The Unknown Power of Politics

The Unknown Power of Politics


September 16, 2020

With the election coming up, all of America's problems seem to emerge: or is it all part of the president's campaign to say the things they'll fix? With the civil rights movements happening recently, my opinions did /not/ shift at all.

They became more assertive, and I educated myself on the struggles of other people around me. As a hijabi myself, I have experienced discrimination from others for showing my faith. Why does a piece of cloth around my head intimidate them?

I'll tell you why; when they see a girl going against society's beauty standards deemed for women, they fear that girl. How dare she be different?

I was thirteen when a man yelled at my mom to “go back to her country.”

As any thirteen-year-old would do, I said, “why don't you go back too? This country doesn't belong to any of us. Oh wait, you can't because Europe wanted to get rid of you.”

Now I remember this and laugh: how could people say that to one another? Have they not been educated in school, or even picked up a random history textbook? (Nuns wear Hijabs btw).

With our two candidates on opposites sides, my family and friends have been split up; it is sad, yet funny to watch. Read on to witness what happens every four years in America!

All Lives Matter.”

Now a Karen will say, "that means all lives matter?" Inspired by our president who justifies hate towards anyone because he reads his bible. Is the separation of Church and state a thing anymore? What is the message of Jesus?

If I can recall, love. "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:14. God wants us loving each other, not fighting one another. Karen, we should never come up with a reason to put a civil rights movement down.

All lives matter was never said till we said, Black Lives Matter: what does that mean? Everyone's lives do matter, but the ones who are dying deserve attention.

People dying every day, thanks to the lack of proper actions. Sign petitions, educate yourself on police brutality, and the lies you hear daily on the media. A police officer will never stop you due to your race; you won't get hateful looks for showing your faith. So /never/ pretend to know the struggle.


They whine and complain about immigration into our country — oh dear: are we forgetting that this whole country is founded on people coming to this land for safety, a better life, and an opportunity.

Indentured servants came before slaves; their trip was paid for by the rich who did not want to take the adventure themselves. They worked for a set amount of years, then are released. Indentured servants believed they could make it in the new world. None of the founding fathers were Natives, but that's not a conversation we are ready for yet.

The second group came for religious freedom; the Puritans, and later the Quakers, were formed. These people are just like anyone asking to leave their country because they are under threat due to their religious beliefs. Let us not turn our backs on the people who do not have religious freedom.

I came from a family of immigrants and seeing the president shut down opportunities for other children to come here and get their education is unfair. This should be spoken about: why is he trying to take away a child's education dream? I came here with my family and learned English in under three months; being exposed to two wonderful cultures helped me develop into who I am today.

Syrian immigrants stuck on Jordan and other countries, experiencing prejudice, hunger, and humiliation because America won't let them in. I have spoken to multiple families waiting for a chance to fly to where I am now. Many of them can not pay their rent and have to deal with landlords and fear of losing their shelter - the daughter is seven years old.

Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

My relationship with friends and family hasn't changed much, but there are never-ending arguments. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice, refusing to admit to our faults, and many other forms of ideas.

Surprise surprise, our president is Pro-life, someone who will never experience pregnancy thinks he can make laws about it. I am willing to listen to a woman who is Pro-life because she is saying she will follow these laws but a man? Excuse me; you do /not/ have the right.

One of my friends and I argue over the choice of abortion; that has put a strain on our relationship. I decide to ignore the passive-aggressive comments and subtext - it's not healthy. Shouldn't we feel for these women having to make a choice? Motherhood is an extension of womanhood, not the definition.

We Are All Human.

My problem is with the older generation (parents and adults), they make the personal political. Why should I care if a person is from the LGBTQ+ community? Are they human?

Yes, then why should I care? They should be treated the same as any heterosexual. It is their personal life! Their personal choice.

I am writing two books right now, they have LGBTQ+ characters, but I am scared of people in my community reading them. They'll say it's not right, but this is art, there is no wrong or right; this isn't a political problem. It is representing people's stories.

These issues surface every election year, but nothing gets solved after. The candidates come after each other every four years. They use these causes to spread their campaigns.

They do not care for the people dying every day; all they care for is winning. Women, People of Color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are human, not a political issue.

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