Siya Girisaballa
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Siya Girisaballa is a fifteen-year-old Navy brat from India who aspires to become a journalist someday. Owing to her father's occupation she moved around the country a lot as a child and that aspect of her life influences her writing. She's diverse yet simple and her thoughts are an embodiment of her spirit. Through her articles, she speaks the truth however complicated or subjective it might be, and hopes to inspire change in society with her words.

Skye Cabrera

Skye has been an advocate for the written arts for as long as they can remember. Currently, they're writing for multiple magazines and founding one of their own, "The Graveyard Zine," that aims to pay tribute to the past and future artists of the planet Earth. Outside of work, you can usually see them reading Russian literature or rewatching Gilmore Girls.

Sofia Donato
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Sofia Donato is a second year student at Carleton University and has a passion for writing. In her free time, you could find Sofia teaching karate, reading a book or playing with her dog, Leia.

Solstice Raeanne
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Solstice Raeanne is a 17-year-old military child and is a primarily mental health-based writer. Solstice is very passionate about mental health rights, and social justice. You can usually find Solstice spending their time reading Ellen Hopkins novels, writing poetry, computer programming, or scrolling through Pinterest.

Sophene Avedissian
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Sophene Avedissian is a sophomore in high school. She writes for her school newspaper, Spyglass, the Los Angeles Times High School Insider, and the Youth Civics Initiative. During her free time, Sophene enjoys reading, playing soccer, and spending time with family and friends.

Sophia Juhler
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Sophia is a high school sophomore from Iowa who is passionate about reading and writing. In her free time, Sophia enjoys blogging, daydreaming, playing bassoon and clarinet, doing cross stitch, and spending time with family and friends. She hopes to use the written word to change the world.

Sophia Lynch
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I'm 18 years old and I'm a qualified beauty therapist and nail technician! πŸ’• I'm obsessed with all things beauty from skincare to makeup and started my blog so that I could just tell people my little tips and tricks and of course my opinions!

Sophia Mohamed
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Sophia Mohamed is a Junior in High School in Dallas, Texas. In her free time, she explores spirituality, rescues cats, and finds new conspiracies to indulge herself in.

Sophia Wojdak

Sophia is a 17 year old from Edmonton, Alberta. She is also Miss Teenage Edmonton 2020 and a proponent of the creative arts, encouraging all youth to engage with arts opportunities in their communities.

Sophia Zhang
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Sophia Zhang is currently a high schooler residing in Chicago. She says a lot of words, and if she's lucky, they sometimes make sense.

Sophie Sills

Sophie is a high school student from London, UK. She has a passion for creative writing and journalism and hopes to persue in a career. She also loves boxing, travelling, athletics and baking.

Sparhawk Mulder
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Sparhawk Mulder is a senior in highschool in Beverly Massachusetts. He works as a math tutor, writing TA, math tutor tutor, and karate teacher during the year, and occasionally as all of those in Sikkim, India . He also writes bi-weekly for MedSoc Talk, conducting interviews exploring the various roles of medical professionals in society.

Spreeha Purkayastha
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Spreeha is genuinely enthusiastic about writing; it’s her place of calm and focus. She prefers writing about third-world countries and humorous topics about womanhood (not together otherwise that would be an oxymoron). Her asian culture plays a big influence on her writing, spreading awareness and demanding justice.

Srihitha Valluri

Srihitha is currently a junior, based in Katy, Texas. She is involved with the orchestra program and debate program at her high school and her debate event is Public Forum Debate. She is passionate about women's issues and teen mental health and is a strong advocate for investing in the growth of people. In her free time, she enjoys watching various realistic dramas, spending time with her family and friends, taking walks with her dog, and baking.

Stephanie Congdon

Stephanie Congdon is a year 11 student in Western Australia. She is passionate about fashion, sustainability, human right advocacy and history. When not writing she can be found playing badminton, planning outfits or playing with her dogs.