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Must-Have Items for Your Next Summer Vacay: I Can’t Travel Without These Tech Accessories from CASETiFY


Mon, May 13

Summer is finally here, and there’s nothing more exciting than putting together your travel bags to go on a much-needed vacation.

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If you’re anything like me, you might even have a list going for what you need to bring along. When packing for your trip, it’s easy to remember the basics, like a swimsuit for a beach trip, a pair of headphones for a road trip, and everyday clothes.

However, the real essentials have to be the tech accessories. Our devices are attached to us 24/7, and being in a completely new environment when traveling makes them even more necessary than they are already.

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No matter where and when I’m traveling, I am always on the go with my tech devices. Making sure I have everything to ensure a smooth trip can be a bit of a hassle, but luckily, after much searching for the ultimate essential tech accessories, I think CASETiFY might just have the solution.

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From incredibly fast and efficient chargers that can keep your devices available for hours to adorable, personality-filled Airtag cases, CASETiFY has quickly become my #1 source for all tech accessories for traveling. With its quirky design, high-quality, and trusty tech accessories, the viral brand has all the needs for making traveling as efficient as can be.

Shop the PowerThru by CASETiFY™ collection here.

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Without further ado, if you are planning to travel this summer, below are the absolute essentials that you cannot go without:

For The Road Trip

Road trips are one of the most quintessential, classic summer trips, and it’s the perfect moment to make memories with your best friends. If you’re traveling down the road, you want to make sure your phone is all charged for when you need to navigate your route, and there’s nothing better than the Wireless Car Charger for that.

Shop the Wireless Car Charger here.

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Having to flip-flop between looking at the roads but also looking at the phone screen for the GPS is an actual skill, and is one of the hardest things when it comes to driving. With CASETiFY’s new Wireless Car Charger, being on the road has become so much easier.

With the MagSafe compatibility, this charger can be snapped on easily and can be hooked up to the air vents, making it easy to see and convenient to charge without the cables getting tangled up everywhere.

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Plus, with the adjustable arm and rotating ball joint, your device can be secured and tilted at just the right angle for you to conveniently look over. Plus, if you’ve ever been frustrated with how slow car charging gets, this car charger will get your phone powered up quickly with 15W.

What’s more, this car charger comes in a variety of prints and chic designs in just the iconic CASETiFY way.

For The Flights

Airport disasters of losing your bags are a real thing, and it always is assuring to know where all your belongings are at all times. Keeping an Airtag on your belongings is a great way to keep track of all your items, and with CASETiFY, you can add a touch of your personality to travel in style.

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CASETiFY has a huge collection of airtag cases with designs of practically every kind. Each of them are aesthetically pleasing and the wide variation makes it so easy for you to find one that feels completely you. I love that these adorable designs have such character to them, making it so much fun to decorate a luggage or travel bag and make it instantly recognizable as yours.

Some of my personal favorite Airtag designs are:

Shop the Pins by Poketo Airtag Case here.

This chic Airtag case is one for the bowlers. Featuring bowling pins throughout, this cute case isn’t afraid to keep things interesting with some unique play of pattern.

Shop the Skate Snail Airtag Case here.

I mean, it’s a snail on a skateboard. What’s not to love about that? This adorable design is the ultimate pick-me-up, and it’s so easy to smile just looking at it.

Shop the Teal Check Airtag Case here.

This one is edgy and trendy, but keeps it classic at the same time. The check patterns throughout aren’t too crazy, but it’s got that effortless cool factor.

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For Anywhere, Anytime

Having a phone constantly on a low battery might be inconvenient, but it can become a real problem if you’re traveling somewhere new. Fear not- with CASETiFY, you can charge up your devices in mere minutes.

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I genuinely didn’t realize how much of an impact chargers had on my daily lifestyle until I switched over to CASETiFY’s Fast Chargers. Before, my old chargers would quite literally take hours to just even tip over 30%. Now, I can just pop in my devices and be ready to head out in just a few minutes, and I can’t emphasize enough how much time and stress it has saved me!

33W Fast Charger

Ever needed to get somewhere in a hurry, but couldn’t leave until you had somewhat of a battery on your phone? Way too relatable.

Shop the 33W Fast Charger here.

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I used to have to delay leaving anywhere because my phone just didn’t have enough battery for me to function, but the 33W Charger has genuinely become a lifesaver.

This super-fast charger can charge up your device up to 3 times faster and even power up a smartphone’s battery up to 50% in under 30 minutes. That’s a pretty drastic difference from my old lifestyle when I had to wait for my phone to even reach 30% in 30 minutes with my old charger.

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Plus, with 2 charging ports for a USB-A and USB-C port, you can include another device to power up on the go. Talk about multitasking!

67W Fast Charger

If you have major work to do, you know a laptop is the way to go- and slow chargers simply won’t do for that.

Shop the 67W Fast Charger here.

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The 67W Fast Charger has become one of my favorite things to keep with me for the busy work days. I love how fast the charger is; but I also love how secure it’s built. Not too long ago, I had an incident where someone tripped and quite literally dented the metal charging part- and there was absolutely no unbending from that!

CASETiFY’s 67W Fast Charger features a sturdy block with a fold-in feature that will keep the charger from getting easily broken. I love how reliable it is, and it’s become an absolute must in my tote bags.

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Plus, with 2 USB-C ports to efficiently charge multiple devices simultaneously, you can also maximize the efficiency of powering up for your next productive moves.

240W Charging Cable

You can’t have a charger without the cable, and this might just be my new favorite cable yet.

Shop the 240W Charging Cable here.

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This bendy, woven, hand-crafted charging cable is meant to last you for as long as you need it. Unlike other standard charging cables, this won’t fray at the metallic parts or turn yellow.

Made from recycled water bottles, this charging cable is also eco-friendly.

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Plus, I’m obsessed with the chic color-block design. With bold and uniquely designed colors woven throughout, this cable is such a fun piece to have. Tech devices don’t all have to be boring and gray- it’s always exciting to have a bit of personalization!

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