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The Ultimate Guide to Confidence and Self-Respect

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August 26, 2023

85% of people in the world lack confidence and self-respect, according to Psychology Today. That means that for every five people you talk to and meet, about four of them will have no confidence and self-respect. In the teenage community, it's a problem.

After all, anybody with a lack of confidence can tell you that talking to new people, pursuing a goal, or even just asking for help is a large burden. It can even pose problems for our mental and physical health. It is essential that as a community of teens, we address what is causing this deficit in confidence and self-respect and alleviate it. The solutions below are not strict guidelines, but it is up to you as the reader to reach out and seek help. It might not be easy, but you are not going to regret it. If you are struggling with any suicidal thoughts, please chat with or call 988.

Practicing Self-Affirmations

Self-affirmations are the act of telling yourself positive things about yourself. These are so beneficial to anyone of any gender, race, and background. The human mind needs some sort of validation, and self-affirmations are the perfect tool to use.

One day, just write something you like about yourself. Maybe write one more tomorrow and continue down that path. Eventually, you discover that there are more things to your personality and way of living that you like more than you might have realized. You will quickly understand that your greatest weakness was you not realizing what your greatest strengths are. Self-affirmations are great in also seeing what it is you can improve on. Do you get angry too quickly? Is there some underlying trauma in the actions you take? Try to understand yourself, because without understanding yourself you can't unlock the methods that lead to an increase in confidence and self-respect.

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Work on your personality

Working on your personality is very rewarding if you keep at it and make it one of the more important things in your life. Don't just go to school and study hard to get a good job. Your personality is as important as your grades, if not even more.

Nobody will want to approach you if your personality is toxic and harmful. If you are a toxic and harmful person, maybe it's time to diagnose that problem and start bettering yourself. Everybody and anybody can benefit from working on their personality and it doesn't have to be just toxic people. Here is a quote to remember. "It is OK to be weak, but it is not OK to stay weak? Remember, your confidence is influenced by how well people receive you and working on your personality can improve your sense of how people receive you, even if everybody perceives you the same as before.

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Limit social media usage

I can speak from personal experience, but social media can be kryptonite for someone with confidence and self-respect issues. No matter how many times we are told that social media life is not real life, we can't shake that feeling out of our heads that the picture we are seeing is a reflection of that person's whole life. From this, we get a comparison between you and the original poster.

That comparison is going to stay in your head whether you like it or not, and can ruin self-worth and self-confidence. If this is something you struggle with, don't completely cut social media out of your life, but consider limiting your use and detox. Take this extra time to do something you enjoy!

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Use your emotions to your advantage

Humans are emotional beings and keeping your emotions bottled up inside isn't going to help you cope with your struggles. Channel those emotions and either talk to somebody about your feelings or express these feelings through activities you enjoy. Examples could be working out, martial arts, writing or meditation.

Your emotions are your greatest weapon and your greatest shield. If you express your emotions, your confidence can increase and your self-image can become better. When learning how to use your emotions positively, you can create better relationships and increase your self-confidence in how people perceive you. If you use your emotions as a weapon and project onto others, this leads to terrible relationships and low confidence.

Have a skincare routine & workout plan

Working out is probably the best way to get rid of all your worries without harming yourself. It's not like alcohol, where your kidneys and liver fail after excessive drinking. It's not like drugs, which can mess up your brain, and it isn't like cigarettes, which can kill your lungs.

Working out keeps your body healthy, but it also has a significant impact on your mental health. When you exercise, you don't think of your worries and it serves as a form of stress-relief. Also, going to the gym and working out can improve your body so you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Another routine that may improve your perspective of yourself is a skincare routine. If you have any acne, blackheads, or a form of irritated skin, having a skincare routine can soothe your pores. When we look at the best version of ourselves, we tend to be more confident.

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You might read this article and forget what I wrote a few days later. However, whatever you do, no article can make you more confident. This is just a guide, and you must use this guide to reach your destination.

Don't do this alone. Find a few people--or just one other person--and improve your self-confidence. Taking small steps to improve is better than not trying at all. Keep staying consistent, and I guarantee that one day you will look back on your life on a positive note.

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