The actions were taken in your own conscious.

Not only is your application rejected, but the news of this forgery also reaches all the colleges, dissolving any opportunities left. In some cases, charges or reclamation of any other aid is expected to be repaid by the student. So, one wrong turn puts you in the wrong direction and there is no turning back. Choose your decision wisely and let the real you shine to the college administrators. A few tips for all you lovelies!

Enjoy The Process

Shifting your perspective and insight is necessary for one of the most challenging and new experiences of your life. This process challenges your patience, commitment, and ability to sacrifice. Students think to benefit from lying in their applications because of the stress surrounding them. Instead, stimulate positivity in and around you. When you enjoy your company, all the stress resolves, as your goals become clearer than ever. When you have made it this far, the rest of your journey will pass too. Thus, focusing on the positive aspect allows you to reflect on your values, emotions, and thinking. Moreover, a stress-free environment brings the best in you- no need to resort to lying then! Enjoy the process, go with the flow, and never think less of yourself.

You And Your Achievements Are Worth It

The main reason behind lying on college applications is the thought of not being worthy of a position. However, it needs to be changed and confidence must be instilled. Moving ahead with a free mind is a good policy. Never undermine yourself and the lessons you have learned through various experiences. The hard work you put in right now will be reflected in your future endeavors. Even the smallest of achievements may hold great value and can become a part of the reason for your selection. Never feel less accomplished if your friend went to an ivy league for summer school or is an international swimmer; Your inter-school win is just as important. The most prominent takeaway is your growth through such experiences. Always remember your struggles and strive to work harder. You never know what in your application resonates with the admission officers and makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Every learning, experience, and decision counts and by lying you will be undermining them.

Honesty is the best policy.

Your college application should be a reflection of your values, learning, and experiences. The admission officer lives your experiences through your essay. By lying on your college applications, you will be jeopardizing your future. Lying on college applications is something that will always remain with you in the future and becomes a part of your identity in society. Your personality is unique and so are your interests-pride in it. If someone suggests football will look better in your application, don't listen! Take up an activity only out of genuine interest. Also, you don't need to explain to anyone your interests and subjects. Stick true to yourself and succeed in your endeavors.

The best is yet to come.

Setbacks are normal in every journey. Don't take them to heart! Speaking from personal experience, holding onto setbacks often does not let us focus on other things and show our best potential. Learn from your mistakes and move on with better energy. Dwelling on mistakes does not help in any way and rather wastes more time; though, always reflect upon them! With time, things will sort out and so will your thoughts. The authentic effort you put in now will be realized in the future once you open your acceptance letters.

Take your time

It may feel like you are drowning in your thoughts and the stress of managing school and college work, but remember that better times are yet to come. Moreover, amidst the pandemic, such thoughts are often amplified. While this period has been tough in many respects, it has also made some things accessible and beneficial. Take your time to brainstorm before writing any college prompts- this will make sure you have a clear idea! Also, sometimes small things bind together in the best possible way. It will take time to adjust and cooperate, but once you do, the stress will dissolve too. After all, it is the pandemic that has allowed us to move at our own pace and understand the value of our personal space.

Keeping these points in mind and carrying them with you will never allow you to make a wrong decision. Lying can make you miss out on prospective future experiences, opportunities, and learning. In the end, is lying on applications worth neglecting what the future holds for you? An authentic, enjoyable, and unimaginable college life is awaiting you to be a part of it, but with genuine interests-make the most of this time.

Jahnavi Rathore

Jahnavi believes to impact people from whichever field she chooses to be in. She enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures each time. She also has a penchant for writing, dancing, and singing. Music is what calms her nerves whenever she feels overwhelmed. Being an advent social worker, she likes to volunteer and actively participate. In fact, during the pandemic for covid-relief, she started an organization of her own to help the needy and deprived.