What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You (Part 2)

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You (Part 2)

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October 16, 2020

Hey Everybody! I'm back!

So, to all you Libra's, Scorpio's, Sagittariuses', Capricorn's, Aquarius's and Pisces signs, here is your revised version of “What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You (Part 2)” written by yours truly (if you would like to see my elegantly written introduction, please visit Part 1). I tried to write this as soon as possible without school getting in the way. Anyway, enjoy!


Date: September 23-October 22

Air: Libra is an Air sign, sharing its element with Gemini and Aquarius.

Description: Libras are always searching for harmony and implying it if not present. They are the peacekeepers of the world, with friends, they're probably known for ending disputes and promoting cooperation and open-mindedness in heated conversations.

They love spreading their wonderful mood and attitude with others and always excel at aiding others lift theirs. Having a friend and a mother who are both Libras, I can say that they are definitely one of the more creative of the bunch. Their widespread perspectives and opinions, great ideas and terrific imagination, I wouldn't blame you to become envious of their wonderful artistic abilities, or just any aspect of them in general.

Helping lift others moods and consistently being positive may not be the best way to aid their internal emotions and insecurities. No one leads a perfect life, and although it may seem this way with most Libra's, on the inside they may not always feel that way. They always struggle with finding their purpose in life and never can fully confront their issues with solving everyone else's. Decision-making capabilities aren't top-notch as well.

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The Libra symbol represents scales, which are based on the scales of justice held by Themis, the Greek personification of divine law and custom. This sign believes in balancing all aspects of their life and they become upset at any injustices they witness.


Date: October 23-November 21

Water: Scorpio is a Water sign, sharing its element with Cancer and Pisces.

Description: Independence is a quality I aspire to achieve in most scenarios, and people with this quality I equally respect. Scorpios are one of those type of people. Independent and passion expressed through most things they do. Things like this will make it easy to gain a respectful career and not be bored by the work at hand.

Being a teenager, everyone struggles with self-esteem, peer pressure and the everyday thought of what others are thinking about you. Scorpios are one of the few fortunate people in the world that don't care about what others think of themselves, which makes them much more expressive and an honest person, which can be an honorable aspect.

Most people with a rough exterior are probably not as tough on the inside. Scorpios, courageous and communicative at first, rarely have the opportunity to face their fears and emotions burrowing on the inside. Vulnerability is never anyone's preferred state of mind but it can happen occasionally when you're the most comfortable. Scorpio detest this idea so much that they just ignore the concept in general, which is never a good thing for your mental health.

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The Scorpio symbol is associated with a scorpion, a snake, and an eagle. Like a scorpion, people born beneath this sign are intense, aggressive when provoked, and prefer to be alone.


Date: November 22-December 21

Fire: Sagittarius is a Fire sign, sharing its element with Aries and Leo.

Description: Not everyone has the guts to stay determined on one objective for hours, days or even years, but for Sagittariuses', it's a piece of cake. They're unlike Virgo's because they don't like planning ahead, they take life as it comes and are very “spur of the moment”. One second they can be assembling a puzzle and the next boarding a plane to Brasil. This makes them unpredictable which is an appreciated quality among the opposite sex.

Their specialty is always deriving an outcome from whatever scenario they may find themselves in. Sagittariuses' are master manipulators, and can constantly turn the tables in their favor. Approval is an irrelevant term when they have their brain to figure out the specifics without caring about others opinions, because when they have their minds set, you can't change them.

Back to determined. While trying to stay in a certain path, trying to achieve your goals and standards, the outside world can become just a big blur, making them at times self-centered, which can cause a decrease in friends. Even if they're a tad self-centered, in group projects they love to take the lead and show an incredible amount of enthusiasm to the subject at hand, and their determinedness comes in handy at these times.

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The Sagittarius symbol represents an archer. It is based on the centaur, Chiron, who mentored Achilles in archery. People born beneath this sign are obsessed with traveling, learning, and adventure


Date: December 22-January 19

Earth: Capricorn is an Earth sign, sharing its element with Taurus and Virgo.

