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November 09, 2020

The Top 5 Under 25 was established to highlight 5 entrepreneurs who demonstrate leadership, dedication, community involvement, and creativity through their service or product. Kudos to these scholars for making a huge impact on their community.

1. Johnathan Carey, Fitness Fanatics LLC

Born and raised in the urban community of Detroit, Michigan, Johnathan Carey is a 1st generation college student as well as a first-generation entrepreneur. A senior, Business Administration major with a concentration in International Business and Marketing. Johnathan has restructured the priority of health and wellness on the campus of Central State University through passion, dedication and positive intention.

He makes it a priority to involve himself in organizations whose goals align with the betterment of all humanity. Since his arrival on the campus of central state university in the fall of 2017, Johnathan has made a significant impact in the campus community listed on the Dean’s honor roll, football team, the Student Government Association, Mr. SGA, Mr.

Central State University and current Mr. College of Business. He is also featured as a Forbes 30 Under 30 scholar and currently works as a Temporary Student Support for The Kellogg Company.

Mission Statement Fitness Fanatics is an organization that provides programing for different institutions in promotion of physical, mental, and spiritual health. It is our goal not to only promote physical health, but how to care for one’s body in a wholistic healthy vision of themselves. From relaxation yoga seminars to informative workshops, Fitness Fanatics is for the betterment of its community.

Since the formation of Central State University in 1887, the U has never cultivated a health agenda to engage and educate its community on campus. Being the first health & wellness organization ever to become established on campus it has changed the outlook of health and wellness amongst the student body. But not only them, but the administration as well, as its new agenda is about the wholistic health of its student body.

With this, Fitness Fanatics introduced new innovative approaches towards health & wellness that deemed interesting and fun to its target audience. Pop Up Zumba in the hallway, local school events and celebrity appearances. Now with a new focus on health & wellness, fitness has become a part of Central State’s culture. Something that will have a long-lasting impact on students after graduation.

Contact Information

Phone: 313-932-0809


Twitter: @Fit_Fanatics_

Instagram: @Fitness.Fanatics_

2. Michaela Barron, Fabulous Intrigue LLC

Michaela Barron is a 20-year-old student attending Allen University. She has been working hard over these initial months for the launch of her new skin care line. All products are vegan based made for sensitive, combination, & dry skin; such as refining cleanser.

Fabulous Intrigue launch is on Valentine's Day. Fellas, this just may be the perfect gift for your special lady! Michaela is extremely excited to share her new creations.

Contact Information

Main Instagram: @thefabulouschae

Business Instagram: @fabulousintrigue

3. Mekhi Hill, The SadBoy Saga

Mekhi Hill is a senior attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and is the Co- Founder/Creative Director of The Sad Boy Saga, LLC and The Better Days Project, Inc, which is a not for profit organization associated with the clothing brand.

The (S)ociety (A)cknowledging (D)epression Boy Saga is a conscious luxury street wear brand striving to bring awareness to mental health within the black community by encouraging consumers to express themselves through clothing that relates to their everyday mental health, instilling the importance of self-love, finding yourself, and spiritual awakening/enlightenment. We advocate that vulnerability isn't a weakness; at The Sad Boy Saga we provide an outlet and safe place for people to freely express their emotions.

In essence our mission is to tell our story of how we reached better days by building a community of individuals confidently owning their emotions.

The Better Days Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization striving to bring awareness to mental health issues and unresolved trauma within our community. Our non-profit focuses on the Adverse Childhood Experiences that go on every day in our world. Our organization will help people of all ages better understand and self evaluate their current mental state as well as understanding prevention, early identification, and proactive measures that can be taken to deal with mental health related issues. Ultimately our end goal is to reduce future crime within urban black communities.

Contact Information

Instagram: @thesadboysaga



4. Gia Tejeda, All Things College

Gia Tejeda, 19, is an alumna of Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs, GA, and is furthering her education at Spelman College. Gia is the founder of All Things College, which advocates for quality education by informing parents and students on college readiness, creating a competitive application, standardized exams, and scholarships.

This line of work is extremely near and dear to Gia’s heart because she is passionate about helping others break the cycle of poverty. Gia strongly believes that if more minority kids receive a collegiate education that this will help to improve their community and disrupt the poverty cycle.

When Gia is not in school or running her business, shopping, traveling, and spending time with her family. She is the oldest daughter of Trelles Delandro-Williams and Cornell Williams. She has two younger sisters, Mariah and Camryn, that look to Gia as their role model.

Gia is most passionate about helping others to reach their full potential! Whether she is working with her younger siblings, students within her community, or her Spelman Sisters, the thing that drives Gia knows that she has the opportunity to make an impact.

Gia received 5 full rides from colleges and universities and 2 partial scholarships, totaling over $700k in scholarships. While at Spelman, Gia is pursuing a major in economics and a minor in management and organization. She is a student leader on campus and has plans to make her mark at Spelman.

She is a member of the Economics Club, Sister Keeping it Real Through Service (SKIRTS), Morehouse Business Association, Future Business Leaders of Spelman, Presidential member of the National society of Leadership and Success, and Vice President of Girls Going Global Spelman Chapter. After Spelman, Gia will pursue graduate school and obtain her MBA at Stanford University or Wharton School of business. Gia’s quote to live by comes from 1 John 4:4, and it states, “Greater is he, that is in me than he that is in this world.

About All Things College:

Mission: All Things College is committed to bridging the gap from high school to higher education within the minority community to disrupt the cycle of poverty.

Purpose: The primary purpose of All Things College is to Advocate for quality education by informing students and parents nationwide on college readiness, standardized test-prep, and scholarships; ensuring an increase in minority economic growth and college retention rates.

Contact Information

Personal Instagram: @mylifeasgia

Business Instagram: @allthingscollege.giataijae



5. Perry Robinson, Athletic Scholars Brand Inc

Athletic Scholars Brand helps athletes and students who don’t play sports, by awarding scholarships, sending athletes film to different coaches around the country. This organization was established to help students gain the opportunity to go to college and to host events in the community, and sell shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts etc. in efforts of raising money towards scholarships.

Contact Information

Instagram: @athleticscholarsbrand


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