Alexis Aryeequaye
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Alexis Aryeequaye is a 15-year-old freshman in high school, and aspires to become a journalist. She enjoys anything having to do with current events, social justice, music, politics, or writing. Alexis loves to write poetry in her spare time. She is a published poet and is a recipient of the 2022 NCTE Promising Young Writers Award.

Alexis Jones
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Alexis Jones is a senior in high school from Southern California. She has been an aspiring author and storyteller since she was five years old and enjoys developing these interests through her role as the president of the journalism program at her school and as a writer for The Teen Magazine. In addition to her job as a full time nerd and overachiever, Alexis can be found singing along to Broadway songs, quoting Schitt's Creek, exploring new restaurants as a verified foodie, playing on the varsity soccer team, spending her days off at Disneyland, and living as a lifelong learner passionate about social justice, equity, and liberation.

Alice Li
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Alice is a current high school student who has a passion for sharing her ideas and experiences through writing and editing. When she isn't writing, other will find her playing volleyball, dancing, watching unhealthy amounts of anime, or learning about anything related to the elusive cosmos.

Alicia Renee
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Alicia Renee is a College Freshman who wants to create in any way she can. She's highly active in the political and social justice community. Alicia likes to spend her time learning, writing, sewing, crafting, editing (photos, videos, essays, anything), and being around the people she loves. She is Majoring in Television Arts and declared a Minor in Women & Gender Studies.

Ali Qiu
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Alisha Bilal
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Alisha is a 16 year old girl. She loves reading, writing and learning about new languages and cultures. She particularly enjoys researching and critically thinking about the society in which we live and hopes to pursue a career related to English in the future.

Allana Wessling
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Allana Wessling is an Australian high school student planning to enroll in a psychology or arts course after school. She is also highly interested in digital technologies, history, and fictional writing - she is currently co-writing an action-romance novel series focused on the themes of confidence, overcoming hardships and mental illness. Allana thoroughly enjoys spending her time with friends and family, writing tips and tricks for other authors, and reading anything and everything.

Alyson Nagorniak

Alyson Nagorniak is an aspiring author. She participates in numerous global outreach programs; hence her passion for service and culture. Alyson spends her free time learning different languages & practicing music while also being a political organizer with a passion for human rights advocacy.

Amy Qi

Amy is a high school student in Canada. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading, playing basketball, and hanging out with her friends.

Ananya Dua
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Ananya is a junior in high school; she is passionate about social justice and leveraging writing and media to help marginalized communities.

Ananya Thirumalai
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Ananya Thirumalai is a senior at high school who is in her final year IB diploma program. Her interest in journalism started when she was 14. Her other interests include advocacy, reading novels, studying history, and watching crime documentaries. She wants to pursue either law or journalism in the future, or both!

Ananya Vinay
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Ananya Vinay is a rising high school senior from Fresno, California. She is a budding scientist and writer, as well as the author of a poetry collection, Dewdrops on the Mind, with work forthcoming or published in the Ice Lolly Review, Apprentice Writer, Teen Ink, and New Scene Magazine. When she’s not writing, you can find her with her nose in a book, inventing stories, or sometimes arguing with her younger brother.

Angelina Manoj
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Angelina is a Junior in high school and is a passionate writer and artist. If she isn't writing, you can find her reading, painting, or playing her violin.

Angeline Zhao
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Angeline Zhao is a tenth-grader at Phillips Academy Andover. She loves journalism, competition math, teaching, and playing card games. Angeline often spends hours overanalyzing books and binge-watching shows like Gilmore Girls and Brooklyn 99.

Anjola Oshoko
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Anjola Oshoko is a marketing student at Birmingham City University. She is a curious individual who is constantly looking for answers to the many questions that run through her mind. You can find her with her nose deep in a book with music providing a soundtrack to her life. And when she isn't reading, she's either with friends or satisfying her curiosities.