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Make This Summer Meaningful: Community Service Ideas for Teenagers

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Many teenagers tend to look for volunteering opportunities during the summer or even besides their studies to gain some experience. In addition to this, some high schools require students to complete a specific number of community service hours in order to graduate, and doing volunteer work is good for college too. So, if you are interested in finding out what community services to do or where to go this summer, this article is definitely for you.

1. Join Volunteer Organizations

There are thousands of volunteer organizations around the world that you can participate in. Here are some that have the best reputation I would recommend to you. They include lots of fun and meaningful work, like taking care of seniors, animals, immigrants, education, health, hunger, ...

- Volunteer Match

- National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

- International Volunteer HQ

- Global Volunteers

- UN Volunteer

Aside from those big organizations above, you can also join your local area and city area organization. The matter is not really about how large the organization is, it is about the thought put in while doing the service work.

2. Teach English & Tutor

Needless to say, everyone is now realizing the significance and popularity of English: yes, it is undoubtedly an international language. However, there are some that, unfortunately, neither have chances to approach nor learn English. So why don't you make your summer meaningful by spending a certain time and effort teaching them?

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And if English is your mother language, then tutoring your favorite subjects, like Mathematics, Literature, and Psychology can be a great option. Besides, you can help international students with English. Or try tutoring your schoolmates in lower classes.

Anyway, it is also pivotal that you can prepare your curriculum, because if you decide to become a teacher or tutor, you need to understand your students' levels pretty well before bringing any new knowledge to them.

3. Become Translators/ Collaborators for some websites

If you are bilingual or trilingual, that's great. Applying to become translators or collaborators for some websites is a substantial chance for you to better that language, to gain more experience by working and learning from the adept.

4. Prepare or serve meals

This is the perfect volunteer activity for those who have basic knowledge about cooking or have super warm hearts or both: your pleasure is to help others. I dare to say, you will have a wonderful time seeing people's smiles and happiness when you serve their meals.

You can do this kind of job for hospitals, TB nursing homes, orphanages, or local kitchens.

5. Get your hands dirty in a community garden.

If you enjoy being outdoors, supporting a community garden is a great way to give back while also meeting new people. Community gardens can vary from flower beds to vegetable gardens to homes for live chickens.

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6. Help spread knowledge at your local museum.

Do you love the wonders of natural history and the great stories of the past? You can help keep these institutions alive by donating your time and energy to your local museum. While you might not be excavating a dig site, every little bit helps them keep the love of science and history alive.

7. Make a difference

- Help animals find forever homes

- Be a friendly and compassionate voice at the other end of the phone. Volunteer at a crisis line that relies on teen volunteers as peer counselors: Teenline

- Help children with disabilities shine: Work with special-needs kids or adults through an organization like Best Buddies or Special Olympics.

8. Donate Anything or Visit

You’ve likely outgrown a few pairs of pants or amassed toys you no longer use. Clean out your closets and give away gently-used items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Let's have a great summer by doing volunteer work aside from relaxing and spending time on yourself! Have a fantastic summer!

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