Surprising Ways to Save Money While In College
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Surprising Ways to Save Money While In College

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July 28, 2017

Are you heading off to college in the fall or are currently a college student? Do you feel mostly broke? Are you pretty stingy with money when it comes to buying things?

It's completely understandable. The college life does that to you, but I am here to give you some helpful tips to save a couple of cents, bucks, and stress. With these random tips, you'll have money prepped for your next outing with friends.

1. Instead of purchasing shaving cream, use conditioner.

   Over the years, many of my friends have told me that they actually don't use shaving cream at all. They have come to use their hair conditioner because they say it reduces itch and redness.

Personally, I have done this twice now and I do like it more than shaving cream and honestly there isn't a huge mess with the cream falling off my legs or wherever I use it. The only thing I don't like is that rinsing my razor is a tad few seconds long because the conditioner is soapy and takes a while to clear. 

2. Sell your class notes

   Having very clear and nice handwriting helps with how your notes look and eventually someone will take notice. I've known a couple of underclassmen who have purchased notes from upperclassmen because they wanted to do better in the class. The great thing about this is that you can set your own price and have some extra cash for the weekend. Heck even make it a regular thing!

3. Find coupon apps 

   Many stores have their own apps where your able to receive weekly coupons for grocieries, health, or even school supply neccesities. It's worth to look into and have on your phone. Target has the cartwheel app, and there's many coupon apps that cater to multiple stores. 

4. Try Amazon Prime Student

   Amazon Prime Student allows your first six months to get free shipping. If you get this around the time you move out it'll make it easier for you to get things in a hurry or in emergencies when you don't want to go to the store or can't. If you like this program keep it, if not after the six months just cancel it.

5. Have A "Piggy Bank"

   I know it sounds unrealistic or uneccesary, but having a piggy bank in your room that you can fill up with the change you get from buying or just carrying around can accumulate to something later. Everyone has days where they might have nothing in the fridge and you don't really want ramen. So, you just get your emergency bank and change it to cash to get you some yummy food. Whatever the case, it's a safe back up plan for the worst days that some students face. 

I hope these small tips help anyone in college and give you some perspective to what living on your own in college is like. 

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