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StockSense:The Up-and-Coming Teen Financial Literacy Organization and App

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Wed, March 27

StockSense's Mission

StockSense, more than just an app, stands as a youth-led civil society organization dedicated to advocating for financial literacy education and empowerment among young people.

StockSense's Story

The organization was created and is run by teenagers and young adults for teenagers and young adults, the way it should be. The team believes that everyone, no matter their status, is entitled to financial education, which school systems, globally, often neglect.

In this day and age, the importance of possessing basic finance and business knowledge has become exceedingly important, and StockSense is now providing that for free at a top quality. The StockSense app is a must-download that every teenager and young adult needs to aid their success.

So, how did this amazing organization come about?

In June 2023, this impressive feat began with founder and StockSense CEO Hugo Eechaute, a Milton Academy international student, during his junior year. Now a senior, he provided some more information about his spectacular creation. According to Eechaute, this creation was driven by his financial literacy interest and his own diverse background.

His constant exposure to the disparities that exist among different societies served as a wake-up call and sparked his idea. Eechaute shared “I realized I could not remain a passive bystander and turn a blind eye to the suffering. Recognizing that income inequality was too vast a problem to tackle alone, I identified the lack of financial literacy as a root cause.” However, observing a problem is one thing, but actually acting is another which is what Eechaute did.

Obviously, Eechaute had a brilliant idea, and the next step was to pursue it strategically. But, how does a teenager go about pursuing such a daunting task? He worked alongside his father, Fred Eechaute, a hedge fund manager, and crafted a comprehensive plan.

The father-son duo developed the app and content, outsourcing tasks beyond their expertise. They beta-tested the app at Milton High School. Based on input, they refined the app and fine-tuned the design.

Subsequently, StockSense began offering students a gamified platform to learn about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and more. Then, Eechaute began to craft his team. Additionally, he shared, concerning the StockSense team, “As a youth-driven organization, our vision extends beyond just individual financial proficiency; we envision a future where essential financial skills are universally embraced among the youth.” Clearly, StockSense strongly desires change and is willing to work hard to achieve it.

Wang from StockSense

StockSense Today

Amazingly, in January 2024, Eechaute was on the live CBS Boston Show to speak about StockSense and spread it further. Additionally, intertwining with StockSense's desire to increase financial literacy among students, Eechaute and Simon Farruqui, the StockSense Chief Operations Officer, each delivered two-minute testimonies on why they believe H.4199, an act relative to personal financial literacy in Massachusetts schools, should be passed. They acted to carry about real change.

According to Eechaute, “StockSense is exploring collaborations with schools, both domestically and internationally, to broaden our reach and impact.” Currently, their main goal is to grow in the greater Boston area and partner with public schools.

Currently, the app has 5000 users, but by the end of the year is hoping to reach 20,000. Eechaute shared "To achieve this we are enhancing engagement strategies and enlarging our team, seeking enthusiastic students who share StockSense’s mission and can contribute to our growth.”

Recently, the StockSense team has undergone expansion with new hardworking students who have proved their reliability and work ethic. The main team consists of Hugo Eechaute, the Chief Executive Officer and founder, Simon Farruqui, the Chief Operations Officer, and Isabella Alba, the Chief Financial Officer. Below is an image of the trio: on the left is Isabella Alba, in the center is Hugo Eechaute, and to the right is Simon Farruqui.

Wang from StockSense

StockSense's Future

The determination and hard work that has been put so far into this organization is inspiring, and everyone is eager to see how StockSense will grow and develop in the future. Eechaute shared “We plan to expand gradually across Massachusetts and eventually throughout the country, with a representative in each state.

Our ultimate aim is to become a national movement. While going global isn't on the cards yet due to our size, we hope to explore opportunities in nearby countries once we have more users and a strong presence across the U.S.” This approach seems extremely impressive and tactical, further proving youth’s ability to do anything if they put their mind to it and conveying StockSense’s determination to pursue their mission.

Advice for Teens with Ideas

StockSense's mastermind, Eechaute, encourages fellow teenagers who may be hesitant about pursuing their ideas to leap. Eechaute knows from experience that it is entirely possible to turn your vision into reality. We can learn that if you believe in your idea and its potential to make a positive impact, do not let it hold you back.

Eechaute says to his fellow teens to “trust in yourself and your abilities, and don't hesitate to seek help and advice along the way”. When pursuing StockSense, he found like-minded people and used their “invaluable support and encouragement” to build the organization. Eechaute has faced many challenges, and during these, he has learned that “perseverance is key; constant effort and dedication pay off”. He reminded us that “success often requires taking risks and pushing through uncertainties.

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