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Travel in Style: Make On-The-Go Easy with Delsey Paris's Lightweight Turenne Luggage


March 27, 2023

Nothing beats the feel of vacation: whether you're spending the approaching spring season holidays by the salty air and sea breeze or in the bustling neon cities, traveling is always a time of great fun... unless you're bombarded by the stress of packing for your trip and racing through the airport terminals with your bulky luggage dragging behind.

Things don't have to be that way. Believe it or not, packing and preparing for your adventure can be easier than ever with Delsey Paris.

Shop Delsey Paris at delsey.com.

A brand rooted in classic Parisian style and advanced technology to bring you the best travel experience, Delsey Paris is a total game changer when it comes to vacationing like an expert.

From a line of elevated, luxurious suitcases for island getaways to snow cabin weekends, Delsey Paris has mastered the balance between functional and stylish luggage. Delsey Paris's gorgeous travel companions are more than just luggage for all your things; chic, sleek, and timeless with a touch of contemporary design, these suitcases truly add to your look.

Meet The TURENNE Collection

When it comes to selecting the right luggage, the Turenne Collection marks off all the checkboxes. The most lightweight collection released by the brand to date, the Turenne suitcases seriously feel like nothing but air (no joke, the carry-on is only 5 pounds).

Plus, they can fit just about everything you'll need and more for your trip, glide as easily as can be, and are totally in style (and won't be going out for years to come!) with beautifully classic white, lavender, and black hues.

Shop the Turenne Collection here.

This thoughtfully curated collection features suitcases with patented zip securitech®, TSA combination lock, double spinner wheels, and a deluxe interior. For students on the go, one of the carry-on suitcases even features a soft laptop/tablet pocket attached to the front with a USB port. Enough said, it's without a doubt that Turenne really does take luxury to the next level!

Below are our must-have favorites that will come in handy for the upcoming traveling season:

For The Weekend Getaways

If you have a short trip coming up, the Turenne spinner carry-on bag is your new best friend. This handy-dandy suitcase is incredibly light and impressively durable, and will last you throughout all the weekend fun!

Shop the Turenne Carry-On in White here.

Made from sturdy polycarbonate, this case only weighs 5 pounds; it's perfect for you to maximize its capacity and weight to the fullest. I love how light it is, and that anyone and everyone can use it with ease. On that note, it's so simple to move around; with double spinner wheels, these cases can spin freely and follow your control, even for immediate turns. Plus, the wheels are pleasantly silent, so you know they won't give you trouble with any squeaks on the airport floors!

My favorite thing about this case is how effortlessly convenient it is. The carry-on suitcase features handles around the exterior for you to lift, and the interior includes adjustable straps and lined dividers, and even comes with laundry and shoe bags!

The linings aren't just any regular fabric, though- coated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology, your luggage is made to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, keeping everything fresh and clean no matter how wild your trip can get!

All the carefully thought-out compartments of the interior make it easy to simply roll up your clothes and items into mini mesh bags and sleeves and stack them. Packing just got infinitely better!

The airport can be a bit of a frenzy, but Delsey Paris goes beyond to ensure the security of your belongings. The carry-on suitcase comes with a TSA-accepted combination lock and can be opened with a special key, eliminating the need for any damage.

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My biggest obsession with this case definitely has to be DELSEY's patented zip SECURITECH®: this jaw-dropping closing system has a special method of tapping away the zipper and preventing intrusion. Gone are the days of worrying out luggage handling and getting the right bags- with Delsey, it's all set!

I also have to mention how much I adore the stunning modern design. The exterior comes in a beautifully textured but monochrome, pure white, with a metallic DELSEY PARIS buckle in the center to complete the minimalist look. It's so effortlessly fabulous, and perfect for any time and any moment.

This carry-on suitcase has seriously altered my experience of how luggage should be- and I can confidently say I'm a huge fan!

For The Road Trip Adventures

With the approaching warmer weather, road trips are calling your name- and it's time to embark on an adventure. For those extended days out and about, take the Turenne Medium Trunk along with you!

Shop the Turenne Medium Trunk in Lavender here.

The TURENNE trunk spinner is a beautifully vintage-inspired style of luggage that's perfect to fit right in the trunk of a car. With a grab-and-go front handle, all you have to do is grab it by the handle and take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Made with 100% polycarbonate, this sturdy trunk is lightweight (only 8.5 pounds but capable of fitting 87L!) and sturdy for all the large storage you want to haul along. With a 30/70 opening that allows you to fit just about everything you need (even the bigger items really can make it in this trunk), this spinner is a must for when you have lots to bring, but limited space.

Plus, packing all of your items has never been easier. Rather than dumping your closet into your suitcase, the trunk spinner allows you to carefully keep everything set with its lined dividers. The two packing compartments for you to organize everything into simpler categories, and the three mesh pockets keep toiletries and accessories secure. Plus, the trunk comes with extra laundry and shoe bags, so you can keep everything separate and simple.

This beautiful trunk also comes with the same TSA lock combination as other suitcases in this collection. From its protection system to the carefully developed interior and exterior, the TURENNE Collection is an embodiment of intentionally designed craftsmanship.

From the various handles (both on the very top for your standard suitcase rolling and on the sides/front) and the classic TURENNE buckle featuring the brand's logo on the front, this minimalist trunk is a piece of beauty that carries elegance. One of the many things that Delsey Paris gets just right is the need for stylish, contemporary luggage with practical use- who says travel style can't be chic?

I also have to emphasize how much of the latest monochrome lavender shade is a total must for the spring season. I just can't get over how gorgeous the color is; I love that it's vibrant and pastel at the same time, and it's such an eye-catching, beautiful hue. This shade will certainly help you spot it in the airport even at a distance, making baggage claim easier than ever!

The medium trunk is also available in shades white and black.

Keep Up With Delsey Paris

Traveling is more than just the destination- it's also about the journey. Make your holidays and vacations smooth, light, and filled with fun, just like your luggage! Be sure to stay in the loop with all things Delsey for unforgettable trips and memories. Find Delsey Paris on Instagram at @delseyofficial and on Pinterest at @delseyofficial.

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