Should the Option for Virtual Learning Stay Forever?

Should the Option for Virtual Learning Stay Forever?

Student Life

July 27, 2021

With the era of Coronavirus drawing to an end in many countries, students are returning to school. Surprisingly, this return has sparked debates regarding the validity of online schooling. Some are huge proponents of virtual schooling, while others despise it with a passion. Through this piece, we'll delve into the positives and detractions of online schooling and how it impacts those involved: students, teachers, and schools.



Ultimately, students in virtual schools have the flexibility to choose their learning environment. This gives students the opportunity to travel, become more involved in their extracurricular activities, and optimize their learning by choosing the area in which they study.

Students With Learning Disabilities:

For students who may deal with learning disabilities, online schooling may provide a safe getaway from the annoyances of the classroom. Online schooling allows these individuals a quiet space where they can focus on the content better.

As they are familiar and comfortable in their surroundings (typically their home), they are more likely to grasp the knowledge being taught than if they were in a new space, like a classroom. Virtual learning also typically allows more free time, and students can utilize the time to learn at their own pace, without the fear of burdening their classmates.

Opportunity To Learn Time Management Skills:

The flexibility that is associated with online school comes with the necessity to understand time management. As learning is mostly DIY, it is up to the student to allocate time in their day to work. This can initiate a responsibility that will stay with their child throughout their life, and is essential for progress. The flexible hours can also give students the chance to prioritize their preferred subjects and skills in their schedule.

Economic Value for Schools:

Schools Districts may actually do online schooling because of the money it saves. Think about it. All the utilities needed to operate a typical school require thousands of dollars annually.

Without these expenses, school districts save tons of money. This saved money can go towards benefiting students in other ways, such as giving out free lunches to all. In fact, many school districts have noticed a 2% average decrease in annual expenditure during the pandemic.


The Barrier For Student Athletes:

One important factor to consider is that many of the parts we associate with school are removed in the context of virtual school. School sports simply cannot exist with a virtual barrier between students. The lack of this quintessential part of the high school experience may be a detractor for some, and it is important to consider the quality of impact (or lack thereof) you can have on your school community.

The Social Interactions Between Students:

For many, school is an opportunity to meet with friends and catch up. With virtual schooling, that personal touch is taken out of most interactions. This can be frustrating for many social students.

In contrast, anti-social students may have enjoyed the lack of interaction that virtual school involved. Regardless, online school provides the opportunity to make lasting connections with those around you, and the lack of connection is difficult for many students.

Challenges with Technology:

While not all teachers have this issue, some certainly do. The onset of Zoom and Google Meet created many confusing circumstances that teachers had to overcome. The many resources that teachers use make it all the more difficult to remember the functions and uses of the sites.

In addition, many teachers and students may simply not have the ability to be surrounded by technology, making schooling difficult. This can make online schooling an option for only those who can afford to purchase the necessary tech.

With all of these points considered, the difference between online and in-person school is monumental. For those making the decision between the two, make sure to consider all points of view, as both types of schooling are valuable, especially if one is the right fit for you.

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