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The Minimalist, Clean Soy Candles That Energize Me at 5AM: Brooklyn Candle Studio is Life-Changing


August 21, 2023

Like everyone else in the world, I consider my room to be my very own personal haven. I'm particular about how I like it, too; the temperature has to be just right, the lighting has to be not too bright or too dark, and the music needs to be the right mood.

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It may seem like a hassle, but all things considered, it's where I spend much of my "me time", which is quite a necessity. There's many things that I consider to be essential for keeping my room cozy and comfortable, but I never expected the one thing that would become the biggest game changer: candles.

Specifically, the beautifully minimalist candles that look (and smell) just out of a Pinterest daydream from Brooklyn Candle Studio.

Shop Brooklyn Candle Studio at brooklyncandlestudio.com

Created with the best of ingredients and formulated to elevate all kinds of moods, its candles are carefully curated and a simple but powerful energy-booster. From scents that range from edgy leather jackets to seashell collecting on the beach to wildflower picking in the fields, Brooklyn Candle Studio is the epitome of accessible luxury- and a total game changer you can't overlook.

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Mind The Wax & Say Yes To Soy

One of the most important things that I consider when it comes to candles it not just the scent, but its ingredients. A lot of candles use toxic paraffin wax, which can be harmful for both the health and the environment.

With Brooklyn Candle Studio, I feel so much more relaxed burning safe candles that I can trust. The brand places emphasis on making products that are true to its missions of sustainability and clean ingredients, and its practices completely reflect that. I love that their products are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and 100% vegan- and I love that I feel good lighting it to enjoy the scents.

"For our candles, we use 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn and lead-free cotton wicks," says the brand. Not only that, Brooklyn Candle Studio uses fragrance oils that are "derived from both natural and high quality synthetic ingredients" and "source only phthalate-free fragrance oils, which means they are non-toxic to burn."

A Dreamy Aesthetic For Dream-Time

One of my favorite things about Brooklyn Candle Studio is their gorgeous aesthetic that feels timeless and classic. Just by their glass, tin, and ceramic vessels, you just feel so cozy and at home, no matter where you are.

Although the design has a minimalist aesthetic, the fragrance is completely uplifting and vibrant. "Our dreamy scents are inspired by nature and travel, moments and memories," says the brand.

If you're looking for iconic core scents that are classically nostalgic and uniquely uplifting, the Minimalist set is perfect for you. Below is our favorite candles from the Minimalist collection that you'll simply fall in love with:

Woodsy & Wild Healing In A Jar

Certain places hold such a special place in our hearts, and can evoke the best rejuvenating feelings; Palo Santo captures that healing spirit in the best way possible.

Shop the Palo Santo Minimalist Candle here.

If you're looking for a scent that feels like you're taking a brisk hike somewhere in the depths of the wild forests, Palo Santo embodies the reviving energy with an herbal, smoky scent.

"We spent months collaborating with perfumers on a scent that truly recreates and honors the deep, woody richness of the sacred Palo Santo (“holy wood”) tree native to Peru, Ecuador, and many Central and South American countries," says Brooklyn Candle Studio, "Since the Incan era, the fragrant wood has been ritualistically burned to cleanse a space of bad energy, and the oil is said to have purifying and healing properties."

  • Top Notes: Cypress Leaf, Eucalyptus
  • Middle Notes: Red Cedar, Palo Santo
  • Base Note: Vetiver, Oakmoss

Burning this candle feels like you're in the most luxurious spa surrounded by nature. With the relaxing scents of cedar and cypress, a cozy yet smoky combination of sandalwood and amber, and fresh scents of eucalyptus and mint, this candle not only lets your body relax, but genuinely eases the mind. Light this candle for when you have a big day- you'll feel so much at peace!

Oh-So-Romantic Daydreams In A Jar

If you're a daydreamer that loves all things feminine, dainty, and romantic, this candle was made for you.

Shop the Love Potion Minimalist Candle here.

There's something so whimsical about a love potion, and this Love Potion candle carries on that youthful, flirty feeling in a glass jar. With a blend of something sweet yet grounded, the notes of citrus and various floral scents come together to create something out of a dream.

  • Top Notes: Mandarin
  • Middle Notes: Lavender
  • Base Note: Jasmine Blossoms

The fragrant, unforgettable jasmine blossoms balance out the calming lavender, and the juicy mandarin scents provide clarity. I love how this smells so fresh, as if there's a bundle of a gorgeous bouquet in the jar!

Putting this scent on has actually made me feel so grounded and at ease, and this candle alone makes me excited about arising bright and early in the mornings. Forget about alarm clocks- this is the right, joyful way to start your days!

Bright Farmer's Market Days In A Jar

There's nothing better than those slow, happy starts to a Sunday morning.

Shop the Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle here.

Sunday mornings are undoubtedly one of the best moments of the week: it's the self-care day that comes after a fun weekend, and there's such a magical, calming energy about it.

To encapsulate that late brunch, sunshine-filled moments, the Sunday Morning candle takes a floral spin to that feeling.

  • Top Notes: Pear, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia
  • Base Note: Amber Woods

This candle feels like you're walking through an open air market filled with fresh fruit baskets and flower bunches, and it's so energizing and relaxing at the same time. It's such a gorgeous scent, and every time you burn this candle, you'll feel a sense of joy wash over you!

Summer Surfs & Fresh Rain In A Jar

Summer may be winding down to a slow stop, but this candle captures all the adventurous memories.

Shop the Hawaii Rain Minimalist Candle here.

Inspired by the volcanic Hawaiian mountains and lush tropical forests, this candle embodies that fresh rainfall. Lighting this candle is like bringing back the excitement of dancing in the shower of rain and the vivid flowers that exude the most fragrant scents from the wash of water.

This candle amps up the feeling of island living with notes of coconut and orange, and adds in hints of nature with river jasmine, white woods, and raindrops. Plus, it has just the right level of energy with the fresh citrus scents of lemon peel and bitter orange.

  • Top Notes: Raindrops, Lemon Peel
  • Middle Notes: Bitter Orange, Coconut Water
  • Base Note: White Woods, River Jasmine

The Hawaii Rain Candle is perfect for those rainy days- burn this, and you'll feel like you're back in a lush landscape again, enjoying the colorful Hawaii rainbows!

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