Allay Newkirt
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Writer since Jul, 2023 · 3 published articles

Allay is a writing enthusiast with a passion for beauty, books, and cinema and a professional chore procrastinator. She is an advocate for women’s, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ rights and volunteers with kittens every weekend, earning at least 4 arm scratches every time. She hopes to study at NYU with a degree in creative writing just to write about mythical creatures all day.

Allison Kuester

Writer since Oct, 2023 · 2 published articles

Allison Kuester is a junior from Arizona interested in the intersection between fashion and politics. She is the Editor-in- Chief of her school paper and looks forward to studying journalism in the future.

Alyson Nagorniak

Writer since Oct, 2020 · 1 published articles

Alyson Nagorniak is an aspiring author. She participates in numerous global outreach programs; hence her passion for service and culture. Alyson spends her free time learning different languages & practicing music while also being a political organizer with a passion for human rights advocacy.

Alyssa McDonald Smith

Writer since Jul, 2023 · 1 published articles

Alyssa McDonald Smith is a year 12 student from Queensland, Australia. In her free time she enjoys reading and art.

Alyssia Wihardja

Writer since May, 2023 · 2 published articles

Alyssia Wihardja is a dreamer from Jakarta, with a heart that belongs to the arts. She aspires to be a writer that inspires people to open their minds. When she's not reading or writing, you can find her staying up to create a concerning amount of Spotify playlists and people watching in a cafe.

Amanda Brown
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Writer since Oct, 2023 · 3 published articles

Amanda is a first-year honors student at James Madison University majoring in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communications and minoring in Creative Writing. She loves drinking iced lattes, getting lost in a good book (particularly romance or thriller), writing, and binging reality TV. Amanda aspires to pursue a career in publishing, editing, or writing.

Ameya Mehta
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Writer since Apr, 2023 · 2 published articles

Ameya is currently studying in 12th grade IBDP. She loves to spend her time dancing, painting, writing, eating, sleeping, and unwinding with her friends. She has a keen interest in writing and wishes to share her thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences.

Amity Summers

Writer since Oct, 2023 · 2 published articles

Amity is a seventeen year old published writer and journalist in Texas. Amity enjoys nature, poetry, literature, and baking in her free time; but most of all, she loves journalism.

Amy Qi
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Writer since Jun, 2021 · 2 published articles

Amy is a high school student in Canada. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading, watching the NHL, and hanging out with her friends.

Ananya Dua
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Writer since Mar, 2022 · 3 published articles

Ananya is a junior in high school; she is passionate about social justice and leveraging writing and media to help marginalized communities.

Ananya Thirumalai
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Writer since Jan, 2022 · 2 published articles

Ananya Thirumalai is a senior at high school who is in her final year IB diploma program. Her interest in journalism started when she was 14. Her other interests include advocacy, reading novels, studying history, and watching crime documentaries. She wants to pursue either law or journalism in the future, or both!

Ananya Vinay
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Writer since Jul, 2022 · 9 published articles

Ananya Vinay is a freshman at Pomona College, who is from Fresno, California. She is a budding scientist and writer, as well as the author of a poetry collection, Dewdrops on the Mind, with work forthcoming or published in the Ice Lolly Review, Apprentice Writer, Teen Ink, and New Scene Magazine. When she’s not writing, you can find her with her nose in a book, inventing stories, or sometimes arguing with her younger brother.

Angelica O
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Writer since Apr, 2022 · 2 published articles

Angelica is a 20 year-old digital design student from California who loves writing, and all things art. When she is not writing or studying you can find her listening to music or drinking iced tea. She enjoys the little things in life, and hopes to work in Television one day.

Angelina Manoj
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Angeline Zhao
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Angeline Zhao is an eleventh-grader at Phillips Academy Andover. She loves journalism, competition math, teaching, and playing card games. Angeline often spends hours overanalyzing books and binge-watching shows like Gilmore Girls and Brooklyn 99.