Kaila Hu
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Kaila Hu is a junior in high school from Fairfax, Virginia. She currently holds the positions of Editor-in-Chief for her school newspaper, Editor for The Teen Magazine, and Volunteer for Youthcast Media Group. In college, she plans to pursue a degree in communications in hopes of becoming a journalist.

Kalea Martin
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Writer since Sep, 2020 · 3 published articles

Kalea Martin is a bookworm, linguist, and writer based in New York.

Kaley Buck

Writer since Jun, 2020 · 1 published articles

Kaley enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on as well as writing about anything. She is about to be a senior in high school while taking dual enrollment courses. She aims to stay busy and do her best at everything she does.

Kalyani Renjith

Writer since Jul, 2020 · 1 published articles

Kalyani Renjith is a high school sophomore from India with a passion for political commentary. She enjoys reading, trashy rom-coms, good music, sunset watching and she has her own blog where she vents her frustrations.

Kalyn Jorgensen

Writer since May, 2024 · 2 published articles

Kalyn is a sophomore attending high school in Wisconsin, USA.. She enjoys writing, poetry, reading, badminton, learning new languages, listening to music, playing violin, kalimba, and cello, and hanging out with her friends! She has a strong passion for writing; however, she hopes to obtain a job as an astrochemist or cosmologist!

Kang Liew Bei
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Writer since Nov, 2021 · 7 published articles

Liew Bei is a writer from Southeast Asia. She is 16, soon to be in the final year of secondary school. She enjoys reading, writing, and making zines in her free time.

Kanishka Tandon
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Writer since May, 2022 · 4 published articles

Hi! Kanishka is a driven and creative individual. She relishes working with a diversity of individuals and being a strong-willed human keeps her motivated toward a task:)

Karina Parikh
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Writer since May, 2020 · 1 published articles

Karina Parikh is a high school sophomore from San Diego, California. She loves to play tennis, go for runs, volunteer, and travel in her free time. She is passionate about business, sports, and journalism and hopes to pursue a career in one of these fields in her future.

Kashvi Taunk

Writer since Apr, 2024 · 1 published articles

My name is Kashvi Taunk, and I am a passionate and creative writer with a keen eye for detail. This is a captivating space where I share my unique perspectives on a variety of topics, ranging from lifestyle and wellness to fitness and culture. My engaging writing style and thoughtful insights make my posts a must-read for those seeking inspiration and fresh ideas. Apart from writing articles and short stories, I am an active track runner, and just like most, I enjoy baking in my free time.

Kassandra Eller
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Writer since Aug, 2020 · 2 published articles

Kassandra Eller is a graduate from Central Washington University and former Director of Photography at PULSE Magazine. Her hobbies include reading, art, and spending time outdoors. Kassandra enjoys expressing her ideas through writing and finds new topics entertaining to research.

Kate J.
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Kate is the Creative Director of The Teen Magazine.

Katelyn P.
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Writer since Dec, 2021 · 5 published articles

Katelyn is a undergraduate college student based in New York, who joined The Teen Magazine team to share her perspective on everything related to pop culture and entertainment.

Kate Shen Barrantes
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Writer since Jun, 2024 · 4 published articles

Kate is currently a highschooler in Ontario, Canada. She loves writing, and her other interests include listening to music, sewing, watching movies, and pop culture. She hopes to someday join the publishing industry.

Kate Warren
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Writer since Jan, 2022 · 6 published articles

Kate is a young journalist from Atlanta. She loves spending time exercising and is a movie fanatic.

Katherine Crow

Writer since Feb, 2017 · 7 published articles

Writer. Artist. Possibly good photographer. She is a food lover. She absolutely loves to workout. She loves to read. She eats and enjoys breakfast with her Grandma daily. She writes in a diary every day. She is a lover of gel pens, Post it notes, and anything stationary. Also a lover of puppies. She has 2 little brothers that are dogs.