Chiara Bramante


A young writer trying to reach for the stars, Chiara fills her time with The Teen Magazine work, drinking water, rainbow looming, writing, reading and watching her favourite shows on repeat. She hopes that everyone enjoys the articles she writes/edits as she tries to commit full effort into everything she accomplishes! (And yes, she did take her profile photo).

Chloe Peltier

I am Chloe and I enjoy to write about Beauty, fashion, etc. especially for other teens! Feel free to check out my Instagram to learn more about me!

Chloe Thomas

Chloe Thomas is an 18 year old student from Brighton, England. With an avid interest in politics and writing, she hopes to pursue a career in journalism or creative writing in the future.

Clara Chemtov

Clara is a 18-year-old dance student from Montreal, Quebec. She is also Miss Teenage Quebec 2020 and enjoys connecting to others through a variety of media, including the performing arts and journalism.

Clarissa Minton

Clarissa Minton is a 17-year-old self-proclaimed poet. She hopes to one day sell her own book filled with her original poems. She looks forward to learning how to perfect her writing by writing new articles and many more poems.

Cristeena Josphien

Cristeena Josphien is currently a junior at Dulles High School. She is also a dancer and loves to volunteer within her community!

Cristina Báez

Cristina is a high school student. She joined The Teen Magazine in 2020 to explore the use of writing as a creative outlet. Besides writing, she enjoys music, reading, and traveling.

Cydney Kaslar


Cydney Kaslar is a third year student at the University of Exeter, graduating in July 2021 with a BSc Economics & International Relations. She is a dual citizen of the US and the UK, and plans on continuing her education in the UK for her masters degree in International Law and Security or Global Politics. She plays soccer for her university, is a dedicated Liverpool F.C. fan, and backpacks around Europe when she has time off of uni classes and soccer trainings.

Daisy Jackson

I'm 17 years old and I'm from Blue, Oklahoma. I love my family and friends. I am of the Baptist faith and I enjoy going to my Youth Group on Wednesdays. I love watching basketball. My favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks. Writing is my true passion and I can't wait for everyone to see what I can do!

Daniela Paris


Daniela Paris is a high school junior currently residing in Apex, North Carolina. In addition to writing for Teen Magazine, she enjoys writing for her school newspaper, The Patriot Press, and has a passion for politics and journalism. On weekends you can find her practicing guitar or bass, gardening, or reading a good book.

David Tejuosho

David is a Nigerian who has had a passion for writing for as long as he could write. He moved to the United States in 2019 and is now a high school senior in the state of Georgia. He also loves gaming, science, and computers.

Dawid Tysowski

A young writer interested in psychology, philosophy, and politics. Writing and jumping across Europe during my gap year.

Delaney Polocheck

Delaney Polocheck is a current high school junior in Houston, Texas. Her interests include traveling, politics, and cooking, and she loves writing about all three. She plans to pursue journalism or screenwriting in college.

Eden Humphreys

I am a very passionate beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger. And I love to write for the magazine to inspire teen girls as I am one myself. I hope you all enjoy my posts and if you would like to check out my blog feel free to do so!