Jenny Rong
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Jenny Rong is an editor for The Teen Magazine. She enjoys spending her time finding new music, painting, and knitting.

Jessica Candelaria
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Writer since Jan, 2024 · 2 published articles

Jessica Candelaria, a homeschooled high school senior, is a seasoned writer with a lifelong love for language arts. Using writing as her escape, she creates worlds of her own. While her academic strengths lie in words, Jessica's interests also extend to cinematography and art. Her passion for storytelling goes beyond the page, weaving together words and visuals to craft compelling narratives.

Jessica Kim
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Jiya Chhugera
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Jiya Chhugera is a 12th-grade IBDP student who is extremely passionate about advocating for women's Reproductive/menstrual rights, gender equality, and equal access to education globally. The Vice president of her school MUN as well as managing editor of her school magazine, the DP Herald, she enjoys creating literary works and articles talking about pop culture and socio-economic issues that prevail in our society to this day.

Jiya Singh

Writer since Jun, 2021 · 1 published articles

Jiya Singh is a senior at Monta Vista High School in California. Jiya enjoys listening to music, writing, playing guitar, crocheting, and playing games with her family during her free time.

Joa Duarte
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Writer since Apr, 2024 · 3 published articles

Joa is a Junior in High School and co-writer of an upcoming movie titled “PONY”. He also has an outline for a six-season tv series script, written on Final Draft 12. So far he has written the first two seasons. Joa also has an Instagram page dedicated to talking and reviewing movies/tv shows called “movietalks_usa”. He truly loves movies. It’s more than just passion.

Jocelene Ramnanan
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Writer since Jul, 2019 · 3 published articles

Jocelene (Josie for short) is 16 and from NYC. When she is not writing, you can probably find her watching Netflix specifically Grey's Anatomy. She loves to travel and wants to see the whole world one day.

Josiah Pace

Writer since May, 2024 · 1 published articles

Josiah is an enthusiastic learner, who loves to write and run in his free time.

Josie Rosenstein
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Writer since Oct, 2020 · 3 published articles

Josie Rosenstein is a senior from Maryland. She has a passion for journalism and hopes to pursue it as a career. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her three dogs, writing and hanging out with her friends.

Jourdan Lobban

Writer since Aug, 2017 · 1 published articles

[7]Teen Writer. Aspiring novelist, proffessor, and maybe lawyer. Writer for The Teen Magazine and The Epoch Herald. Founding member, assistant editor and writer for Appoquinimink High School's Jaguar Journal. Proud owner of literary blog Queen J's World. Loves- Chick fil-A, Black culture/art, books, and comedy. Don't love- hard classes, exams, hate, and overpriced food. Got a little crush on Karar Brar...

Joyce Li

Writer since Mar, 2018 · 4 published articles

Hello! My name is Joyce, and as a curent high schooler, I enjoy writing about academics, culture varieties, and many other topics, and when I'm not busy writing, I enjuy playing volleyball, cooking, and watcing an absurd amount of anime :D. Thanks for stopping by!

Jules Love
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Writer since Aug, 2021 · 1 published articles

Hi! My name is Jules and I am a freshman in school in Las Vegas Nevada. I enjoy doing cheer for my school and competitive gymnastics. Gymnastics is an advanced sport that allows very little free time but when there is, you will find me researching or writing stories. I am very family oriented and enjoy spending time with my sisters. I am also in my schools Advanced Choir and enjoy supporting my school by being in that.

Julia Andrade Xavier
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Writer since Dec, 2023 · 9 published articles

Julia Andrade Xavier is currently a junior in high school. She loves writing, watching TV shows, and skiing during the winter season. Her aspiration is to major in journalism when she heads off to college and subsequently attend law school, aiming to become an attorney.

Julia Liao
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Writer since Sep, 2021 · 2 published articles

Julia Liao is a senior in high school and enjoys playing video games in her free time.

Kaelianna McMillan
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Writer since Jan, 2024 · 3 published articles

Kaeliana McMillan graduated from a bilingual Internal Baccalaureate program in Costa Rica before moving back to Florida for university. She is currently earning her bachelor's degree in criminology, communications, and genders studies. She is an avid writer with an interest in intersectional feminism, art and pop culture, humanities, politics, health and theology/spirituality, as well as alternative holistic medicinal practices in relation to treatment of mental illness and psychology.