Nitisha Iyer
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Nitisha Iyer is a sophomore who is passionate about writing and is planning to pursue business and economics. She also loves to read and to travel!

Noa Ran-Ressler
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Noa is an aspiring journalist with a passion for sustainability, both on and off the page. When she is not writing, you can find her watching Masterclass videos, gardening an excessive amount of bell peppers, or planning her unrealized hiking career.

Norah Baldwin
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Norah is a high school senior from Boston, MA. She currently works as an editor for various international student-run literary and science research journals in addition to The Teen Magazine. She will be attending nursing school next fall.

Nora Wagner
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Nora Wagner is a 15-year-old American international student based in England. At a young age, she developed a passion for music and, since then, has loved reading and writing about it. Nora enjoys playing instruments, reading, and shopping with her friends in her free time.

Nrithi Subramanian
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Nrithi Subramanian is a freshman at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She finds great happiness in writing but is also an entrepreneur (started the company Mantra and Co.), an Indian Classical Dancer, and a public speaker. Nrithi enjoys spending her free time reading, with friends/family, and painting.

Nura Abdalla
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Nura Abdalla is a high school freshman in New York. She enjoys volleyball, rollerskating, and shopping. She dedicates her time to trying new things and gaining experience. She loves to write about fashion, beauty, and wellness.

Olaronke Bamiduro
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Olaronke "Ronke" Bamiduro is an 18 year old sixth-form student from London, UK and is in her senior year at sixth form. She is passionate about the power of the voice and the importance of expression. Olaronke enjoys reading, writing, yoga, cooking, netball, discussing new ideas and self-reflection.

Olivia B
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Olivia is a high school student from Scotland with a love for journalism. Olivia enjoys reading a wide range of books, from vintage to modern classics. She loves movies and is interested in the cultural aspects and social interactions teenagers have with the entertainment industry.

Olivia C
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Olivia C is a writer from Tennessee. She is passionate about entertainment and social journalism and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write for The Teen Magazine.

Oliwia Piecuch

Oliwia Piecuch is a writer for the Teen Magazine. She is passionate about mental health with an emphasis on wellbeing in education and teen health. She also focuses on social justice and current events.

Oluwafeolami Awe-Joseph
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Feolami is an expressive, innovative and creative writer. She enjoys writing, reading, event planning and creating. She hopes to use her writing to inspire and touch people.

Oriana Taylor
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Oriana is currently a high school student in Illinois. She is passionate about politics, the environment, and film. Oriana wishes to study sociology and environmental policy.

Peggy Chen
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Peggy Chen is a high school sophomore from Virginia. She writes about science, culture, and everything in between. In her free time, she enjoys reading memoirs, card games, and random trivia.

Penny Beretta
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Enjoys art, literature, and linguistics. Fluent in English, Italian, and learning French.

Piyush Goel
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An avid reader and who loves to explore various new genres. Been writing articles on some of the crucial and sensitive topics to turn this grimacing society into a pristine one. Wants people to bask in the sunlight of wisdom and freedom. Has successfully completed some internships in the same domain. Loves to play the most influential music instrument i.e guitar and engage in various sports activities.