Review of Alysia Helming's New Book: Protogenesis Before the Beginning
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Review of Alysia Helming's New Book: Protogenesis Before the Beginning

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February 16, 2018

Protogenesis: Before the Beginning by Alysia Helming will be released April of 2018. Go check out my other article, New YA Books Being released in 2018, for a sneak peek. Read my review of it below.

    The story follows the Helene Crawford as her life is completely altered when she is told her mother is dead and has to move to Greece with a godfather she never knew she had. Along with this, Helene has violet eyes, feels left out, but has always loved mythology and her mother's stories about the gods and goddesses.

When Helene moves to Greece, odd things begin to happen to her, some things magical, and she is torn between two Greek boys. Helene journey's to find her mother, discover herself, and get answers, becomes her life now, can this all be done while living a normal teenage life?

    Reading the book it very quickly jumps into the action, which at first I was taken aback by, but that's because the whole point of the story is for her to have her journey in Greece and trying to find her mom. When she goes to Greece, she meets a boy, and the way Helming writes makes you feel like you want Helene to experience all the firsts you had. It's mushy and full of feeling. The subplot with the two boys, Nick and Ever, is a driving force in the story that becomes more involved in Helene's journey towards the end. By the time you reach the end, you definitely feel like there's closure as Helene finds truth in her choice, but it seems like the journey with both boys won't end there and makes you want to keep reading, perhaps the second book? 

    Helene was always safe with her mother and her stories in her home in California. I loved reading and connecting with how Helene grows into the woman she becomes in this story and I'm glad it happens in book one as if the transition had been slow and progressed in book two it would not have had such an impact in her journey to find her mother.

As she becomes stronger, more daring, and follows her destiny I feel with Helene the angst of trying to solve a huge puzzle that changes her world. Helming does a great job of giving Helene a voice, not making her wallow in sadness for chapters on end, and that is why every chapter makes you keep wanting more. In truth, the story just never ends there. 

    This Young Adult read reminds me of The Mortal Instrument series like how the main character is a girl who wants to find her mother, has two boys fawning over her, and enters a world that she had not expected as well as had no idea their mothers were a part of. If you love mythology, magic, teen love, and mystery this read will definitely satisfy your need for answers and make your heart swell with love.

There are no boring points as Helene is always discovering something new, and her crazy funny godfather Janus is pivotal to Helene finding answers he's not willing to give her.

Their relationship is similar to a father and daughter, with extra screaming, tension, and confusion involved. It's bound to make you laugh a couple of times and want to push Janus over a cliff because he's so frustrating sometimes. Helming gives reader's this connection to feel with all characters in the book so you do have favorites and not so favorite characters. You sit there pulling hair out trying to get answers from these character's because you want Helene to have one thing normal back, her mother. 

    Alysia Helming worked so hard to do her research about Greece and making the myths of gods and goddesses come to life in this story. She regularly travels to Greece and was executive producer for the film series Footsteps in Athens, among other great works. She was also able to work with astounding Greek Platinum Record Artist, Kostas Martakis, who will be releasing a theme song for the book: Forever and Tonight. He's been on Greek Dancing with the Stars, and has opened for Jennifer Lopez, and was happy to be a part of this book and help Helming.

Check out their socials below and be sure to pick up your copy of the book when it comes out below or pre-order it:

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