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Teen Initiative Inspiration: Edvin Zuckovs the UK’s Youngest Author and Teacher!

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Tue, April 16

Edvin Zuckovs is a young author, writer, social media personality, and teacher; who is known for his first book, ‘Young Life: Enjoy Life When You Can.’ He gained qualifications to teach PSHE and English at the age of 14. Edvin’s debut book was published June 3rd 2021 at age 13.

After publication, Edvin had the huge milestone of his book and himself being entered as a case study within the curriculum of private and public schools.

When appearing on a breakfast show Edvin said:

“My book soon then got introduced to the school curriculum’s within the UK and outside of it too.”

Not long after his book was published he received verification on Google. This is a great deal as it recognizes his achievement at publishing and making a name for himself at such a young age.

Image Credits: Source: Google: Edvin Zuckovs

I first met Edvin in early 2022 through TikTok, which was his largest platform, and where he had become well known for his live streams previously during the COVID-19 lockdown, where he continued this media presence over the following years, and still ongoing.

In case you’d like to check out his socials:

Image Credits: Courtesy of Edvin Zuckovs

Why You Should Expand Your Goals:

“If you believe, you can achieve.” -Edvin Zuckovs

This quote is featured in Edvin’s book where he passionately promotes this can-do-attitude as he resonates with how tough it is to get these big dreams. Edvin strongly believes that being young can often be seen as a deterrent from setting yourself large goals. He hopes that you can view how age does not have to hold you back. Edvin later mentioned:

“Sometimes you need to take the jump for yourself, you may fall far and need to push your way back up, although, with strong initiative, you will come back to the surface even stronger, and as a result, accomplish these aspirations.” (-Edvin Zuckovs)

You may feel as though it's difficult to achieve these goals, for example: publishing a book. Edvin Zuckovs took the dream to publish a book at 13 and did exactly that, putting hours of hard work, research, and dedication in order to reach where he wanted to be.

Whether your aims are directed toward writing (journalism, books, poetry, etc.) cooking goals, improving or learning a sport, academic goals, or anything; with initiative, you will get there!

Getting Inspired

Being aware of other teens who have achieved such large goals will be able to empower you, as you can try reaching out, perhaps asking for tips or advice, many young teens like Edvin are incredibly lovely people and will be more than happy to lend a hand if you’re on your journey to accomplish similar objectives.

You can get this inspiration through social media, songs, books, quotes, etc. Being a teen and having such a wide specialty of interests and achievements will get you known and give you many amazing opportunities. For example: Edvin at age 16 has met multiple celebrities (including Michael Morpurgo and Gemma Collins) He has also been on radio/ breakfast shows (Breakfast show- with presenter Dylan Taylor) interviews, and worked with companies and corporations. Pretty cool right? Who wouldn't want so many opportunities to get deeper in the world and expand your knowledge? Being able to have this presence not only in the present gives you all of these opportunities, but will also be beneficial in the future, eg: job CV.

Image Credits: Courtesy of Edvin Zuckovs

What Happens After You’re Inspired?

Once you’re inspired and know what you want, what do you do after that?

After completing his teacher training, Edvin uses his story and his knowledge to provide advice to younger students that he teaches. Edvin’s goal and motivation is to inspire younger students and for them to aim toward their desired pathway, no matter what.

He suggests making a plan, whether it is in your head as a mental list, a physical paper list, or a note on your phone, as long as your plan is a step-by-step guide that builds your stepping stones to reach the goal; sometimes the plan may be longer than you had initially assumed, however, good things often take time. The accomplishment you get from this is you can tell people that yes you did it, and yes, it was hard work but you got there! It's all a matter of organization, motivation, and striving for what you want. No one hands these things to you in life, you work for them (and definitely the deserved bragging rights that partner with them.)

It's Time for Success!

Edvin Zuckovs motivates others by telling teens that the choice is theirs; do they want to stay frozen with a dream in their head that merely stays a dream, or do they want to spin along with the ever-spinning world and hop onto their journey to successful goals and achievements?

I’ll leave you to ponder on his wise words.

“The things you do now will always matter in the future, opening more doors with adventures.” -Young Life by Edvin Zuckovs

What Edvin is saying is to go chase those adventures, it’ll be worth it.

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