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The Greatest Summer Flicks to Shape the Sunny Season


July 10, 2023

We are in the heart of summer, a time most people adore. Though, sometimes it is too hot to enjoy the outdoors, or we get plain bored. The perfect solution to summertime aimlessness is to watch a movie! Summer films are the ideal savior to a lackluster day, and no matter the type of movie fan you are, there is definitely an option waiting for you!

For Fans Of Musicals: Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie is a Disney Channel Musical featuring a multitude of talented actors. Not to mention, the film has an amazing sequel and a playlist worthy soundtrack. It showcases two teenage surfers who are swept into the world of the 1960s film “Wet Side Story” (a play on West Side Story). Mckenzie and Brady are thrown into a world of Surfers vs Bikers, and attempt to return home!

This movie is not only great for musical fans, but also for those desiring a nostalgic feel. Whether you watched Teen Beach Movie as a kid or not, the color scheme and plotline are flawless incorporations into the feeling.

Teen Beach Movie can be watched on Disney Plus or purchased on other streaming sites.

For Fans Of Romance: Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is an incredible film series, fronted by beloved actresses Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. As Sophie, played by Seyfried, prepares for her wedding, she undergoes a journey of connecting with her long lost father.

Donna, played by Streep, is an inn owner in Greece who plans to make her daughter’s wedding one of the best memories she will ever have. Three men are invited by Sophie, in hopes that one of them will walk her down the aisle, much to her mother’s fright. The intense storyline is supplemented with the breathtaking scenery of a Grecian town, marking the film as a fantastic choice for the summer.

Fans of music will absolutely adore Mamma Mia!, as its soundtrack is musical-esque with music from ABBA. ABBA’s songs are strikingly perfect for the summertime, and the execution by each actor is impeccable.

Mamma Mia! can be watched on Peacock or purchased on other streaming sites.

For Fans Of Animation: Luca

A Pixar film, Luca is set in a gorgeous ocean-side town in Italy, where Luca experiences a summer he will never forget. With eccentric characters, like Alberto and Julia, Luca is the ultimate feel-good movie for summer. Best friends Luca and Alberto undergo staples of summer, but must hide their true identities, sea monsters. Their species is one feared by the people of the town, a struggle that comes to a head by the end of the movie.

Luca is a wonderful pick for those who adore animation, but also fans of coming-of-age films. Luca is growing up in a hostile world, a fact difficult for all adolescents. He undergoes a heartwarming journey through this world, and we can identify with his feelings and insecurities.

Luca can be watched on Disney Plus or purchased on other streaming sites.

For Fans Of Horror: The Fear Street Series

Composed of 3 films, Fear Street takes place in various decades, each time-frame intertwined with each other to create a masterful story. With outstanding performances by Sadie Sink and Kiana Madeira, the trilogies are a showcase of young talent. Following a series of brutal killings, a group of teenagers face off against a generational curse. Fear Street is an expert take on the long loved subgenres of horror: supernatural and slasher.

The Fear Street trilogy is also a superb selection for those who enjoy summer camp slashers, as the second film takes place in a summer camp-esque setting. Increasingly popular on social media, summer camp slashers are becoming the central theme for summer 2023.

Fear Street can be watched on Netflix.

For Fans of Psychological Thrillers: Midsommer

Midsommer is a fan favorite for good reason. Florence Pugh’s genius execution of her character is alluring, and develops the film to the next level. Her character, Dani, is struck by tragedy, and goes on a trip to Sweden to clear her mind.

She accompanies her boyfriend and his friends, who are anthropologists studying a traditional summer festival held every 90 years. The beautiful environment is scarred by an underlying uneasiness, making for a brilliant accompaniment to the narrative. By the end of the film, viewers are left speechless.

If you want a film that will shock you, Midsommer is the best pick. It’s also an option for those looking for explorations of female grief. Pugh’s take on her role elevates the directing of Ari Aster, who has proven himself as one of the best directors of our generation. Dani undergoes a dramatic experience, and her rollercoaster tale is complex yet incredibly well done.

Midsommer can be watched on Showtime or purchased on other streaming sites.

For Fans Of Melancholic Tales: The Florida Project

A24’s fantastic production shines through The Florida Project, headed by director Sean Baker. Each frame of this film is carefully crafted to portray the sinking feeling of the story. Moonee, a six-year-old living in a motel with her mother, goes on various adventures with her friends.

She is guarded from the harshness of the real world by her mother, as well as the motel manager. Moonee’s mother struggles to fend off homelessness, and her child is placed in dangerous situations as a result. The Florida Project is its own feeling in itself, the bittersweet aura of the film washing over each watcher. The environment places a critique on Disney World, as viewers get to conceptualize the lives of those who live parallel to the structure.

The melancholic philosophy of The Florida Project compliments the tastes of cinematography lovers. With stunning composition, this film is filled with awe-striking stills that dignify the emotional prowess of the actors. The bright yet comprehensive colors shape each scene, facilitating deep thought about the film and its real-world implications.

The Florida Project can be watched on Hulu or purchased on other streaming sites.

For Fans Of Action: Top Gun duology

Both Top Gun films are intense and emotional, taking place in the sunny state of California. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is at the center of both films, being a rebellious Naval Aviator. In the first film, he trains at the infamous Top Gun academy, where tragedy strikes his world.

In Top Gun Maverick, he returns to Top Gun as a teacher to incredible pilots, who are played by even more incredible actors. The scenes in the second film are magnificent, with real planes, real g’s, and real pilots behind the cameras.

Top Gun is an essential summer watch for action fans, but also for those fond of the found family trope. Found family is a prominent element in both films, in which the intricacies of those relationships are questioned and inspected.

Top Gun can be watched on Amazon Prime or purchased on other streaming sites.

Summer brings a unique combination of happiness, thrills and stickiness. These films utilize those characteristics to create a pleasurable habitat for narratives and characters. Enjoy the rest of the summer with these films to accompany you!

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