Toshani Dutta
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Writer since Apr, 2023 · 2 published articles

Toshani Dutta is currently a senior studying in Mumbai, India. Having always been a creative at heart, she adores almost every medium of expression out there - from ballet and pottery, to photography and art. Toshani is looking forward to collaborate and expand her knowledge while further developing her writing career.

Trinh Phuong Ngan

Writer since Jun, 2023 · 1 published articles

Ngan is a high school student from Vietnam. She always wants to share positive things she has read and experienced to everyone. Moreover, she loves watching movies in her leisure time and travelling around the world to explore new destinations whenever she can. Hope you enjoy reading her upcoming articles.

Tula Jiménez Singer
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Writer since Oct, 2020 · 6 published articles

Tula Jiménez Singer is a 18 year-old Cuban-American recently moved to Brooklyn after spending several years in Havana. You can read her work on The Teen Magazine, Indigo Literary Journal, Write the World, The Weight Journal and her blog El Cuarto de Tula, among others. She wants her pieces to be a slice of her life — filled with jazz, oceans, identity crises, and chocolate. She writes because she cannot let it go.

Uma Sivakumar

Writer since Dec, 2022 · 1 published articles

Uma Sivakumar is a high school senior from Houston, Texas. She is interested in how innovation can move us towards a more sustainable society.

Urbi Modhura
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Writer since Aug, 2019 · 3 published articles

Urbi is a British teen who loves making music, playing chess, reading her favourite novels and comics, watching TV, following sports, food, and writing (though you expected the last one, didn't you?). Urbi is really excited to share her articles with you and hopes that you'll enjoy them as much as she enjoyed writing them!

Valentine Marselou
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Writer since Apr, 2020 · 2 published articles

Valentine is a bookworm that enjoys binging Gilmore Girls again and again. One of her favorite authors is Sebastian Fitzek as her favourite genre is thriller/horror.

Valeria Keuser
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Writer since Jan, 2019 · 10 published articles

Valeria is currently studying Political Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands

Vama Suvani
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Writer since Jul, 2020 · 11 published articles

Vama Suvani is a university student whose interest lies in English literature. She writes articles and poems on a variety of topics. Vama loves to read books and documents her feelings on them in different media outlets.

Vaneti Ceus
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Writer since Jun, 2023 · 8 published articles

Vaneti Ceus, Is an incoming senior in high school, she is also currently a marketing intern and loves reading books and watching TV/Movies. She loves writing and is interested in further pursuing it as a career and is excited to further build her portfolio.

Vi Cao
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Vi is a writer from Vietnam. She is studying in the US as a high school student. Vi loves watching movies, reading books in her free time. Hope you will have a good time while reading her articles.

Victor A.
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Writer since Jul, 2022 · 11 published articles

Victoria Fitlin
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Writer since Jul, 2021 · 3 published articles

Victoria Fitlin is a senior in the 2023 - 2024 school year. She has attended multiple schools, both in America and Europe, where she focuses her studies on STEM and literature. She enjoys learning new languages, traveling, and competitive gymnastics, which she has participated in throughout her childhood.

Victoria King

Writer since Nov, 2021 · 1 published articles

My name is Vic, but I'm not shy to nicknames! I am a multi-media artist, storyteller, and fantasy writer from a small town in Massachusetts. Some of my more recent hobbies include educating myself and others about the First Nations peoples and their histories, taking a deeper look at animation as a medium, and decolonization. I am constantly inspired by the world around me and find guidance through my communities - both on and offline. I love to learn, especially from other people with similar interests (I think everyone should have a "teacher friend"). My articles, stories, and pieces of art often reflect my current interests and are based on the world we see today. When it comes to the stories I'm currently working on, I am nowhere near completion. However, that just inspires me to keep on writing!

Victoria Reddy

Writer since Jul, 2023 · 1 published articles

Victoria is a 17 year old high school student from Dallas, TX. She loves robotics and engineering, but also enjoys art, reading, and learning languages. She is dedicated to promoting STEM through community service and, of course, writing!

Vishwa Venkatesan
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 3 published articles

Vishwa Venkatesan is a 17 year old student attending Dulles High School in Sugar Land, TX. He is on his high school’s Junior Varsity basketball team and has strong passions for fitness, health, and spirituality. He hopes to keep writing for years to come and lives by the saying “live in the present moment to receive the fullest life has to offer.”