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As a teen, life is always a roller coaster. One day your smelling flowers and skipping along the sidewalk with "Happy" by Daddy Yankee playing through your earbuds, but the next you're lying on your bed only wanting to listen to sad songs for no particular reason. People always say that your teen years are the years you'll never forget, then why not retell it? By this, I don't mean to create a life's memoir at the age of fourteen years old, I'm saying to express your culture, beliefs, or opinions without filters. Your true, authentic self. If this sounds in any way interesting keep reading, I have a resource that may be able to help you with this.

Nowadays, the opinions and stories of teens are often shadowed, hidden, and not having any desire to be heard. So outlets such as websites, school clubs, and even competitions have very little to offer in exchange for the voices of the gen z generation. Luckily, I happen to know a place that can do this, and they go by the name Writer Ward.

What is Writer Ward?

Writer Ward is a digital, student-run publication that aims to diversify voices in literature through short stories written by a wide variety of different people.

- Writer Ward (

As described by the founder of Writer Ward, Amber, Writer Ward is just that. So, as I am apart of the executive team, I have conducted an interview with most of the Writer Ward team to dig a little deeper into the mindset of Writer Ward and why we should remain a go-to on such an expressive platform.

Why do you work for Writer Ward?

Isabella (Editor): "I have always loved writing stories, and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity."

Cheryl (Graphic Designer): "It's a way to do what I love without wasting my time."

Brianna (Event Coordinator): "Writing, in almost all situations is based off guidelines, Writer Ward doesn't give guidelines to what you write. As for working for event coordinator, I have always believed that I have strong communication skills, and want to improve skills in a leadership role."

Why did you found Writer Ward:

Amber (Founder): "I founded Writer Ward because, first of all, I have been interested in writing stories since I was young. As I grew up I have always been involved in writing websites, but none of them never spoke to me in any way. I wanted to help people to have their voice be heard."

What's Writer Ward's next milestone?

Isabella (Editor): "200 followers on Instagram."

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Amber (Founder): "Seeing that we have made an impact, getting submissions, people getting in contact with us. Numbers are fake until we get people that are passionate about writing."

What's a painting that you feel describes Writer Ward?

With this question, I intended to see the teams' opinions through a different way of expression, without the pressure of them trying to convey what they were trying to say and without me trying to identify the deeper meaning of their words. This tactic worked tremendously.




What do you specifically look for when reading applications?

Our team is still a work in progress, so by checking out our website there is a way to apply if you prefer to aid us in that way! For those of you who may consider applying, this question is for you.

Amber (Founder): "In general, when reviewing applications, I tend to look for a strong ambition for the future, a clear representation that they are willing to work hard and a resilience to whatever they set their mind to. But of course, they would also need a certain amount of skill to the position they are applying for."

What is something you want to improve in Writer Ward?

Amber (Founder): "More publicity, I want the website to be driven more by the community."

Cheryl (Graphic Designer): "More regular posting on Instagram, more stories to be shared on our website."

Brianna (Event Coordinator): "Networking, I think we should reach out more to others and gain more experience."

Our Flash Fiction Competition

As a way to bring more people to the site, Writer Ward is currently holding a Flash Fiction Competition. More information is available on our site for those of you interested. The deadline is in less than a week so please feel free to submit as I, amongst others, will be judging your entries. Plus you get a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card!

What specifically are you looking for with this writing contest?

Amber (Founder): "Authenticity, but also I'm looking to find a different way of expression. A small platform encourages a more genuine response."

Isabella (Editor): "Genuine stories, I want stories where I can tell that they wrote it because something speaks to them."

Me (Editor): "I'm looking for stories that I wouldn't be found typically reading, stories that swift me off my feet but can also keep me on the edge of my seat."

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"It's easy to mold teenagers into what society wants them to be, Writer Ward removes these filters and looks for stories with a true identification of legitimacy."

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