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Tips That Can Help You Eat Healthier at Home

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May 24, 2020

I'm guessing more than twenty percent of people, especially the female population, have made resolutions to live a healthier life and "dieting" is probably the first step in this lifestyle change. Although personally, I prefer just exercising and eating moderately, there are tons of other people who are more into eating foods that are low in calories.

Of course, self-control never comes easy, and it's important to do so in a healthy way. While it's easy to create food calendars that will regulate how much you eat per day, it's hard to stay disciplined, and quitting is always an option at the back of your mind. Nevertheless, there are some tips I will share with you today that can be a total lifesaver. So, without further ado, these are ways to help you stick to your diet plan.

1. Drink lots of water

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This may not sound surprising to you because that's what most people would suggest, but with good reason. Drinking water will increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and most importantly trick your brain into thinking you are consuming food, thereby reducing the chances of overeating.

Research shows that most times when people think they are hungry, they are actually "thirsty" and that is why it is recommended that we drink a glass of water when we feel hungry and wait for some time. If you still feel hungry, then you can eat, but most times the feeling of hunger goes away.

2. Do Productive work.

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop" and the devil of food shows no mercy. Boredom leads to binge-eating, which isn't something you want to indulge in when you are trying to live " healthily".

Even though it's super easy to remain idle, especially since we are in quarantine, there are fun and skillful ways to engage yourself so that you won't be thinking of eating a chocolate cookie all day.

Some of these include: taking a course on Coursera, starting a new hobby, writing, playing sports, or reading novels/schoolbooks.

3. Substitute snacks

Image Credit:Antoni Shkraba from Pexels

Instead of depriving yourself of your mini snacks throughout the day, try substituting all that junk for something healthier like a fruit or a healthy home-made snack.

For example, instead of eating an entire bag of chips, eat an apple or a bag of small carrots instead. If you're so close to chugging down an entire bucket of ice-cream, try some smoothie.

Sometimes, restrictions can backfire in ways you could never imagine. The key is not in restricting yourself, but in finding balance.

4. Strengthen your willpower

Why are you doing this again? What are your goals? What will you gain by sacrificing all of your favorite things?

These are questions you constantly need to ask yourself frequently. This is to remind yourself why you are even dieting in the first place. The better the reasons, the more the discipline.

5. Have a cheat meal

Image Credit: Tim Samuel from Pexels

Not everyone has the discipline and self-control it takes to entirely stick to a diet plan. If you're one of such people, chances are you're very close to quitting. In this case, you should consider treating yourself.

It doesn't mean you've failed. Even Chloe Ting says it's OK to have one or two cheat meals per week; just make sure you're not overindulging and everything will still be good.

Having a "carefree" meal will not only take the weight off your shoulders, but it will also increase your chances of sticking to the rest of your plan since you've had a break.

6. Exercise

Do a quick workout to calm yourself and get all those sugar cravings out of your head. When you exercise;

  • You may become super thirsty and drink water, which will likely decrease your appetite and end some craving.
  • Exercising releases endorphins which make up for the dopamine eating junk food will provide.

7. Eat a big breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and probably the heaviest. When you eat a good amount of calories in the morning, you are less likely to crave snacks in between meals.

Great menu options for breakfast are whole grains that are rich in fiber and dairy products. Dairy products are high in protein, which makes you fuller and also takes time to digest, so you won't be thinking of having another meal for a while.

8. Clear your fridge or pantry

Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy from Pexels

What better way to avoid temptation than putting away all that junk? Clean out all of them and give them away (please don't throw away food, a lot of people are starving).

9. Get a partner

It's easier to stick to something when you're two or more doing it. You can choose to do it with a family member or even a friend, even though you guys are miles away. Discuss and share healthy meal prep ideas and motivate yourselves over FaceTime and video chats.

10. Start a food journal

Image Credit: Madison Inouye from Pexels

Last but not least is to start a food journal. I've seen people do it and it has worked for them, so I totally recommend it. Write down everything you eat throughout the day and analyze it.

You are less likely to overeat if you remember you have to write it down and add up the calories later on. Also, write down recipes and healthy meal prep ideas. Writing them down will help you look forward to having them and distract you from wanting something else.

I hope you found these tips useful. Do let me know if you did or if you have something contradictory to say in the comments. Stay safe and stay happy.

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