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Say Hello to Healthy Skin: Bubble Skincare for Teens is What You Need to Face the Day

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February 25, 2022

Trying to formulate an effective skin care routine, but just can't get it right? Don't sweat it, we've all been there.

Luckily, Bubble helps you say goodbye to stubborn acne and hello to glowy skin that makes you look and feel your best. Catered specifically to teens, the brand is a true lifesaver—and I, for one, can definitely say that it delivers clinical results in no time.

Shop Bubble at hellobubble.com.

With minimalist packaging that is both cute and modern, the brand's items are vegan, gluten-free, and don't include the harsh chemicals, additives and fillers that are found in other beauty products. Each item is also super affordable and under a teen-friendly budget. Hint, hint: They are all under $20!

What I love is that at Bubble, they really do believe that "Self care is more than skin care," by providing mental health resources and donating some of their proceeds to non-profit organizations. Not to mention, if you don't know where to start and are a skincare newbie, you can attend their “Skin School.”

There, Bubble lends a hand with discovering your skin type, creating a routine, and learning about topics such as skin conditions, ingredients, buzzwords, acne, skincare myths, and more.

Go to Skin School now!

That being said, get ready to meet your new skincare favorites! Trust me, your skin will thank you.

Keep It Simple: All You Need Are 3 Essentials

Bubble makes skincare shopping oh so easy! Depending on what you are in search of, there is the Hydrating Bundle or the Balancing Bundle, which include the three fundamental products that you need in your routine.

For $39.00, find the Hydrating Bundle here, and the Balancing Bundle here.

If you have normal to dry skin, opting for the Hydrating Bundle is a great choice, while the Balancing Bundle is best suited for oily-combination skin. Each includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer which are all high-quality and definitely worth the investment. Note that you can also purchase these items individually and mix and match with some of their other items.

Step 1: Cleanse

The perfect gel cleanser, meet Fresh Start. For everyday use, use one to two pumps on wet skin for results that work to unclog pores, soothe, and moisturize skin.

Shop the Fresh Start Gel Cleanser here for $16.00.

Image credit: Bubble

The cleanser glides on easily to wash the day off so that excess dirt, oils, and more will be swept away for a clean finish. Formulated with caffeine to reduce redness and puffiness, it also has aloe leaf juice, lavender flower water, gluconolactone, red algae extract, and spearmint extract to improve and protect your complexion.

I love how it doesn't dry out my skin and that the formula is super smooth so that, like the name, my face feels "fresh" without stripping the skin. After just one week, I could already see that the "maskne" residing on my face was beginning to clear up. The ingredients also exfoliate and don't irritate sensitive skin, which is a big factor when it comes to finding the perfect cleanser.

Step 2: Treat

With the Bounce Back Balancing Mist, Bubble definitely knows what they're doing. For a quick and easy boost of moisture, all you need are a couple of spritzes to help with oil and shine. Don't be shy with it, you can never have too much of this toner.

Shop the Bounce Back Balancing Mist here for $12.00.

Image credit: Bubble

For radiance and an even tone, Bubble uses sodium PCA and niacinamide, along with green tea and willow bark extract so that your skin will feel stress-free all day long. The mist is so light and refreshing, and it makes you feel instantly revitalized without any dryness.

Bounce Back is also exceptional for bringing on the go, especially for those hot summer days. Recently, I have been bringing it with me in my everyday bag for an immediate refresh at any time.

Step 3: Moisturize

Hydration is so important, and Bubble's moisturizers are excellent at getting the job done. Every person's skin is different, so the brand provides two different moisturizer options: the Level Up Balancing Moisturizer for oily-combination skin, and the Slam Dunk Moisturizer for dry skin. In terms of the different bundles, you can find Level Up in the Balancing Bundle and Slam Dunk in the Hydrating Bundle.

Intended for morning and nighttime use, massage 1-2 pumps on clean, dry skin. Even better, the pump forms the cutest little flower each time you use it.

Level Up Balancing Moisturizer

With ingredients like zinc PCA, yarrow extract, and blue light protection, the Level Up Balancing Moisturizer is gel-based and restores hydration. The best part is that it does this without looking too greasy, and repairs skin from solar or artificial blue light damage.

Shop the Level Up Balancing Moisturizer here for $15.00.

This product is a thinner, lightweight moisturizer best for oily skin that is prone to shine, large pores, blackheads, and frequent breakouts.

Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer

Although a slightly thicker and richer consistency in comparison to Level Up, the Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer is still not too heavy and acts as a conditioner for your skin. It absorbs like nothing is there and has the same protection properties for blue light.

Shop the Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer here for $15.00.

This moisturizer is formulated for those with drier skin who may struggle with tightness, itchiness, and dry patches. Because of this, the cream has ingredients such as aloe leaf juice, vitamin E, avocado oil, and hoya lucunosa flower extract that nourish the skin and combat free radicals.

Don't Fret, Bubble Has It All

Fortunately, it doesn't end there. Bubble has many other products to add to your skincare ritual that don't disappoint.

Wipe Out Makeup Remover

All makeup lovers need to add the Wipe Out Makeup remover to their collection. With a silky application, it is ideal to take off even the most stubborn of makeup products.

Image credit: Bubble

Shop the Wipe Out Makeup Remover here for $13.00.

Replacing irritating makeup wipes and cleansing balms, gently use 2-3 pumps of the cream with your fingertips to remove makeup. Afterwards, you will be ready to double-cleanse with the Fresh Start Gel Cleanser.

As someone who typically has a hard time getting off makeup without any redness and harsh side effects on my skin, I was impressed on how efficient this makeup remover was with instantly melting away my makeup. The texture is very milky and gives a moist finish that I love.

Break Even Balancing Toner

The Break Even Balancing Toner is a golden ticket to rejuvenated skin. Once you test it out, it is irreplaceable.

Shop the Break Even Balancing Toner here for $16.00.

Image credit: Bubble

To be used with a cotton pad after cleansing, it performs amazingly to balance, smooth, and soften skin. Unlike other toners that I have tried which don't seem to show any improvements, this one definitely works and rids of any dead skin cells.

Come Clean Detoxifying Clay Mask

For weekly skincare days, the Come Clean Detoxifying Clay Mask is my new go-to for plump skin. The Brazilian purple mask focuses on purifying, by taking out toxins that typically clog pores.

Shop the Come Clean Detoxifying Clay Mask here for $19.00.

Image credit: Bubble

With a texture that is incredibly smooth and not sticky, Come Clean also aids to clearing up acne. In fact, Bubble uses montmorillonite, which is a mineral-rich clay that has the purpose of doing just that.

As always, their packaging never fails and comes with a convenient brush applicator to eliminate mess and hassle.

For prime results, use the given applicator to apply an even layer onto your skin for around 10 minutes until dry. Then, rinse well with warm water.

Get The Full Set

To try out all of these amazing products that we've highlighted, you can purchase the full set which also includes a Bubble box, sticker sheet, and bag.

Shop The Full Set here for $99.00.

Image credit: Bubble

Each item is also approved by skincare aficionado Hyram Yarbro—find his tips on the products on Bubble's Youtube channel.

Keep Up With Bubble

All in all, be sure to shop from Bubble through their online site, or you can find them at a Walmart near you.

Stay in touch with Bubble through their Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube @bubble, and make sure to tag them with #facetheday to share your experience with their products.

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