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June 12, 2020

Sophi Knight is a Canadian model and actress from Toronto signed with the prestigious agencies, Wilhelmina and Next Models, who also has amassed 445k on Instagram @sophiknight.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to talk to her about her story on modeling, acting, and future aspirations, alongside a virtual photoshoot.

Recognition in Social Media

Sophi is prominent in social media, especially in public sharing apps such as Instagram and VSCO. When asked about the journey to rising to such a large scale following on social media, to much surprise, Sophi informed us that her rise to her social media has been a gradual process. "I never experienced a sudden jump in my social media audience," Sophi says, "It was all a process through building up."

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Model + Actress + Influencer

For Sophi, modeling and being an influencer is much more casually integrated. "I feel as though being an influencer can be done while being a model simultaneously," says Sophi, "but acting, for me, is a separate thing."

Starting from an early age, Sophi was signed as a child model and acting agency. She had also took part in the show "Walking on Sunshine", as well as other numerous films. "My acting agency was based in Ontario, where I currently reside, but after their leaving, I haven't been as much active as an actress," says Sophi.

Modeling, however, is on full swing for Sophi at the moment, alongside being an influencer.

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Upsides + Downsides of Modeling

Sophi finds modeling an amazing experience, as she gets to see creativity being made first-hand, and take part in making a campaign, or any other projects.

As for the downsides, Sophi doesn't really find any modeling experience she has had that was negative. "I haven't had a serious struggle with my agency," Sophi tells us, "so not much for the negative aspects I can say."

However, as for the modeling industry overall, the situation could differ. "I would say one that is negative would be the reputation the modeling agency holds to some people," Sophi says, "but that does not necessarily apply to my case, as I love the agency and work I am doing right now. But there are agencies out there that can scam you and take advantage- so taking care is always a good step."

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Behind the Scenes

"Everyone in the working team is so, so nice," Sophi says, "with some of the jobs I've worked recently, I've noticed how much effort it takes, with the makeup artist, the photographers, all these creative people putting in work to create such a beautiful vision is really amazing," Sophi notes that the work coming together is one of the highlights behind the scenes of modeling, and affirms that with a good attitude and confidence, it can be the best experience one can have.

Future Goals + Dreams

Currently, Sophi resides in Toronto, Ontario, but hopes to move in the future.

"I definitely hope to get into acting soon," Sophi says. ""currently I'm with my agent and acting coach on perfecting my skills. I love acting, and I'm in the works to get into it more seriously."

Sophi also is interested in creative work. "Anything creative really draws me in," Sophi tells us, "Whether it be a campaign, writing... just art itself draws me in." Art, she notes, has endless possibilities she could emerge into, and she hopes to delve further one day in the future.

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Scouting Story

Sophi had already modeled as a child model, but had stopped after a while. However, modeling for her started again when Next Models, who Sophi is currently signed with, scouted her via a DM on Instagram. "I had already in the past gotten multiple DM's from smaller agencies, scouting me to model for them," Sophi says.

With a lot of modeling agencies being a scam to lure in potential people looking to model, Sophi took caution. "I never really looked into those, since you should always be careful."

With Next Models, Sophi agreed to an interview and was soon signed with one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world. "I haven't left since," says Sophi, "I love working with them and have such a great experience."

Role Models + Inspiration

"My role model is my mom," Sophi says. "She was a commercial director, and she was a tough cookie. It had been a hard time for women to be taken seriously in the industry, with many struggles and microaggressions, but she truly showed me the important message of not letting others tell you what you can and can't do." Sophi notes the different advice she received, such as "Don't care about people's judgments."

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Modeling Advice

1. Trust in the process. Don't give up!

2. If there's any modeling agencies that claim to scout you, but then asks for money, say no! It is most likely a scam.

3. Biggest thing- unlearn how to look "pretty". Shut off the narrative of having to fit into a particular beauty standard.

4. Be able to handle the rejection. Know that there are more things in store for you.

5. Don't try to fit into the mold. Be yourself, and be confident!

What is something you want others to know about you?

"I feel some may view me as just another girl, or judge the way I present myself," Sophi says, "but they don't really know who I am." Sophi goes on to explain how others don't know her full story just through the screen. "You can't know who the person truly is just from what you see; that just only scratches the surface."

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Sophi Fun Facts

Favorite food: butter chicken

Favorite movie genre: musicals

Fave singer/artist: I have so many that range all over, starting from Beyoncé to Britney Spears!

Dream travel destination: Mykonos, Thailand, Asia in general

Some of the brands Sophi has modeled for: Pacsun, Philosophy, Sephora Canada, Laura Mercier

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Thank you Sophi for sharing your experience on modeling, acting, and your story! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! To keep up with Sophi, make sure to follow her on Instagram @sophiknight.

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