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Singer and Songwriter Cloe Wilder Talks About Her Inspiration and Upcoming Songs


April 23, 2020

As her website mentions, Cloe Wilder is an American singer and songwriter from Clearwater, Florida. At just 14-years-old, Cloe has a voice way beyond her years, managing to create melancholic, yet incredibly relatable songs. From an early age, her artistic talents started thriving as she started taking piano lessons which consequently helped her to discover her passions for singing surprising her family and anyone around her.

Cloe started using her social media platforms to showcase her talent as a singer. In December 2018, she started her YouTube channel where she began to cover songs by Ariana Grande, Halsey, Alessia Cara, Billie Eilish, Sasha Sloan, Lana Del Rey, Queen and more.

As we started 2020, Cloe released her newest single and music video “Crying When I Shouldn’t”. The single is produced and co-written by Eric Scullin who has worked with RZA and Mark Needham (The Killers), with a special collaboration with three-time Grammy Award winners and Billie Eilish’s mixing and mastering team, Rob Kinelski and John Greenham. “Crying When I Shouldn’t” is available on all digital platforms. Recently, The Teen Magazine had a chance to interview Cloe and asked her about her songs, motivations and for some advice. Read the interview below.

1. What problems did you face when you first started singing? How did you overcome them?

I was doubted pretty consistently because of my age. I honestly just had to work on becoming more confident with myself, then people were forced to overlook the age.

2. When did you first realize that music is something you are interested in?

I'd always been obsessed with music. A producer reached out to me when I was 11. That's when I realized that I could make something much larger out of it.

3. What inspired your song “Crying when I shouldn't”?

I mostly write about what's going on internally and emotionally with myself. I wrote CWIS when I was frustrated with all of those feelings.

4. Who was behind your motivation to pursue a career as a singer?

My mom.

5. Have you ever done any tours or public performances? If so, which one was your favorite?

I've done a couple of performances! My favorite one was the iHeartRadio x Girl's Life event. It was the largest crowd I'd performed in front of. I was so excited.

6. Which singer would like to collaborate in the future? How he/she influence you in your life?

Lana Del Rey. That woman has influenced me as a musician in a million ways.

7. Due to such a young age, how do you manage your personal life, school life, and professional life? Do you ever feel conflicted over these sides?

I don't manage it too well haha. My mom keeps me balanced, though. I also have to remember that each of these sides is important and has a purpose.

8. A singer is a career option many teenagers look forward to. Do you have any advice for teens who want to pursue their careers as a singer?

Write for you, not for them. I found myself trying to be so trendy in the beginning, when you can't make a career out of that. You can do it alone, you don't need someone to discover you.

The moment it feels like work, take a step back and evaluate. The love of the music itself comes first and so do you. Oh, and of course, don't sign any contracts you're unsure of ;)

9. When will your next single come out? Would you like to give your readers any clue about what it's going to be?

I'm releasing something much sooner than you think ;) I wrote it about a year ago, but I'm still obsessed with it.

10. Apart from singing and songwriting, what are your other interests?

I like creative writing and traveling :)

11. How are you dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you facing any problems?

I'm actually doing okay. I've been keeping really busy. I'm just lucky to be healthy.

Follow Cloe on her Instagram and keep updated with her latest news. Click here to visit her Instagram. Check out her YouTube channel here to watch her music videos. To learn more about Cloe Wilder, visit her website: www.cloewilder.com

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