Stephanie Hils
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Stephanie is a writer and photographer from Apex, NC, and is currently a college student in Baltimore, Maryland. She loves film, books, and travel.

Subhronil Mukherjee
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Subhronil Mukherjee is a 16-year-old writer who lives in New Jersey. He likes to write and discuss social and political issues and topics. Outside of writing, he plays the piano and enjoys learning.

Sukhjeet Kaur

Sukhjeet Kaur is an Undergraduate Student pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Psychology and English Literature from CHRIST (Deemed To Be) University, India. An enthusiastic 18 year old who wises to share her perspective of seeing the world through her journalistic writings. Sukhjeet enjoys spending her time acting, sipping coffee, writing (too much), cooking and socializing with new people.

Surya Hendry

Surya Hendry is an aspiring journalist from Seattle, WA. She currently studies at Stanford University and has previously been published at KUOW.

Tahmina Sayfi
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Tahmina Sayfi is a 16-year-old high school student based in London who is both creative and enjoys her academia including STEM and modern foreign languages. She aims to express herself with her writing whilst ultimately helping others - be that by informing, advising or simply entertaining. Otherwise, she is a huge robot fanatic, avid baker and has a keen eye for fashion.

Tala Areiqat

Tala Areiqat loves to travel. In her free time, she loves to read and hang out with family & friends. She is a professional fan girl of many TV series and movies and books, such as The Flash, Harry Potter, Arrow, and Supergirl. She’s also the Quizlet and Just Dance Queen.

Tamzeeda Shakira
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Tamzeeda Shakira is currently a student. She is highly interested in science, philosophy, and literature. In her free time, she enjoys writing essays, reading books, and swimming. Shakira aims to make the world a kinder place for everyone.

Tanish Mendki

Tanish Mendki is a sophomore at a high school in California. In addition to writing for the Teen Magazine, he is also on staff for his high school news-magazine that publishes a new issue every month. Tanish enjoys spending his free time (though he rarely has any) reading and hanging out with friends.

Tarun Srivastava

Tarun Srivastava is a high school senior from India. From the age of 14, he has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and youth's mental health. Tarun enjoys to spend his time reading, writing, surfing and binge-watching Netflix.

Tasnuva Faisal
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Tasnuva Faisal is a high school student based in Australia who adores a good read and the chance to learn something new. When she hasn't gotten her nose stuck in a book, she loves baking treats, playing the piano and writing to her heart's content. She aspires to use her work to reach teens around the world, and inspire them to pursue their dreams and become their best selves.

Teia Stamos
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Teia Stamos is an aspiring writer from London who enjoys acting, lifestyle and baking.

Tia Byer

Tia Byer is a recent Master's graduate in American Literature from the University of Edinburgh. When she isn't writing for The Teen Magazine, she is busy creating content for her blog entitled 'Feminism Through Cinema and Literature'.

Tiara Georgina
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Tiara is a journalist at The Teen Magazine, covering topics mainly about beauty. Currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is experienced with writing articles for her school's publication in the beauty section and experimenting with makeup and skincare. She is passionate about coming up with fresh ideas and turning them into helpful, informative, and eye-opening content for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Aside from writing and makeup, she also enjoys art, traveling, learning new languages, playing video games, and watching animated shows.

Tina Mao
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Tina Mao is a high school senior from Beijing, China who currently studies in Upstate New York. She is passionate about art, humanities, and social justice. She enjoys spending her free time drawing, painting, and reading.

Tula Jiménez Singer
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Tula Jiménez Singer is a 18 year-old Cuban-American recently moved to Brooklyn after spending several years in Havana. You can read her work on The Teen Magazine, Indigo Literary Journal, Write the World, The Weight Journal and her blog El Cuarto de Tula, among others. She wants her pieces to be a slice of her life — filled with jazz, oceans, identity crises, and chocolate. She writes because she cannot let it go.