David Tejuosho
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David is a Nigerian who has had a passion for writing for as long as he could write. He moved to the United States in 2019 and is now a high school senior in the state of Georgia. He also loves gaming, science, and computers.

Dawid Tysowski

A young writer interested in psychology, philosophy, and politics. Writing and jumping across Europe during my gap year.

Debadrita Dey

Debadrita is an enthusiastic pen-err, reader, writer and dreamer. She has an ardent passion to change the world with her words with a keen interest on comparative analysis of literary and cultural theories. To her the world is a compilation of dreams! Dreamers, dream on!

Delaney Polocheck
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Delaney Polocheck is a current high school junior in Houston, Texas. Her interests include traveling, politics, and cooking, and she loves writing about all three. She plans to pursue journalism or screenwriting in college.

Eden Humphreys

I am a very passionate beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger. And I love to write for the magazine to inspire teen girls as I am one myself. I hope you all enjoy my posts and if you would like to check out my blog feel free to do so!

Eibhlis Gale-Coleman
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Eibhlis Gale - Coleman is a 19-year-old girl from the UK. She is a passionate traveller and spent 2019-2021 travelling Europe, North Africa, South East Asia, and Australia. Eibhlis is now currently studying her English Literature BA in London.

Ela Eryilmaz
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Ela is a Turkish-American Junior attending High School in Massachusetts. She loves to participate in political campaigns to further her knowledge about social issues. She is the founder of a social enterprise, Next Page, that helps refugees around the world. Ela enjoys learning about international relations, languages, and history.

Elena Raeanne

Elena Raeanne is a writer for The Teen Magazine. She is a military child with eight siblings. She joined The Teen Magazine to broaden her horizons. She enjoys content creation and spends much of her time editing photos, writing, and riding horses

Ella Pace
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Ella Pace is a freshman at Oxford Academy, a high school in Southern California. She enjoys writing, reading, playing sports, and listening to music, and plans on becoming a lawyer and professional writer after graduating college.

Emilia Wesolkowski
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Emilia is a highschooler from Canada. She has a passion for writing and also enjoys reading, crocheting and photography.

Emily Zhong

Emily(Haoyu) Zhong is a senior at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas. She loves cats and volunteers with SMU Feral Cat Feeding Program. She is also the international school representative of HPHS for SCOPE Journal, a writing platform for high school students; she has published poems before, and hopes to publish more articles and poems in the future. During her free time, she loves writing, public speaking, and just grabbing food with her friends.

Erin Dembo
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Erin is currently a Senior in high school hoping for a great future in The Teen Magazine. She loves playing volleyball, doing crafts, and visiting new places.

Eshaan Mani
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Eshaan Mani is a 14-year-old published author, poet, and journalist from Houston, TX with a passion for being the voice of inspiring people and organizations. In his free time, Eshaan enjoys acting in plays, learning more about politics, and how the world works. He also devotes much of his time to volunteering with nonprofit organizations, especially those focused on education and using journalism to promote great causes.

Fairouz Elbarakawy

Fairouz Elbarakawy, 18 years old poet, influencer,writer on Wattpad,and a founder of UnTied Community. Writing has been my best friend since I was 8. I never give up on something I have in mind ,and though I do suffer but I am a perfectionist. I am into psychology and have this addiction to self-help books ,that is where I get my positive mindset. Aside I am extremely sensitive,I manage to be cold as snowflakes.

Femmie Diaz

I'm a beauty and lifestyle vlogger! My YouTube channel is called Makeupgirl21 and I upload weekly videos's on there like DIYs, Routines and Tips!