Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Drops in a Month: What to Expect
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Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Drops in a Month: What to Expect

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June 11, 2023

Drop everything now; Speak Now (Taylor's Version) is coming out in exactly a month.

Speak Now (TV) was announced for release on July 7th during Nashville Night #1 of The Eras Tour (May 5th). Later on, the stunning cover, as well as the 6 vault tracks were released to the public.

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But what's really behind this album, and what is Taylor trying to do? Speak Now, although entirely self-written, has a few hidden secrets and mysteries that the Swifties just can't seem to get through.

Swift's past 2 re-recordings, Fearless (TV) and Red (TV) have been a blast to the past and overall very predictable in the best way possible. But when she announced Speak Now (TV), the entire Swiftie fandom felt as if they'd been missing something. All Swifties were aware that Speak Now was going to be the next re-recording based on the obvious Easter eggs in the Bejeweled music video. However, no one knows what to expect.

The original 2010 album wasn't the pop sensation that Red was, but everyone can feel that Taylor's going to make it so.

So, what should we expect from the vault songs, her easter eggs, and the overall aesthetic of the album? Is it really going to top her other re-recordings? The Swifties have a feeling that the story behind this album, both the original and re-recorded, will change her discography forevermore. I think we can all say for a fact that this album will be better than revenge ;).

Background Information: Why is She Re-recording Her Albums?

Taylor Swift's decision to re-record her albums stems from a desire to regain control and ownership of her music. In 2019, Taylor Swift's original master recordings were sold without her consent, which prompted her to take action. Re-recording her albums allows her to reclaim her artistry, retain control over her songs, and ensure that she benefits financially from HER work.

The Vault Tracks

When Swift announced the vault tracks were announced, most people were confused as they couldn't recognize any. The only one I know was Castles Crumbling. These songs are ACTUALLY from the vault, which is extremely intimidating.

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1. Electric Touch ft. Fall Out Boy - this is our first track on the album featuring an artist, and the first vault track!

She explains in her announcement caption that she has looked up to the band for a long time, especially while writing this song. The title definitely gives off Sparks Fly vibes and is predicted to incorporate more pop-y sounds.

2. When Emma Falls In Love - This song is the peculiar one of the group. Who is this Emma?

Emma Stone, Emma by Jane Austen, a fictional character? What does Emma have to do with falling in love? Clearly, no one knows how this song is going to play a role in Speak Now (TV). Some anticipate that it will have a balletcore sound, similar to enchanted, while others believe it will have an Avril Lavigne vibe.

3. I Can See You - This song is a complete mystery to anyone and everyone. There are no direct sources or ideas on what this song will sound like, but Swifties speculate that it will have delectable lyrics, spicy lyrics. and a very pop-like melody.

4. Castles Crumbling ft. Hayley Williams - This is the only song that has been openly known as an unreleased Speak Now vault track.

Unfortunately, it has been removed from all streaming platforms, but many say that it was a discarded track from Speak Now (2010). Now that it's featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore, we can expect the iconic Speak Now innocency with some rock elements. The rumored chorus is reportedly this: "I feel like my Castle's crumbling down / And I watch all my bridges burn to the ground."

5. Foolish One - Although the song had never been planned to make the 2010 album, it could have been considered as a bonus track. Based on the title, Swifties believe that this song was created around the same time as 'Dear John'. It may be about John Mayor and have a similar country twang to it.

6. Timeless - This song caught my eye as it's such an absurd name considering Taylor's beliefs at that time. She wrote 'Long Live', thinking that Speak Now wouldn't be a success, but wrote a song about the opposite?

In 2017, Timeless was rumored to be a single or name for the current album 'reputation'. This song seems to have been either the first or last Speak Now vault track created. It is rumored to have a stripped-down production.

Although Let's Go (Battle) wasn't on the tracklist, we can still hope for it to be a 1989 vault track! (we're delusional)

Original Songs + Easter Eggs so Far.

While preserving the essence of the original album, Speak Now (Taylor's Version) may offer a refreshed sound and updated production. Swift's artistic growth and musical maturity since the original release may result in subtle tweaks or even new interpretations of the songs. Expect a mix of familiarity and innovation as she showcases her vocal growth.

Some new refinements may be added to the songs. We have already received a snippet of Enchanted (Taylor's Version) from one of Taylor's backup dancers. In the audio, her voice sounds much deeper and clear.

Swifties also believe that Better Than Revenge (TV) will have a slight lyric change.

"She's not a saint and she's not what you think. She's an actress, whoa.

She's better known for the things that she does on the mattress, whoa."

Many believe that it shows anti-feminism, while some believe that it should stay the same but with a public apology to Camilla Belle (Joe Jonas' girlfriend after her). I, and many other Swifties, support her with whatever decision she makes, since she's a mastermind.

If This Was A Movie has also been moved to become a song on Fearless (Taylor's Version) and not Speak Now. It's theorized that she wants the album to be entirely self-written. Unfortunately, IFWAM had a co-writer. However, the Taylor's Version is amazing and was released around the end of March 2023.

In terms of music videos, Taylor has been sighted filming one with curly hair and a Speak Now Era dress. Alongside Taylor, Joey King from the Mean music video and her ex that she wrote Back to December about, Taylor Lautner, have been spotted on set. Sources have not confirmed whether or not the music video is for a vault or an original song, but all that matters is that we are getting Speak Now Taylor back!!! She has really blessed us this year.

Swifties uncovered that July 7th is National Koi Fish Day, and the presence of Koi Fish in Taylor's Lavender Haze music video served as a significant hidden Easter egg for Speak Now (TV). The hints are scattered throughout not only the Lavender Haze video, but also the Bejeweled video, with the elevator leading to the purple floor and the castle with dragons representing the Long Live lyric "I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you".

Before singing Speak Now songs during the Eras Tour, Taylor would remark something about the album and how she loved it a lot!

The Aesthetic of Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

Not only are Taylor's vocals going to be enhanced, but the production will be top-notch, as seen on the previous re-recordings.

Along with the amazing sounds, Swifties theorize that the album's vibe will be softer and cleaner compared to the original's vibrancy and messiness. Based on the front and back album cover, it's obvious that the aesthetic includes hints of balletcore, purple coquette, fairytale-esque, whimsical, and classic romantic.

We'll have to wait until more photoshoot pictures are released to make a final aesthetic decision, but it's nice to see that Taylor worked hard with the photoshoot. I think she learned from the 1989 single covers and willow cover drama.

Here are some aesthetic videos that embody what Speak Now (TV) is expected to look like.

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Taylor's decision to re-record her albums sent her fans into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. And now, with the highly-anticipated release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version) just around the corner, Swifties everywhere are counting down the days (exactly a month!) until they can feast their ears on the reimagined tracks. Taylor has kept us on our toes, and this announcement has been a long time coming.

Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey, uncover vault tracks, change your aesthetic, and feel all the feels as we dive back into the world of Speak Now with a fresh twist. This is a momentous occasion that Swifties won't want to miss. So mark your calendars, grab your headphones, and prepare to sing your heart out to Speak Now (Taylor's Version) because it's going to be an epic ride!

"The End"

- The Story of Us.

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