Hannah Lawson
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Writer since May, 2021 · 2 published articles

Hannah Lawson is a 17-year-old senior who enjoys journalism, reading Sherlock Holmes, singing karaoke and most importantly, spending time with her family and friends. She is currently set to attend Spelman College this fall and is excited to continue her writing career through college. If you don't find Hannah reading a book or baking wedding cookies, she's probably out trying to capture an aesthetic picture on her phone.

Hannah Lee

Writer since Jan, 2024 · 2 published articles

Hannah Lee is a junior in high school. She is the Co-President of her school's Creative Writing Club. Novels & Flash Fiction are her favorite styles of writing. During her free time, she loves to read novels, play the piano, play tennis, and spend time with all her family and friends.

Hannah Udobia
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Writer since May, 2020 · 7 published articles

Hannah Udobia is a former student of the Writers Bureau Academy, Manchester. She is a budding writer who enjoys writing and reading engaging articles, travelling and conducting exceptional interviews. She has been published in Independent Australia, Relate Magazine and RubyPlus Africa Teen magazine.

Harshita Bathina
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Harshita Bathina is a high school senior in the Bay Area. She enjoys all things creative, especially writing! In her free time, she loves to bowl, play tennis, and spend time with her family. She aspires to research microbiology whilst also delving into the many calamities that our world faces.

Heather Grace
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Heather is a sophomore in college interested in business and entrepreneurship. She writes for The Teen Magazine on the side and runs her own online business where she sells T-shirts and dorm decor. She hopes that her articles can inspire teens to pursue their passions and make money doing it.

Helen Chen

Writer since Oct, 2021 · 1 published articles

Helen is a current freshman at Columbia University double majoring in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature or Sociology (or Philosophy or she can't decide). She also shares a strong interest in entrepreneurship. Helen loves reading memoirs, dig out 90s movies, explore new corners of the city (although she is a New York native), and regards academia to be the most romantic aesthetic ever (perhaps ever so slightly influenced by her love for Dead Poets Society, Donna Tartt's prose, and classy Tumblr feeds).

Henry Younger

Writer since Dec, 2020 · 1 published articles

Henry Younger is a young writer from Newburyport Massachusetts. His interests include fiction writing, language learning, and interactive novels.

Heta Patel
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Writer since Mar, 2023 · 4 published articles

Heta Patel is currently a high school student in Grade 12 and the Chief of Staff at the Social Diversity for Children Foundation. She created her own writing brand called We The Art Of Life, when she was 15 years old. In her spare time, she loves reading, writing poetry, doing yoga and listening to music.

Himanshu Kumar
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Writer since Feb, 2023 · 3 published articles

Himanshu Kumar is an aspiring young writer who wants to present his views in a simple and surreal manner. He enjoys spending his free time writing poems in Hindi and reading Sci-fi books.

Hollis Humphrey
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Writer since Jul, 2020 · 4 published articles

Hollis Humphrey is a high school senior from Central Florida. In her free time she enjoys rollerskating, watching movies, petting dogs and hanging out with her friends. After high school she plans to pursue a career in journalism or creative writing.

Houkun Wang

Writer since Sep, 2021 · 2 published articles

Houkun Wang is a junior at Shanghai Pinghe School. He went to Greece when he was young and went to a British School there. He enjoys reading, writing, swimming and billiards. He has his own WeChat Official Account, and posts his short stories and chapters of his novel at regular intervals.

Hritika Kowlessur
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Ikwuegbu Ihuoma
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Writer since Dec, 2019 · 23 published articles

A very creative Nigerian Christian teenager who is passionate about content and digital creation. She loves music, playing the piano, chess, puzzles and any other thing that challenges her intellectually. She also loves learning, meeting new people and taking on challenges. Be sure to read her blog!

Imaan Aziz
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Writer since Jun, 2019 · 2 published articles

Imaan is an English Literature student at the University of Warwick. When she is not busy studying, she is usually writing poetry, prose, articles and reading as many books as she can. Her dream is to pursue writing professionally and publish her own literary works!

Ines Sahib
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Writer since Feb, 2020 · 1 published articles

Ines Sahib is an avid reader who finds solace in all things related to literature and caffeine. Although she is currently a full time English Literature student at university, she enjoys writing and aspires to achieve a career in journalism later on. More specifically, Ines holds a keen interest in reporting about marginalised communities. As well as committing all of her energy and focus on her studies and her expensive caffeine addiction and reading lifestyle, Ines is also a part-time tutor in French, helping students flourish with their own studies.