Born in a small city near the sea Berta has always had a passion: writing. Nothing can go wrong with a pen in hand. She believes in the power of words in a world of distant images, words that can make a change and trace a smile in someone face.

Bettina Henares

Bettina Henares is an incoming freshman at Northland College and an avid writer, whether it'd be creative or journalistic. They are also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a mental health advocate on top of being a former writer for their high school newsletter and editor-in-chief for the yearbook. In their free time, they figure skate, compose fashion sketches, and play various mobile and computer games.

Bharavi Yadav

Bharavi Yadav is a Delhi based writer, currently a student pursuing psychology from the University of Delhi. She writes for everything and anything, although has a knack for politics and political writings. Vibrant, bold and clear, is how she would describe herself and her work.

Boshra Nouraie

Boshra Nouraie is a sophomore in high school. She loves to read, cook, write, and go on hikes. Her favorite pastime is listening to music.

Brianna Goodreau

I'm a YouTuber from Florida, and I'm 15 years old! I currently have 1.2k subscribers on my channel.

Brooke McDermott

Brooke is a high school student in Atlanta. Most of her time is spent on Youtube, baking, writing movie reviews for her instagram @brookesbafflingreviews, and online shopping.

Caidance Phillips

Caidance Phillips is a Junior. She loves listening to music, reading, writing, and watching Netflix. She wants to further and better not only herself, but her writing skills as well. She loves to be her funny, goofy, and sweet self. She hopes to express herself through her writing.

Carmen Lopez-Fernandez

Carmen Lopez-Fernandez is a junior in high school and has recently started a fashion blog. Carmen found her passion for fashion recently and merged it with her love for writing. Carmen spends her free time designing, drawing, painting, styling, journaling, cheering and hanging out with friends.

Caroline Crowdell


Caroline is an outgoing seventeen-year-old who loves meeting new people. She enjoys playing sports, reading fictional narratives, and spending time with her three younger sisters. Caroline plans to educate fellow members of her generation through journalism, in an attempt to keep them cognizant of important national issues. In school, she loves learning foreign languages and discussing literary works with her class.

Caroline Rendell

Caroline Rendell is a 9th grader based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where she is homeschooled. She enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends, volunteering at her local youth basketball rec league and animal shelter, and watching the Phillies, Sixers, and Eagles. She hopes her writing will inspire other young people to write as well.

Casey Joyce

I'm a 17-year-old writer obsessed with beauty, celebrities and lifestyle. I'm hoping to give good advise and give my option music, beauty, high school and more. xx

Cassandra Stinger

Cassandra Stinger is a journalist and aspiring author from central Kansas. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, cooking, or pursuing photography.

Catherine Liu

Catherine Liu is a freshman at Perth College, Australia. She is passionate about writing because she believes that it conveys emotions. Catherine began writing for The Teen Magazine in the summer of 2020 to pursue her passion of writing, and because she wanted to explore the editorial industry. Catherine enjoys writing, reading, dancing, and drawing.

Charlie Kapinos

Charlie Kapinos is a sophomore at Brentwood School in Los Angeles. He loves to write, take photos, read, watch movies, help others, and spend time with friends. He hopes to work towards a career in journalism after high school and college.

Chayanon Kesorn

Directly imported from the land of smiles. JJ is a high school student in Sci-Math major. He loves physics, history, gastronomy, media, and amity. He got involved in writing since he has been in high school. He believes that every fault gives him many valuable lessons. He is an official writer on TTM now.