Milana Kurash
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Writer since Jul, 2021 · 9 published articles

Hey beautiful people! Milana is a 16 years old, high school student who is passionate about writing books and novels. If she is not reading, you can find her watching Supernatural

Mina Rahmat
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Writer since Mar, 2023 · 3 published articles

Mina Rahmat is a senior in high school and an aspiring writer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing guitar and painting.

Min Hoezoo-Mahmut
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Writer since Dec, 2022 · 7 published articles

Min is a Year 11 student based in the UK whose passions include animals, cats in particular, and ballet. Outside of her academic life, she trains and competes regularly in tennis and is an accomplished pianist. Min especially enjoys writing lifestyle and well-being articles that she thinks will help others.

Mirabell Monroe
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Writer since Jul, 2020 · 4 published articles

Mirabell Monroe is a 17 year old mixed girl living in the Deep South of Georgia. She enjoys social distancing, reading in her room alone with the world’s fattest cat, and writing about distant lands that sound more interesting than the one she’s in now. But, until she can get there, she’s happy with covering the wacky world around her.

Miranda Schneider
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Writer since Jun, 2020 · 2 published articles

Miranda is a dedicated and talented writer whose passion shines through her work. Whether it been an emotional piece dedicated to the senior class of 2020 for her highschool yearbook, or a testamonial to show what her grade school meant to her, Miranda pours her heart into every piece of writing, and it is her hope that it shows. Her interests include gardening and how to care for the many pets her family keeps around the house, including dogs, cats, and parakeets.

Miriam Trnka

Writer since Jul, 2020 · 1 published articles

Hi! I'm a 13-year-old girl from Austria and I love to write. I'm interested in languages, theater, literature, music, and art. English is not my first language but I'm always trying my best. I speak german and also a little bit French. I love sharing my experiences and adventures through writing and I hope you like my textes.

Molly Kister
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Writer since Dec, 2020 · 12 published articles

Molly is currently a senior in high school in Wisconsin. When not writing, you can find Molly reading, playing volleyball, or playing chess. She hopes to study marketing in college, but she also hopes to continue writing throughout college!

Morgan Kimble
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Writer since Aug, 2023 · 3 published articles

Morgan Kimble is a freshman in high school. In her free time, you can find her playing her instruments, laughing at a stand-up comedy bit, listening to music, or doing a word search.

Morgan Lahm
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Writer since Jun, 2022 · 6 published articles

Morgan is a high school senior from Nebraska with an undeniable love for writing and mostly writes poetry, short stories, and articles. While she is not writing, she plays the trumpet, works out, runs, and reads. She hopes to help open minds and aspires to impact people with her writing and change the lives of all that need it.

Mudia Ighile
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Writer since Mar, 2022 · 6 published articles

Mudia is a current freelance writer and current intern with the Girl's Life publication. She enjoys writing entertainment, lifestyle, and education niches.

Muthoni Wahome
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Writer since Aug, 2020 · 2 published articles

Muthoni is an avid writer, reader and web developer. She enjoys painting, cooking and art.

Naia Freeman
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Writer since Aug, 2020 · 10 published articles

Naia Freeman lives in Albany, NY where she goes to school and is an interviewer for The Teen Magazine. She has always been very creative and imaginative with a passion for literature, art, and fashion. Naia likes to spend her free time drawing, sewing, writing, reading, working out, cooking/baking, and coming up with new projects and ideas.

Nameeda Elmi
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Writer since Jul, 2020 · 6 published articles

Nameeda Elmi is a high school student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In her free time, she enjoys to read classic novels, watch Netflix shows and browse through Instagram’s ‘for you page’.

Naomi Hsu

Writer since Feb, 2023 · 1 published articles

As of 2023, Naomi Hsu is a freshmen in high school. She loves writing, reading, dance, and mock trial. Outside of those hobbies, some of her more playful interests are online shopping, watching Big Hero 6, and listening to Strawberry Guy.

Natalie Cullen
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Writer since May, 2022 · 2 published articles

Natalie is a high school student from Texas who loves to create content. She is currently the online editor-in-chief of her school's publication. Natalie loves digital art, short films, and any bo en song.