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Why You Should Choose Water for Your Hydration Needs

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Tue, June 11

Picture this: a world without water. It's a barren landscape where all forms of life struggle to exist, where the earth cracks under the relentless sun, and where everything living withers away into dust. It's a grim reminder of the absolute necessity of water for all life on Earth. Including you and me.

Water isn't just a beverage we casually sip or a liquid we use to bathe in. Instead, it is the very essence of life itself. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies relies on water to function. From regulating body temperature to aiding digestion, and detoxification to cushioning our joints, water is the unsung hero that keeps our bodies ticking like well-oiled machines.

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Meet Christiana and her Experience

Christiana is a high school freshman who is pumped that school is out. She decides to go to the beach to celebrate the start of summer. It is about 90 degrees out and the sun is basking her in its full glory. In other words, the sun isn't playing hide and go seek.

After a couple of hours of sunbathing, Christiana starts feeling weak and lethargic. So she drinks some of her lemonade to give her the energy to continue her beach getaway. But it doesn't work, instead, it makes her feel worse than she originally was feeling.

What happened? How did not drinking water affect her trip?

Christiana is experiencing a common side effect of not drinking enough water. It's called dehydration. Since it was so hot out and Christiana didn't drink water her body slowly started to shut down.

Everything got worse when she chose to drink lemonade over water because the sugar in the lemonade dehydrated her more. What can we learn from this? You need water to have fun, and to have fun for long periods.

More on Why You Should Drink Water

We know, thanks to Christiana that water is crucial to us having a good time but what other things does water do for us?

Well, water helps lubricate your joints and important structures of your body. Without drinking water, or enough of it can cause you to experience joint pain. Synovial fluid reduces friction when your joints move, according to a July 2019 study in Nutrients. Therefore, when you are dehydrated, your body struggles to create this fluid which results in more friction and more pain between your joints. This makes it harder to run and jump on the beachy sand.

Additionally, those of you who suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma can greatly benefit from drinking water. The water helps thin the mucus that lines your airways which as a result helps you to breathe better. So the more water you drink the less you will suffer.

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Water also can make your skin clearer and help you heal from scars quicker. It also decreases inflammation and overall puffiness especially when you are bloated. So if you suffer from acne or constantly being bloated, drink lots of water.

Water has zero calories and zero additives, unlike other drinks that promise hydration. Water provides the purest form of hydration with outside effects or disruptions. Water hydrates your body without disrupting your body's natural balance of sugars and stimulants.

This was Christiana's mistake, she drank lemonade that was full of sugar instead of water. Water is more refreshing and beneficial than lemonade or other drinks.

How Much is Enough?

There is no set amount every person should drink to remain healthy since everyone is different. The healthy amount varies based on things like conditions, medicines, physical activity, and overall genetics. There are also external factors like weather.

If it's hot out, how high the humidity is, how dry the air is, and many others. Dehydration happens quicker when it is more humid.

Traditionally, experts say about half of your body weight is what you should consume in water, but more and more studies have come out with a baseline for men and women. According to the Mayo Clinic, men usually need about 15.5 cups of water, and women need about 11.5 cups of water daily. Again, this is just a baseline so you can drink more, and you should drink as much water as you possibly can.

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However, there is something called drinking too much water. If you drink more water than your kidneys can eliminate can cause hyponatremia in some people. Your kidneys eliminate 27 to 34 ounces of water an hour and 676 to 947 ounces a day.

That's a lot of water! Consuming more water than your body can remove can put you in the danger zone. You should try and find a happy medium for your body.

Your water intake might change daily due to weather or your busy schedule. Try to be intentional with your water consumption and drink water before and after meals and throughout the day. Sometimes, that's all it takes; you decide to put your water consumption first.

So, What if You Just Don't?

We have all had those busy days where you don't have enough time to stop and take a breath, let alone a drink of water. So, what can happen if you make a habit of not drinking water?

  1. Joint Disorders like Arthritis
  2. Migraines or Headaches
  3. Skin Disorders
  4. Premature Wrinkles
  5. Fatigue and Lack of Energy
  6. Swollen Feet
  7. UTI's
  8. Kidney Stones
  9. Moodiness
  10. Increased risk of stroke

These are just some of the more common risks and conditions that can result from not drinking enough water. There are plenty of others and it's scary to think about, so to avoid the stress, just drink as much water as you possibly can.

How to Make Drinking Water Fun

Water can be boring, it has no taste, and it can seem like a chore sometimes, so we have to make it fun. Add fresh fruit to your water; this will liven it up a bit while still giving you the same health benefits you would get from drinking it by itself.

You could add your favorite tea to your water; just don't add sugar. Tea can give you some flavoring while you are still ingesting water.

Sometimes, even adding ice to your water can make it fun, especially if your ice cubes are fun shapes. It may seem childish, but on a psychological level, it will trick your brain into enjoying water a tiny bit more.

Some fruits like watermelon or cucumbers have a heavy water content, which gives you some water. Not all the water you need in a day, but at least it gives you some water.

One last fun tip I have is to get a fun water bottle that encourages you to drink water. Some of these bottles label how much you should drink each hour.

Amazon has quite a few variations of these bottles. This can be fun and encouraging, but what matters is that you are consuming enough water to have fun this summer.

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Some Fun Facts About Water

  • 60% of your body is water
  • 71% of the planet is covered in Water
  • Your blood is 90% water
  • Approximately 400 billion gallons of water are used in the United States per day
  • If you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated

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