Angeline Zhao
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Angeline Zhao is a tenth-grader at Phillips Academy Andover. She loves journalism, competition math, teaching, and playing card games. Angeline often spends hours overanalyzing books and binge-watching shows like Gilmore Girls and Brooklyn 99.

Anjola Oshoko
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Writer since Mar, 2022 · 9 published articles

Anjola Oshoko is a marketing student at Birmingham City University. She is a curious individual who is constantly looking for answers to the many questions that run through her mind. You can find her with her nose deep in a book with music providing a soundtrack to her life. And when she isn't reading, she's either with friends or satisfying her curiosities.

Anna B.
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Writer since May, 2022 · 3 published articles

Anna is a teen entrepreneur and founder of Soaring Together, a community for teen business owners. She helps them write with personality so they can share their message + create an unforgettable brand. Anna is an aspiring speaker and creative – new ideas flood her notes app daily.

Anna Kubiak
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 5 published articles

Anna enjoys a variety of creative and active hobbies such as playing volleyball, riding horses, and writing. She is a high school sophomore whose homeschooled status allows her to work on college credits and pursue her passions throughout her time in secondary school. Anna hopes to use writing as a way to reach people and to bring them together.

Anna Subratie
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Writer since Oct, 2021 · 1 published articles

Anna is a High School student from Jamaica. She has a passion for writing and in her free time enjoys painting, reading a book or pottery. She wants to be an engineer when she grows up.

Annie Pan
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Writer since Oct, 2020 · 4 published articles

Annie Pan is a junior in Ladue Horton Watkins High School. Her hobbies include playing piano, writing, and reading realistic fiction. Her favorite snack is cotton candy grapes.

Annika Tamte

Writer since May, 2020 · 3 published articles

Annika Tamte is a current high school student in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She loves politics and journalism, especially topics involving climate change and humanitarian issues, and hopes to pursue a career that involves the intersection of the two.

Anonymous _
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Writer since Feb, 2020 · 9 published articles

Anshika Sharma
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Writer since Mar, 2023 · 7 published articles

Anshika Sharma is a creative and detail-oriented fashion enthusiast who finds inspiration for her work in global trends, people, places, and events. She enjoys blending different cultures and themes in her work while keeping it simple and adding a modern flair. Despite her skill set and passion for fashion, she remains a humble student, always eager to learn more.

Anshi Purohit

Writer since Apr, 2023 · 1 published articles

Anshi is a fifteen-year-old author from Maryland, USA. She is very passionate about mental health and strives to help others in any way she can. When she is not reading or writing, you can find her cuddling with her dog, playing viola, or going on hikes.

Anushka Mankodi
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Writer since Sep, 2020 · 5 published articles

Anushka is a recent high school graduate and loves to read and write the occasional fantasy fiction chapter. She is majoring in media and communication at university, and planning to have a career in media. She loves running and music (especially kpop!) and just wants to have a good time.

Anushka Thorat

Writer since Dec, 2017 · 1 published articles

Hi, I'm Anushka, a first-generation Indian immigrant who moved to the United States less than two years ago. Having learned everything about American culture through magazine and journal articles and writing for school newspapers, I believe I've found my voice through writing and journalism!

Areesha Ahmed
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Writer since Feb, 2023 · 8 published articles

Areesha is a student from London. She enjoys watching horror films and drinking tea. When she is not reading books, she is buying them.

Ariel Becker

Writer since Jun, 2017 · 1 published articles

Arielle Granston
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Writer since May, 2020 · 3 published articles

Arielle Granston attends Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. She has always had a passion for both writing and photography, and hopes to pursue a career in either field. If she isn't writing or messing around with her camera, she's hanging with friends, playing sports, or dreaming about past and future travels.