Online Classes to Take This Summer to Boost Your Resume
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Online Classes to Take This Summer to Boost Your Resume

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May 15, 2020

COVID-19 has been a nasty culprit for thwarting plans on a worldwide scale this year: as festivals, holidays, and socializing may all be off the books for this summer.
However, there is no reason to let your valuable time go to waste. For those teens looking to make the most out of their summer still, why not consider an online class to boost your resume? 

With thousands of universities and companies offering options globally, a course to sparks your interest is likely one click away.

1. Plasma Engineering and Technologies

Study hardcore topics such as 'Plasma Engineering' or go down a more creative path with the 'Super Heroes in Film' course - the possibilities are plentiful at Boston University. 

The 'Plasma Engineering and Technologies' course does have a prerequisite course to complete, details of which are on the university website. The course allows the discovery of: "the fundamentals of plasma engineering, experiments, and diagnostics as well as selected technologies including plasma photonics." Which - you are likely to agree - makes an impressive addition to your resume.

With an open enrolment policy, teens need only register for the course of their interest. Request a catalog, ask questions or register now at 

Cost… $720-$1,175 per credit.

The tuition costs per course vary from $720-$1,734, with the university website explaining that: "Tuition for a course is determined by its number of credits, the level of course (undergraduate vs graduate), and the Boston University school or college through which it is offered."

Financial aid is limited; however, further information can be found on the website online.



2. Getting Started in Creative Writing 

Delve into the analysis of classical music, discover ancient Greek mythology, and get started in creative writing - for the first time in history, the University of Oxford is providing online courses this summer.

The 'Getting Started in Creative Writing' course stretches across ten critical units: getting started, voice, descriptive writing, point-of-view, character, dialogue, plot and momentum, genre and length, theme, re-writing, and editing. Participants have full access to forums to discuss their work with peers and receive detailed tutor feedback throughout the course.

Head to for more details on how the courses and course credit registration work. 

Cost...starts from £280

Course costs vary upwards of £280 and depend on EU or Non-EU residency. There is the possibility to earn credit for the course through CAT points, although this requires registration and an additional cost of £10.

3. Introduction to Veterinary Technology

Boasting courses from urban agriculture to civil liberties in wartime, the University of Massachusetts Amherst is an ideal candidate as an online summer course provider.

For those interested in pursuing a career in veterinary science, the 'Introduction to Veterinary Technology' course is a great way to get a head start. Covering: "medical terminology, client communication, basic animal care and behavior, medical documentation and basic nursing skills.", there is enough to give participants a taster of a veterinary degree over summer and boost your resume.

For more details, visit www.umass@edu

Cost… $402 per credit

Although, this price does vary per credit for each course. Financial assistance and scholarships are available, while limited, and details of which are on the finance sector of the university's website. 


4. Video Game Design and Production

If all of these options so far are sounding great, but a little expensive, Destinations Career Academy offers a fantastic alternative. For eligible 8th-11th graders, you can study completely free of charge this summer.

Their 'Video Game Design and Production' course is presented as an online summer camp. "Campers develop their own sports video games and simulations using code. Throughout the camp, they build different sports visualizations and multi-level games that can be played with friends."
Even better - participants can receive credit upon course completion. More details can be found at

Cost… Free for 8th-11th graders

While there is a limit on the ages of applicants, the benefit of these summer courses are that they are completely free of cost.

5. Feminist Studies

A topic of consistent relevance, UC Santa Cruz, offers 'Feminist Studies' as a remote summer course. Topics covered include: "the social construction of gender; the gendered division of labor, production, and reproduction; intersections of gender, race, class, and ethnicity; and histories of sexuality."

Feminist studies will be a great addition to your resume - presenting you as a well rounded and thoughtful individual. These are both essential traits when being considered as a candidate for both jobs and universities. Course completion also comes with the added incentive of 5 credits.

Cost… $279 per credit, not including campus fee.

At $279 per credit, UC Santa Cruz offers competitive prices for summer courses. Although, there is an additional campus fee of $293.78 to consider - which is still required even for online courses. 

6. Public Speaking: Romancing the Room 

Suitable for participants aged upwards of 16, Stanford's 'Public Speaking' course focuses on developing speech types such as: "impromptu, personal experience, interviewing, demonstration, persuasive, and special occasion."
Public speaking is an impressive skill to add to your resume and highlights you as a confident and strong communicator. Oral communication is a necessity in the majority of workplaces, and team environments - the development of these is well worth your time this summer.

Stanford's 2020 Summer Session's full details, including course options, are listed at

Cost… $1,175 per unit

Tuition costs vary depending on the number of units the course includes; however, there is a standard fee of $1,175 per unit. An Application and Document fee should also be taken into consideration upon application.

7. Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies

Typically offering Study Abroad packages, IES Abroad has additionally launched a six-week 'Virtual World Discovery' program. Professors around the globe will teach this unique collection of online classes - truly bringing the world to your fingertips this summer.

IES Abroad's "Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies' course, for example, is lectured by an expert in Milan. Course materials include video lectures, virtual tours, discussion sessions, and interviews with local industry experts. Nicknamed a 'fashion capital' alongside the likes of Paris, the benefits are apparent when considering the virtual study of fashion in Milan.

For anyone looking to get their foot in the door in the fashion industry, the international networking opportunities that IES Abroad facilitates are precious. Choosing an international course also demonstrates global awareness and an understanding of the industry of interest - making the course completion even more valuable on your resume.

Further details can be found at:

Cost… $1,125

Tuition cost starts at $1,125 for a three-credit course.

P8: Business Communication and Social Media

Although slightly limited in their options, the University of Edinburgh does offer a couple of online courses to take a look at for summer 2020. Their 'Business Communication and Social Media' course, for example, offers an educational insight into how "constantly changing social media environment can affect business."

Skills developed during the course, a highly relevant topic, can easily apply to most careers and aspects of life -  especially as the majority of companies utilize social media as a platform for marketing and customer service. Communication and strong social media skills and awareness are rising sharply in demand - making this course an ideal addition to your resume.

Cost… £2,100 

A fee of £2,100 includes tuition fees for two weeks, course materials, and an online social program.


A vast majority of universities offer summer courses, and the prices of these do vary, so it is worth shopping around a bit before settling on one. When comparing options, make sure to ensure that courses are accredited so as not to waste both your time and money. 

Online summer courses are a guaranteed way to boost your resume. Not only do they demonstrate self-discipline and motivation to potential employers and universities, but they also provide you with transferable skills and knowledge. Maximize your time this summer - COVID-19 does not control everything.

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