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Reposting is Not Enough: How to Care in a World of Performative Activism


October 26, 2023

We all know how much we love sharing things on social media, especially when it comes to supporting important causes. But have you ever stopped to think about what happens when we hit that repost button without really understanding what we're sharing? It turns out that just reposting without really thinking about it can actually cause some problems. Sometimes, when we repost without really getting into the details, it can end up being more like a performance than real support or even spreading misinformation.

Here are a couple of ways that you and those you know can take action and support a cause even after you log out of social media:

Empower Yourself Through Knowledge

Elevating your awareness is crucial in the realm of activism and human rights.

Dive into a plethora of reliable resources, from websites to books, offering comprehensive yet accessible insights. If you're in high school or college, leverage potential free or sponsored access to extensive research, historical archives, and books through your institution's library system. Social media, while requiring caution and fact-checking, provides a platform for professionals to share valuable insights, which you, too, can contribute to.

Stay Informed

In challenging times, staying informed and engaging in conversations about injustice is essential, even if it feels overwhelming. While taking breaks from social media is okay, it shouldn't absolve you of the responsibility to share information and advocate for just causes.

Subscribe to credible sources like Associated Press News: AP Fact Check for concise and up-to-date information on current global events.


Engaging in hands-on involvement can often have a more profound impact than digital support alone. Take the opportunity to volunteer with local organizations that directly address the cause you're passionate about.

By actively contributing your time and effort, you become an integral part of the positive change you wish to see in your community. Volunteering allows you to witness the real-world impact of your actions, fostering a sense of connection and fulfillment that goes beyond the virtual realm.

Whether it's participating in community events, organizing local initiatives, or working directly with those affected, your hands-on involvement becomes a tangible force for good.

Petition with Purpose

Petitions can address various causes, directing attention to governmental entities or organizations. The goal is to showcase widespread support, often marking the initiation of a broader campaign. By amassing significant numbers, petitions hold the potential to influence those in positions of power, urging them to enact the changes requested.

Websites like Change.org are top-rated for initiating and sustaining global petitions. However, don't let them limit you; explore alternative platforms or consider starting your own local campaigns when lobbying or engaging with local stakeholders and community members.

Protest Power

Safety first—especially for those under 18. If protesting under 18, attending protests with a companion is advisable.

Protests serve as a vital public platform for expressing opinions, making an impact on both public perceptions and government policies. These events come in various forms, from individuals making personal statements to massive political demonstrations that draw attention to specific causes. Participants often use visual aids like banners and signs to amplify their messages, turning these gatherings into powerful forums for advocating change.

By actively engaging in protests, individuals contribute to the collective voice, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity in the pursuit of shared ideals.

Boycott for Change

Boycotting is a powerful tool. Consumer spending wields influence, and intentional choices support brands aligning with your values while withdrawing support from those that don't. Boycotting doesn't mean discarding a three-year-old laptop; it's about conscious choices and exploring alternatives.

For instance, committing to stop buying Starbucks for your daily caffeine intake and instead opting for local shops. We haven't abandoned our love for caffeinated beverages; we're simply intentional about where to get them.

Donate with Impact

Donating is a potent way to contribute, though it may not be feasible for every situation.

When donating, ensure you're contributing to verified charities. Exercise caution and thorough research to ensure your money supports reputable organizations, minimizing the risk of scams. Research their impact, financial transparency, and effectiveness to maximize the reach of your support.

Beyond monetary contributions, consider supporting causes that ask for donations within other realms like clothing, canned food, or books. These do not need to be out of reach or difficult to find.

Places like the Red Cross take donated clothing and your local library or bookstore may take used textbooks and records.

Direct Engagement

As a U.S. citizen, I've taken specific steps to make my voice heard, reaching out to government offices through emails and letters via platforms like The White House and House.gov. Engaging with the DNC for alternative candidates in the upcoming 2024 election and staying active on socials to find creators who share educational content contribute to my direct involvement.

As the upcoming 2024 election is coming up, I have also been contacting the DNC (Democratic National Committee) to provide alternative candidates for the election, so we don't have to repeat the horrors of the 2020 Presidential Election.

As I am also active on socials, I have been adamant about finding creators who share updates of information, books, and videos I can watch read, and learn from and making sure I communicate all I am learning with my family and friends as best as possible-- the information is useless if kept in a bubble. I also keep a look out for petitions I can sign and when protests of local community events are happening to get involved with in my area on sites like Next Door and Eventbrite.


While reposting is valuable, I urge everyone to delve deeper—conduct research, engage in meaningful conversations, and contribute, whether through donations, time, or effort. Stay active, vigilant, and, most importantly, safe in your pursuit of positive change.

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