Purba Audhora

Purba Audhora is a high school student from the UK. She enjoys singing, playing the piano and violin, reading, writing, playing chess, watching movies and hanging out with friends and her twin sister. Purba is excited to share her ideas through writing and hopes that you enjoy her articles!

Rachel Gat
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My name is Rachel Gat, an experienced Creative Writer from Pennsylvania. I have many creative hobbies such as reading and making music videos, but my main passion is writing. In middle school, I had a friend who told me she was writing a novel. I was so amazed at the mere thought of someone that age writing something so gigantic, which sparked my long road of novels and short stories that I felt compelled to write. My first story was a novel, which probably wasn't the best idea for my first non-academic creative writing project. Although it was long and grueling I managed to complete it, sparking a passion deep within me to never stop.

Rachel Lichtenwalner

Rachel is a high school junior in Atlanta, Georgia and is the managing editor of her school's paper. In addition to writing, she enjoys doing calligraphy, playing ukulele, reading Shakespeare plays, listening to podcasts, and thrifting.

Rachel Smith

I'm an 18-year-old aspiring writer/poet in Upper Sixth in England. My interests range from sports to fashion but most of all literature. I have occasionally bright hair and an obnoxiously cheery personality.

Raksita Rajagopal
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Raksita Rajagopal is a 16-year-old girl from India who loves Taylor Swift a lot. She is a high-schooler who loves to observe and interact with people, listen to different music types, and is a Digital Climate Activist. She also likes to write and read a lot.

Reagan Blackburn

Reagan Blackburn is a sophomore at East Carolina University studying communication and theatre arts. In her free time, she likes to volunteer, read, write, act, sing, and hang out with the people she loves. Above all, she is an advocate towards dissolving stigmas around mental health and overall hopes to promote girl love.

Rebecca Heeley

Rebecca Heeley is a Media and Creative Writing graduate in the UK with a desire for a career in editorial and content creation. She has 73,000 followers on Twitter and a blog about baking and reading, two of her favourite hobbies.

Reem Hassan

If one is to be anything, then why not be great? If not that, then at least achieve something that embodies a distinct amount of greatness.


I am a 17 yr old teen who is truly GIFTED and PASSIONATE about writing.I wish to make an impact in the world through my writing.I am kind,talented,dynamic and a girl with big DREAMS to make a difference in this world.❤💜💖🌍 My hobbies are Sky diving, Scuba diving, Horse ridding, Skiing, Paragliding, Wind surfing. I am the Co-founder & President of the Model UN Club I am also the Co-founder of the WINGS of Hope Organization its a youth led awareness to spread awareness about the bad effects of Vaping, Smoking and drugs

Rifaiat Raisa
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Rifaiat Raisa Elma is an ambitious person. She is also creative. Other than that, she's also a friendly and a fun-loving person.

Riv/Jourdan Lobban (they/she/he)

You want to fly? You got to give up the sh** that's weighing you down. -Toni Morrison

Riya Jayanthi
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Riya Jayanthi is a current high school senior and a self-published author of two poetry collections on Amazon. When she's not writing, Riya has a love of travelling and making vegetarian food. She also loves film (the movie and photography kind), and she published her second collection "a novel proposition" on August 30th.

Riyosha Sharma

Riyosha is a passionate poet who has recently graduated from high school. She is 17 and loves reading classics while drinking coffee in an imaginary, obscure and cozy coffee shop. When she's not busy doing that, she likes to sing and write songs or poetry.

Roshanak Rahman

Roshanak is a student who loves to explore new things. Besides writing, she loves fashion designing and listening to music in her free time. She is optimistic of contributing much to the betterment of the world.

Ruben Noroian

Ruben is a high school student who is very involved in his school's activities. As the pandemic began, he had much more free time and began working on his writing. English Class essays were assignments he often struggled with in 2019. Now, puts in more effort and has better skills. As a result, he has begun writing for newspapers and blogs.