What Happens When Your Dream School Doesn't Want You?
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What Happens When Your Dream School Doesn't Want You?

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March 07, 2017

There comes a time in every senior's life when you actually have to sit down and start applying to colleges. By then you should already have done the research behind the school or field you want to go into and when school starts are able to choose where you'll apply to. It is recommended for everyone to apply to 5 schools, to be able to have an option or two. You should pick a safe school; this might not be your favorite school or most wanted school, but that is in the area you live in.

After this process schools will begin to get back to you. You see an envelope from your #1 ranked school and you open it. Inside, a curt rejection.

Looking at the black font, tears may begin to well and it seems like your life might be over. It's not. Sometimes it is inevitable to not cry in a situation like this. Cry it all out if necessary. Then go ahead and feel the positivety radiating even from the sun.

From this rejection, something better comes. The first thing you should do is NOT dwell on it. If the school spent that much time to give an answer for it to just be a NO, move on.

It might seem hard to do, but there really is another great school out there. Pick your head up because another school does want you. REMEMBER: If you really want to go to that school, you can always transfer in a few years. Most schools accept transfers as long as you hold the college GPA. Don't stress about it. Going to community college or another higher institution first can definitely give a leg up with freshman core classes before going to your #1 choice.

In the moment, if you feel like a complete failure head to the gym or workout with a family member or friend. Don't hold in your feelings, but don't spend a long time on them you want to be relieving stress and moving on to bigger better things. If you feel like working out would be the equivalence of having to get groceries out of the car, this is for you... Grab a friend and talk to them.

Call them, FaceTime them, go out and get food. Being with someone else and even venting to them will get you through what seems to be the worst day of your life.

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