Why Nina Turner Should Join the Biden Ticket
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Why Nina Turner Should Join the Biden Ticket


June 17, 2020

Most Democrats, like myself, understand the dire need for a change in leadership. While former Vice President Joe Biden may not have been the overwhelming top choice for the party, he may very well manage to pull the support needed to vote out the incumbent; that is, if he chooses the right running mate.

Biden has already pledged to bring a woman on his ticket, which if elected, would be something this country has yet to see; however, the question remains: which woman would best further his campaign?

Many names have been thrown into the mix, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Stacy Abrams.

While these women have many great qualities and attributes, they all lack a major necessity: the connection and ability to bring in Bernie Sanders supporters.

Nina Turner, co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign, is a 52-year-old progessive Black woman who is beloved by the young and energized liberal Democrats.

Biden, having been Vice President for the nation’s first Black president, has a lot of support from the older Black community; however, his recent controversial statement to a Black radio host that you “ain’t black” if you support Trump, as well as his past support for the Crime Bill which caused over incarceration of Black men, suggests that having a Black running mate would shore up his support in the Black community.

Despite this, most political analysts are saying the current front runner for Biden’s VP is very likely Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar would be a bad idea for the Biden campaign and here’s why: Klobuchar and Biden’s views are too in-line. They both hold very conservative Democratic ideals, and seeing as our nation is going through a major Civil Rights movement, I think it's safe to say that our country is ready for a radical change.

Also, Klobuchar’s whole “not prosecuting the man who went on to kill George Floyd which started a whole national movement” scandal, might harm the support and traction Biden has managed to gain with the Black community.

While Warren’s views are similar to those of Turner, the fact of the matter is, as a running mate for 77-year-old Biden, she’s too old.

Turner is able to attract the young voters, something that was a strength for Bernie, but not so much for Biden. Warren has also offended many of the Bernie supporters by calling their candidate a liar.

Now, choosing Turner would have none of the consequences that a Klobuchar or Warren V.P. would.

As a relatively young, Black woman, Turner has made waves in the political realm, and has proven herself to have a strong political voice.

Not only does she provide the basic demographic attributes, she replicates the progessive ideology of most Bernie supporters.

This may prove especially helpful as an Emerson poll shows that a 51 percent majority of Bernie supporters say that they are “likely” to consider voting for an independent over the Democratic party candidate, Biden.

This could potentially be very troublesome for the Democratic party, as pulling votes away from Biden would likely end with another four years of the Trump administration.

Adding Turner to the ticket would bring over those wary supporters due to her progressive stances, not to mention the fact that being a State Senator from Ohio, a swing state, could greatly improve Biden’s overall chances at winning the election.

In the end, Turner would help pull votes from those who Biden could never bring in alone, and would avoid the demographic downsides of others like Klobuchar and Warren.

Most of us understand that Biden isn’t the best choice; however, adding someone to the ticket such as Nina Turner, could really turn the whole campaign in the right direction.

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