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The Best Dressed Icons from Kdramas

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Korean dramas are becoming increasingly more popular for their plot, production, and character outfits. Luxury brands are even collaborating with drama stylists to include their pieces in the shows. Some luxury brands handpick the outfits the kind of character that will wear their products on-screen. Because of this, we have gotten some of the most stylish characters in K-dramas in recent history. Let's look at some fashion icons below.

Yoon Seri, Crash Landing on you

Son Ye-Jin plays a rich chaebol daughter who made it big after she built her very own company, wearing corporate wear. She can be seen in classy and business wear but changed to everyday wear after she unexpectedly landed in North Korea. Here we can see her wearing an Off-White Spring Summer 2018 crisp white blazer and Longchamp Roseau top handle bag while in South Korea.

After landing back in South Korea after her unexpected visit to North Korea, she went shopping with Jung Hyuk, her fiancée. In this scene, she is seen wearing a checked blazer and ruffle top from Chanel from Fall Winter 2019 collection, with a Chanel tweed trimming tote bag.

Jang Man Wol, Hotel De Luna

Played by our favorite actor, IU, Jang Man Wol can be seen upholding the perfect vintage looks. It is reported that about 8000 dollars were spent on IU's wardrobe for each episode of Hotel De Luna. The character lived through different decades for thousands of years and slew outfits from each one of the eras. The all-white outfit below perfectly describes her character as an independent and strong hotel manager who will not back down until she gets what she wants.

In this scene, Jang Wol was dealing with an unexpected and troublesome guest. Jang Wol's red top and black lace definitely showed that she is not someone to be messed around with.

Ko Moon-young, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Ko Moon- Young is an arrogant and rude children’s book writer who falls in love with a psych ward caretaker after being diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder. Here she can be seen wearing a brown bowknot girdle belt with a khaki robe.

Ko Moon Young can look both cute and sexy while maintaining a business vibe. She usually wears a dress with a matching set, most of them being monochrome outfits with jacket tops, but can also be seen wearing unexpected bold colors, matching her personality as the series goes on. This dress is a two-piece pink set from Minjukim and is cinched tightly, showing off the actress’s famous “ant waist”.

Cheon Seo jin, Penthouse

Cheon Seo Jin, played by Kim So Yeon, is one of the social elites of South Korea who lives in a luxury penthouse apartment named Hera Palace. She is one of the main characters in this mystery, thriller, and crime drama. Each of the characters has a different personality, and the character's personality is very clearly shown through their unique outfits. Here you can see Cheon Seo Jin wearing a ball gown for her opera performance.

Cheon Seo Jin is a woman who used to be a soprano player and is now the head of the Arts Department at Cheong-A High School. The outfits give a very classy and bold look, giving an impression of seriousness and not to meddle with.

Goo Seo- Ryeong, King Eternal Monarch

Who can dress classier than the president herself? Jung Eun Chae, playing Goo Seo- Ryeong, is a self-succeeding woman who comes from a broken family and does not get held down by anyone. Her hunger for power is shown through her outfits and her personality. Below, she is wearing a lace red collared dress with a black coat.

Seo- Ryeong is seen wearing a wool double-breasted coal from ESCADA while waiting for her fiancée's call. Goo Seo Ryeong can rock it as both a president and a fashion icon.

Seo Dan, Crash landing on you

Another fashion icon from Crash landing on you, Seo Dan, played by Seo Jin- Hye, is a cold and unfriendly character who was dating a high-class soldier. She was admired for her elegant style and her chaebol status.

Seo Dan starts to loosen up her cold character after meeting an unexpected person, and her outfits start to change to suit her new personality. Even though she does not get the ending she deserves, she becomes a new person through it and changes the ways she used to think.

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