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Time to Upgrade Nike AF1s: Majorwavez is the Answer

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August 15, 2020

Everyone knows about Nike's classic Air Force 1 shoes that's been trending like crazy lately. They're well known for their clean-cut, blank white slate- which can get boring at times- but this is where Majorwavez comes in.

Majorwavez is a custom shoe designer based in Los Angelos and Bay Area. Many notable celebrities/rapper-musicians and internet influencers have been spotted with shoes from this company, such as Tyga, Aces Family, and Swae Lee.

It's so popular that the Instagram account, @majorwavezz, has garnered over 277k followers as of publication- and the numbers are growing exponentially, and don't show signs of stopping at all.

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The custom shoes from this brand that struck the most out to me was the innovative, creative deisgns. It's not everyday that you see footwear with the coolest artwork ranging from detailed butterflies to portraits of influential people. Their range is everywhere, appealing to large audiences, with arts of SpongeBob, fire, flowers, and even a Renaissance-inspired style.

I just had to try this brand out; I was more than thrilled to try out something new, something unique- and Majorwavez did not disappoint! I tried out the Majorwavez Black Plaid Series, and below I'll be sharing an in-depth insight on my reviews of this amazing brand.

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The Details

When I first opened the package, I was so in awe of the seamlessly painted design. Its design was flawlessly integrated to fit within a plaid theme, giving a classic yet contemporary look. The paint was definitely professional grade, and waterproof- and all overall quite durable.

I had no worries with the awe-taking design going in ruins. I loved the extra points of having numbers and lines going around on the side; it did not feel clustered at all, and in fact, made it an original design.

The plaid was just iconic. The delicate script writing of the words and numbers playing around to the side, "Sample 00765Z897" made it even more unique and special.

One could find concern over it being seemingly cloistered, but I can definitely tell you this without a doubt: it fits in perfectly with the deisgn concept. The Nike Swish, numbers, and brand logo was placed all in right places to make it united and in place, yet not too far from each other.

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The Versatility

This design in particular that I loved was that it went along with any outfit. And I mean it when I mean all types of clothes- any color, any pattern, the shoes complimented it perfectly. Especially with the Majorwavez Black Plaid Series being a darker, neutral shade, it went along quite well.

The specific style I chose certainly are not the only ones from Majorwavez that will go along with the multitude of your closet. The brand offers simple yet elegant swoosh artwork, glow-in-the-dark add-ons, and even stitched fire designs.

The Comfort

Nike's AF1s are well known to be comfortable while still having an inch platform, and even with any additional designs added on by Majorwavez, it remained as comfortable as ever. You'll be able to walk around for miles, if not take a jog, without a single pain with these footwear.

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The Cost

Majorwavez includes in a durable drawsting bag (thick plastic, semi-opaque) with printed logo alongside your shoe order. Your shoes come untied, giving you flexibility on tying the laces your style, your way.

The Black Plaid Series retails for $220 in USD, but believe it or not, there are many more shoes that are in a lower range of price. Some are even around the price of just $125, and Majorwavez also offers stick-ons for just $4 for your future DIY projects.

You can browse the site here to check out some of the amazing designs from a vast range of cost that makes it easier to select from.

Overall, this brand that integrates art with practicality is affordable and definitely worth the price. You won't regret it!

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You'll Feel Cool™

It's not just the regular cool you'll feel when you're walking around with these shoes; you'll feel cool™.

These shoes are like no other, and will really make you feel special. There's an incredibly high chance that you'll be the only one in town with these amazing, creative shoes- if not the only one! Vintagewavez also offers custom designs, officially making you the only owner of the shoes.

You'll also get to pick out the looks of the shoes and how it will turn out. How cool is that?

What honestly makes Majorwavez stand out and officially amazing is that not only are they practical footwear, but actual art. Once you take a real, close look at the artwork on these shoes, there is no doubt that this is a work of a professional artist.

Keep Up!

This isn't just a trend- it's a movement that will stick around for a long time. Boring mundane shoes are the old; say hello to the new- shoes with art- Majorwavez!

Make sure to follow @majorwavezz on Instagram to see their jaw-dropping new releases, and to make your future order, check out there store online at

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