Description: If I ever find a Capricorn in a detention room, I will literally (if water in mouth) spit out my water. The classic “good kid” but not entirely considered a nerd as well. They lay in between the spectrum.

They set boundaries in their minds for everything they do to make sure they stay on top of tasks. They double-check and triple-check assignments just to be 100% certain that every detail in approved by their standards, but these standards can also make them hard on themselves. They expect a bit too much from them self and that can cause multiple disappointments on their behalf. Capricorn's need to learn that not everything they do will be perfect, and to not let this get in the way of celebrating achievements in life.

Unlike most teenagers their age, they don't waste most of their chore money on clothes or even just Dollarama (I live in Canada okay just research Dollarama and you'll find it)! They actually have some self-control over what they shop and that can be a great competence when their older and have dozens of kids (or none, whatever your choice may be).

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The Capricorn symbol is the body and head of a goat with the tail of a fish. It is based on the Sumerians’ primordial god of wisdom and waters, Enki, because Capricorns are intelligent, logical, and goal oriented.


Date: January 20-February 18

Air: Aquarius is an Air sign, sharing its element with Gemini and Libra.

Description: Everyone is different, even identical twins have separate DNA structures and personality traits, so everyone is unique. Everyone has their own skills that aid one another is our complicated world, but some people, seem more unique than others. This is where Aquarius's come into the equation.

Individuality is an Aquarius's specialty. If you give me a classroom of teenagers I can probably identify the Aquarius's of the bunch because they'll probably be the ones with bright colored school bags and abstract hairstyles (just a guess, I'm not completely serious with that). They have a strong will to change the world and each day gone by without accomplishing something benefiting to others is considered a day of failure.

There isn't much general horoscope about this particular sign because of the different beneficial uniqueness of each different one. Some may be outgoing and colorful while others are goth-like and shy. But don't think that this is a way to cut this description short, I, myself am a proud Aquarius individual and find myself nothing like my Aquarius friends but I know most of us share similar morals that I have previously mentioned.

The only thing that may cause conflict between those closest to them is their value system. Aquarian's prioritizing structure depends on the level of necessity of each different person, so they may sometimes be interpreted incorrectly, thinking that certain relationships are more meaningful than others. Communication between others is something that requires improvement with Aquarius people, because this particular concept makes certain things (like their value system), misinterpreted.

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The Aquarius symbol is ripples of water, which is associated with Ganymede, the water-bearer. Like him, people born beneath this sign are generous, patient, friendly, and self-reflective.


Date: February 19-March 20

Water: Pisces is a Water sign, sharing its element with Cancer and Scorpio.

Description: Last but not least, we have Pisces! Intelligence runs deep in the Pisces family, but intelligence doesn't necessarily mean aces tests in school. For example, Albert Einstein didn't even graduate high school and to this day, he is still considered the most intelligent man known to man.

And guess what? He was a Pisces! You read that right! Albert Einstein was a Pisces!

Pisces also identify themselves as quite sensitive, but even if they have a shy and/or vulnerable exterior, once you become close friends with them, they can reveal a part of themselves that remains often sealed, revealing a strong personality and opinions that they don't share with strangers or acquaintances. Bored is a concept not yet understood by their field of vision because their mind is always active, making it impossible to ever be bored.

Another reason why they are never bored is because of their diverse interests and hobbies. So they have a choice of what to do if they ever find themselves close to being bored.

Pisces has the illusion that they are the only ones in the world feeling a certain way, so when it comes to asking for help, Pisces can become closed off, making it harder for others to offer. The one thing that they need to learn to do is ask for help and allowing themselves to believe that they've done something wrong, therefore allowing themselves to rectify it. They can be more mysterious than you allow yourself to believe.

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Ladies and gentleman, those are the zodiacs. Before I leave, I just want to inform you guys that zodiac signs are based off of faith and belief and not everyone's can be accurate, so don't be offended if yours reads a quality that you don't appreciate. I just wanted to include the good, and the bad of each zodiac in my article.

Well, I anticipate you enjoyed and hope to be seeing you reading my articles at another time! Toodles!

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