Cassandra Stinger
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 31 published articles

Cassandra Stinger is a journalist, aspiring author, and preschool teacher from central Kansas. When she's not writing or working, she can be found reading, cooking, or pursuing photography.

Cassidy May Dizon
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Writer since Oct, 2021 · 5 published articles

Cassidy is a high school student who strives to spread positivity in any way she can. She enjoys writing, spending time with her family, reading and watching movies. Cassidy has also written for the non-profit organisation, Redefy.

Caterina Dellago
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Writer since Apr, 2022 · 1 published articles

Caterina is a final year psychology student at the University of Amsterdam, a linguistic editor for an academic summaries company, and a prospective MA English Literature student. Her passion for language, media, and communications, alongside her enthusiasm for all things self-care, culture, and well-being collectively inspired her to write for the Teen Magazine. When she isn't writing, you'll likely find her binge-watching Friends (again!), journaling, or listening to top hits from the 80's and 90's.

Catherine Liu
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Writer since Dec, 2020 · 2 published articles

Catherine Liu is a senior at Perth College, Australia. Catherine began writing for The Teen Magazine in the summer of 2020 to pursue her passion of writing, and because she wanted to explore the editorial industry. Catherine enjoys writing, reading, dancing, and drawing.

Chantel Hernandez
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Writer since Jul, 2023 · 12 published articles

Chantel Hernandez is a 15 year old girl. She likes reading, watching TV, and being on her phone.

Chanya Sugathadasa
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Writer since Aug, 2022 · 5 published articles

Chanya is a 9th-grade student studying at Horizon College International, Sri Lanka. She enjoys time; reading, writing, photographing, and sports like basketball. She is skilled in writing stories and articles. She shows interest in literature, too... During her free time, you can find her baking or burning!

Charlie Kapinos
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Writer since Feb, 2021 · 6 published articles

Charlie Kapinos is 17 years old and currently lives in California. He loves photography, writing, watching movies and tv, volunteering, hanging out with friends, among much more.

Charlotte Hass

Writer since Jun, 2022 · 2 published articles

Charlotte is a junior in high school, an aspiring fiction author, and a Colorado native. She started writing creative pieces when she was five years old—she doesn't claim any of her earlier projects are good—and finished her first book at fourteen. When Charlotte isn't writing, she enjoys reading books of all genres, baking, listening to music, and talking about the podcast she'll never actually make.

Charu Yadav
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Writer since Aug, 2023 · 5 published articles

Hello ! I'm Charu a recent high school graduate from India. My work as an online peer tutor for middle school US & World History eventually made me intrested in the research and observational skills you get to use in journalism to voice your opinions. In future I see myself working in the field of science at the same time pursuing my dream of voicing opinions of people majorly teens that still remain unheard.

Chayanon Kesorn
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Writer since Dec, 2019 · 6 published articles

Directly imported from the land of smiles. JJ is a high school student in Sci-Math major. He loves physics, history, gastronomy, media, and amity. He got involved in writing since he has been in high school. He believes that every fault gives him many valuable lessons. He is an official writer on TTM now.

Chiara Bramante
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Writer since Jul, 2020 · 17 published articles

A young woman trying to reach for the stars, Chiara fills her time with The Teen Magazine work, drinking water, rainbow looming, writing, reading and watching her favorite shows on repeat. She hopes that everyone enjoys the articles she writes/edits as she tries to commit full effort into everything she accomplishes!

Chin Wai (Rosie) Wong
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Writer since Sep, 2021 · 3 published articles

Chin Wai (Rosie) Wong is a senior at Hollins University who is earning a Bachelor's degree in both Communication Studies and Theatre. She is passionate about pop culture and enjoys art making. She is excited to join The Teen Magazine team this year.

Chloe Peltier
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Writer since Jul, 2017 · 1 published articles

I am Chloe and I enjoy to write about Beauty, fashion, etc. especially for other teens! Feel free to check out my Instagram to learn more about me!

Chloe T
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 3 published articles

A student who hopes to pursue a career in journalism or creative writing in the future.

Christina Kokkali

Writer since Sep, 2023 · 1 published articles

Christina is a Politics student in SciencesPo-Paris and comes from Athens, Greece. She is passionate about culture and its connection with political matters, and aspires to follow a career investigating this interplay in international organisations. Writing is one of her means of expression and she is interested in journalism, creative writing and “storytelling”.